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Time Wars, a multimedia series created by Seattlite and Persian-American transwoman, is creating a series of innovative fiction and hobby gaming products which all take place in the Time Wars Universe. The Time Wars Universe is a fictional world where Vampires have conquered their homeworld of Earth and waged a war of extermination against Humanity and our alien allies. In the 161st Century, Humanity is exiled to the furthest reaches of space, and has lost hope of winning the Galactic War. Now brave Time Corps Agents must go back in time and combat the sinister Vampiric foes who plague our history. As the Vampires infect us with bigotry and hatred, the Time Corps must open Humanity’s eyes to our shared ancestry and common cause. []



TIME WARS TALES are the exciting stories which take place in the Time Wars Universe. The first book in the series, “The Beginning of a Bizarre Friendship”, introduces the Order of Darkness, a secret society dedicated to fighting the Vampires in our own time. When one woman makes one honest mistake, it sets off a series of events which no one could predict, but that she must conquer.

“Time Wars Tales: Legends of the Order” is a flash fiction series available in a blog format, with a new story published each week. By reimagining historical figures like Harriet Tubman and John Brown as superheroes, and blending them with a diverse array of characters invented by Valibeigi, “Legends of the Order” explores the Order of Darkness as it fought against Confederate Vampires and time traveling foes whose power seems limitless.

Each and every story produced under the Time Wars brand is given a Trigger Warning, making TIME WARS TALES the first and only fiction brand which makes this guarantee. Many people have all manner of reasons for wanting to know the content of a story before consuming it. Some are parents who are wondering if the story will be suitable for their child, and others are simply trying to predict if the contents will be personally upsetting. Time Wars is dedicated to doing everything to ensure that their products never do harm, and therefore the Trigger Warnings were natural extension of the philosophical foundation of Time Wars.


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All TIME WARS TALES products are explorations of the cultural values Humanity has held throughout history, provocations to re-examine conventional beliefs, and subversions of the science fiction and fantasy genres. The style is evocative, challenging, contemplative, and viscerally exciting. By drawing upon inspiration as diverse as “Treasure Island” and “Power Rangers”, Bijhan Valibeigi weaves a dynamic and exciting adventure with cerebral and emotional depth.

“Time Wars Tales: the Beginning of a Bizarre Friendship” is now available on CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle. []

TIME WARS: SUPREME COMMAND is the world’s first deck stacking game. The simple rules make it easy to learn, but the depth of strategy and opportunities to bluff your opponent make it impossible to master. Players may make only one move per turn, and that move could be to play a card from their hand, draw a card from their deck, or use the ability of a card already in play. As you duel over the sequence of historical events or lives which are building in the center of the table, you also determine your own path to victory by scoring different Goal cards, or foiling your opponent’s Goals. There are no discard piles – instead, each card used will go on the bottom of one or another deck, giving you an opportunity to stack either your deck or an opponent’s. When you think that you have created a version of history which will meet your goals, and not those of your opponent, then you can use your turn to trigger the collapse of the Timeline, allowing it to play out. But be careful, as each opponent will get one last turn to try and turn the tide before the Timeline actually does resolve. Strategic card interactions, diligent card counting, and skillful bluffing are each rewarded by the game’s clever composition. With both a straightforward two-player set-up, as well as a highly competitive multiplayer deck construction set of rules, TIME WARS: SUPREME COMMAND is flexible and sophisticated enough to allow many different kinds of people to experience the version of gameplay which they enjoy the most.

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Unlike most strategy games about conflict, TIME WARS: SUPREME COMMAND does not have a series of mechanics for simulating combat. Instead, the conflicts are for control over historically significant people or events. The game asks players to consider the ripple effects one life or one action can have on the unfolding of history. Many of the characters are historical figures, such as Harriet Tubman, Nikola Tesla, and Tomas de Torquemada. All of the cards depicting historical events are gorgeously illustrated with actual photographs of teenagers protesting the Vietnam War, Thai soldiers engaging in a Coup d’Etat, and Canadian soldiers bonding with American soldiers by playing football in England.

The TIME WARS: SUPREME COMMAND “Premiere Core Set: Humanity” is available as a print-and-play downloadable PDF. []

Like “Dungeons & Dragons”, TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM asks players to create a unique character with fantastic powers, and then guide that character through a fictional story world where their success and failure is determined by the roll of a die. Unlike “Dungeons & Dragons”, however, TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM is focused more on story than statistics and odds. Combining light rules which can accommodate both casual and tactical gameplay, diverse environments which excite the senses, and complex characters with intense emotions and motivations, TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM is a novel and challenging experience for both veterans of role-playing as well as those who are new to the genre.


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Unique to TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM is the episodic nature of gameplay. Because characters are sent back in time for a very short and pre-determined amount of time, each mission can be completed in a single session. Then, when you play the game again later, the same characters from before will engage in a new mission to a new place and time which acts as the next chapter in the story. In most role playing games, it can be disastrous to storytelling and continuity for a player to miss a session, or to try and introduce a new character part way through. TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM avoids this by having each session be its own contained adventure in an episodic saga. If a new player joins the group, then a new character is added to the next mission’s roster. If a player cannot attend a session, then their character was not assigned to that mission.

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Only in TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM will players find a subtle series of mechanics to govern a character’s fears, ambitions, abilities, and disabilities. As in life, each person depicted within the game will have a combination of strengths and weaknesses; each character is a complex thinking and feeling being. The game takes the players on a quest across a landscape which is not only physical, but also composed of the peaks and valleys of Human emotion.

By drawing on historical fact and scientific conjecture, players of TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM can craft adventures that take them from the prehistoric Syria to domed colony worlds across the galaxy. Hobby gamers will be enthralled by the opportunity to have their characters explore the sands of Khan-ruled Mongolia, meet historical figures like Shaka Zulu, and discover the wreckage of an alien spacecraft orbiting a distant star.

TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM can also be used to engage with children and students. By creating a four-dimensional reconstruction of a particular place in a particular time, and then having to explore that reconstruction to achieve goals, the learner-player can develop a full Human understanding of the subject matter, beyond names and dates. By using the fictionally high stakes of the Time Wars Universe, the excitement of being given super powers, and the undeniably villainous Vampires, the game creates an environment wherein learner-players can engage in the emotional context of the subject matter in a way which is both unintimidating and, most importantly, fun.

TIME WARS: STRIKE TEAM is available as a free PDF download from []


Bijhan Valibeigi was born in Seattle, and has spent nearly their whole life living in West Seattle. Ever since she was a child, she has invented board and card games depicting fantastic stories of magical heroes and cunning villains. Creating fictional worlds, populated by aliens and defined by a struggle for justice, became a hobby for Bijhan as she grew up. All of this naturally led to development of Time Wars, a culmination of everything Bijhan had learned about the zeitgeist of global millennial culture.


When she is not making Time Wars games or writing Time Wars stories, Bijhan likes to spend time with her partner and her cats. Watching television is a major passion of Bijhan’s, especially inspiring stories about complex heroes.


11125332_10155726899500727_1110763202592351605_nLike many transfeminine people, Bijhan faces daily discrimination and is constantly threatened with violence. As a secular and queer Muslim, Bijhan also faces a combination of Islamaphobia and rejection from mainstream Islam. Many of these experiences shaped Bijhan’s vision of the 161st Century – future where each and every Human is valued and cared for simply by being Human.