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Requiem For A Team: The Top 8 Cracked Humor Videos

Requiem For A Team: The Top 8 Cracked Humor Videos

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Cracked Layoffs Have Effectively Canceled Two Great Internet Shows. Today We Say Farewell

As any pop culture guzzling nerd will attest, losing a beloved show can really be a kick in the chest. Well, for those of us who were (are?) Cracked dot com/Cracked YouTube enthusiasts we just lost a gang of shows in one fell swoop, as the owners of the brand laid off many of its most prominent writers and personalities early this month. Fan favorites like Daniel O’Brien and Cody Johnson, join a host of other writers and behind the scenes talent in a mass layoff. This comes after site founder and EIC, Jack O’Brien left in June of this year.

There were indications that all was not good in the fiscal hood, such as pleas for sponsors played for jokes in Cracked videos, so I shouldn’t have been as caught off guard as I was. But this is not about hashing out the whys and what fors. Other outlets can give you the low down on what happened to Cracked, this is more a salute to the videos that made me belly laugh, videos that I sent to my friends to make them laugh too, videos that even just thinking about them make me smile.

Below are my favorite 8 videos that the Cracked Youtube channel has to offer. The list features two different shows, After Hours and Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder. I bid thee adieu and I’m certain I’ll be reading the names of these writers/performers in the credits of other bastions for white pop culture humor like late night talk shows, SNL, and edgy single-camera sitcoms.


8. I could use a few of these ‘powers’ myself, just to add convenience and certainty to my life.

7. Superheroes are fun to read about and watch in movies but there are some logistical and ethical things that need discussing.

6. The friends from Friends were awful. I know this even though I enjoyed the show. But still, it’s nice to see the After Hours crew tear into the white Living Single with such gusto. 

5. Gremlins is one of those huge touchstones for me that I remember fondly being terrified of as a child. This breakdown is exhaustive and good. 

4. I like this one because it describes how I watch TV shows. I watch and rewatch favorite episodes like one listens to favorite songs. Some great observations in this one.


3. The pros and cons of henchmanning.


2. I love this concept because I think about the perceptions of secondary characters and extras all the time while watching shows and films. The best part of this is the Matrix section. Hashtag: Crine


1. You ain’t had to read Geppetto like this, Daniel. Though, I can’t find a single fault in your assessment.




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