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Twitter Launches Twitter Create to Boost Monetization for Creators

Twitter Launches Twitter Create to Boost Monetization for Creators

There’s been a lot of buzz on Twitter over the past week, and this time it finally has nothing to do with Elon Musk. 😂

Twitter recently announced the launch of its new hub called Twitter Create, which has been presented in an effort to empower content creators and drive their “next culture-shaping idea.”

Twitter has been trying to incentivize content creators for quite some time and started moving in this direction in 2021. However, the slow adoption of Twitter’s monetization tools has been a problem for the platform. 

Despite there being plenty of users who are eager to leverage these new resources, the social media platform hasn’t been able to effectively communicate how to navigate these new capabilities. 

As a result, these products designed for content creators haven’t received much traction. That’s why Twitter Create has recently been unveiled. This isn’t necessarily a whole new platform, but rather an extension of Twitter, a.k.a., a “mini-site.” 

Twitter Create will be a resource library and go-to guide for businesses and creators who want to learn how to effectively utilize Twitter for their brands. The platform will also guide users through optimizing their Twitter account for more success on the platform. 

There are even different categories of resources tailored for writers, gamers, news publications, sports commentators/fans, and more.

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For example, if you’re a podcaster, you can visit the new site right now, watch tutorials on best practices, and learn about new tools or products that can boost your success on Twitter. (Speaking of podcasts, don’t forget to check out BGN’s live video format podcast that recently launched in April.)

Once you select a content category that’s suitable for you, you’ll likely be directed to products listed above. From there, creators and businesses can learn how to incorporate products like Twitter Spaces and Super Follows into their content strategy and elevate their brands.

Twitter Spaces and Super Follows launched last year, and they are designed to help users deeply connect with their audiences. Notably, Super Follows allows you to offer monthly subscriptions to boost personal revenue by offering premium content.

Please note that the Super Follows feature is still in its early phases and only available to U.S. creators at this time. Additionally, here are some of the requirements that users need to meet to take advantage of this product:

  • Be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Have a complete profile with an account name, a bio, a profile picture, and a header image, and a verified email address.
  • Have an account that has been enabled with two-factor authentication.
  • Have no history of repeatedly violating the Twitter user agreement or Twitter’s Content monetization standards.
  • Have a Twitter account that has been active for 3 months or more. 
  • Maintain 10,000+ active followers and have posted 25 Tweets in the past 30 days.

Most importantly, Twitter Create will ensure these monetization resources are organized and easily more accessible for users.

And the icing on the cake?

Creators will now have access to step-by-step guidelines on how to spur engagement and offer exclusive access to premium content.

To be honest, this is exactly what Twitter should have done in the first place! But, better late than never, I guess?

The platform recognizes that users will not always jump at the opportunity to pay for tweets, which has also been a big hurdle to the adoption of Twitter’s monetization resources.

According to Social Media Today: “People have always been able to read your tweets for free; why would they start paying for the privilege now? That hesitation seems to be a key tipping point that Twitter needs to overcome, and up till now, it’s been reliant on the creators themselves to come up with more compelling subscription offerings, in order to add value to their platform presence.”

Therefore, Twitter Create is Twitter’s solution to providing an informative, integrative library that coaches users through opportunities to monetize. Additionally, Twitter hopes that its transition towards supporting content creators will motivate creators to take advantage of more features on the platform. 

How can Twitter benefit content creators over other social media platforms?

Twitter may be late to the game when it comes to incentivizing content creators, but they’re moving fast. Although major competitors like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are miles ahead, Twitter has one distinct advantage. The platform has long been used as a hub to foster online communities and viral discussions among users as well as prospective consumers. For small and big brands who are looking to monetize their accounts or sell exclusive access, this can be a huge game changer for how e-commerce strategies are implemented.

Will Twitter be the next big space for content creators to blow up and secure the bag? 👀

It just might be — stay tuned!

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