Illustrated and written by Mildred Louis, Agents of the Realm tells the story of how five seemingly average college freshmen become ancient magic-wielding warriors. These five women come from completely different walks of life, and in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Their journeys and experiences are completely different until they come across beautiful glowing brooches. It all seems like pure coincidence until it is revealed to the girls that they have been chosen to use their given elemental magic to prevent an oncoming attack on Earth and its sister dimension. Still confused and scared, the freshmen take on the responsibility and become the new Agents of the Realm. Let’s meet them:




This is Norah Tanner. Norah is the first of the young women that we meet and the first to come across an Agent brooch. Norah also acts as the leader of the Agents. She is a bit of an introvert, but with people she knows and loves, sarcasm is her way of validating friendship. As the Agents are revealed, Norah’s shyness and insecurity subsides, making her one of the most powerful Agents.  Norah’s elemental magic type is Void and her weapons are a Sword and Shield.




Before Adele Silveira became the second Agent, she was Norah’s depressed and overwhelmed roommate. At first glance, Adele seems like the clichéd flustered college freshman, but when amongst friends, she is very bubbly and energetic. Adele discovers her brooch and is recruited as an Agent during a late night walk with Norah—ironically this is also the day she arrives on campus. Her magic type is Fire and her weapon is a Pole Arm.

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Kendall Matthews is the third Agent to be recruited. She first meets Adele and Norah during class, when they are being assigned partners for a group project. Being a people pleaser and peacekeeper, Kendall likes to try to keep the conflicts amongst the Agents to a bare minimum. Kendall tends to be quiet, but still has a tendency to speak up for others and put them before herself. Kendall’s magic type is Earth and her weapon is a Bludgeon.



Paige Fierro is the fourth member to be recruited as an Agent. She discovers her brooch soon after Kendall finds hers while on a trip to the local museum with Norah. She is stern, determined, and quick to let everyone know that she won’t let anyone stand in the way of her being successful. Her personality adds a whole new dynamic to the group, and can sometimes put them at odds with each other. While her passion never waivers, she is not one to let her stubbornness ruin her relationship with the other Agents. Paige’s magic type is air and she wields a Bow and Arrow.



Jordan Liu is the last addition to the Agents, and her journey into becoming an Agent is a bit different from the others. Like the majority of the girls, the first Agent they meet is Norah. At the time of their meeting, the other Agents were overseen by Jade while Jordan was overseen by Ruby. Jade is a woman from the sister dimension of Earth who guides the Agents, communicating through holographic projection. Ruby, who is Jade’s evil twin, lives in that same dimension as the girls and masks her true identity by taking on the role  of the girls’ mythology teacher. Under the guidance of Ruby, Jordan is taught to stay away from the other Agents, a ploy to stop the team from uniting and putting an end to her mysterious and dastardly plan.

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Jordan’s magic type is Water and she is armed with Chained Blades.


What I’ve told you to this point is barely scratching the surface of this web comic. I don’t want to spoil too much of the story for you. Everything about this — from Mildred Louis’ art to the focus on underrepresented races and orientations, is amazing. Not only is the writing hilarious, but it also has serious moments that tackle topics like domestic abuse, alcoholism, and self-harm. These are some of the most relatable characters I have come across in a long time. It’s rare that I find characters that act like me and look like me. This is definitely a comic that you won’t regret starting; I know I don’t.


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