It’s Halloween weekend, so time to curl up and watch something to scare the living daylights out of you. As I have mentioned before, I have older brothers. Unfortunately, this also means that, at a very early age, I was messed up by movies like Poltergeist, Basket Case and Night of the Living Dead. To this day, I still get stressed out with these movies. No lie.

nightbreedBut, I do have a soft spot for Clive Barker. Shoot, he’s everyone’s crazy uncle who would always get the cousins who don’t know any better in trouble. The fun kind of trouble. Come on, what kind of twisted man would come up with The Forbidden, which is the story 1992’s Candyman is based?

This weekend we’ll be watching Nightbreed, a completely bizarre movie based on the novel named Cabal. The viewer watches as a troubled young man is convinced by his doctor that he’s a serial killer and, thanks to drugs, ends up confirming what we’ve known all along – there are monsters in the cemetery. It’s like Midian, a mythical place underneath a cemetery, is an adult version of Where the Wild Things Are. But, with serial killers, monsters and hallucinogenic drugs. Well, you know what I mean.

The Details:
* October 29, starting at 7pm EST/4pm PT
* Co-hosts: @reeltalker & @reelsistas

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