Writer: Regine Sawyer

Artist: Delia Gable

Publisher: Lockett Down Productions



I have to start by saying, I’m a Marvel geek. I love almost all things Marvel, but I’ve been wanting to explore more comics. I just needed to find a great story to follow. And I have to say, from what I get from this first issue, Eating Vampires delivers. But before we even get into the story let’s discuss the artwork. The artist, Delia Gable, illustrated this story beautifully. The women look powerful, beautiful, and terrifying. The men all look menacing and evil and the meninist in me makes me want to protest, but I love the artwork. She provides the perfect amount of gore as well. The desert scenes set up the contrast to the city they are traveling to.

Okay, story time. This issue is a great tease. They drop terms that you know that they’ll elaborate on, but you have so many questions swirling through your mind. What the hell is a purifier? Why is she the last? Wait, y’all aren’t vampires? And these questions swirl through my head as I write and it builds up the need and desire to read more. That within itself shows the writing prowess of Regine Sawyer. This is my first time reading anything of hers and I now want to research and find out what else she has written.



In this issue they start to introduce a race of preternatural beings that, well, eat vampires. They themselves appear vampire like, except for the tiger bat. It took me reading this comic twice to realize that the hawk, turned into an Eater. They are being pursued by vampires who want the purifier. For what? Who knows! Seriously, who knows? I would love to get a little insider information. The incantation mentions the names of Isis, Artemis, and Lilith to name a few. These women are known throughout history, rather myth or truth, to be powerful beyond measure. These women are referred to the holy mothers of the city they are traveling to, and though she wasn’t named, I wonder if the woman that greets them is a descendant of these women. OR is the purifier the descendant? She is clearly of great importance.

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To wrap things up I truly enjoyed reading the beginning this story. I honestly can’t predict what will happen next and that is a very big thing. There’s nothing like having the need to read more. There’s obviously a backstory that I’m sure these ladies will expand upon. If you’re a horror movie fan this is a comic you should check out. It presents the monsters we’ve grown to fear in a way that I personally have not seen. And if you’re looking for a story that paints women as powerful beings this may be for you. I know I’ll read more and if the story stays this good consistently you’ll be sure to hear about it from The Immortal.

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DeVonte’ L. Glass is a gentleman and scholar from Highland Park, MI. He’s a future chiropractor, part time geek, and now a writer. He loves to debate super powers, music, and movies.