‘Once Upon A Time’ 6×02 “A Bitter Draught” 


Repentance. Vengeance. Redemption. These are the themes of last night’s all new episode of Once Upon A Time. What an episode it was! The second episode of season 6 has already introduced us to death and darker story lines with the return of the Evil Queen. Not only are our heroes mixed up in death plots, but the unknown characters from the untold stories are making us wonder if a happy ending is in the cards for anyone.  

Repentance is introduced to us through Killian. If you didn’t know, a pregnant Belle is back and in need of a place to stay. While she is hoping to stay at Granny’s, Killian decides he has just the place for Belle to feel comfortable. The Jolly Roger is apparently more comfortable than the back of a diner. Killian is more or less offering his vessel in hopes that he can do right by Belle after admittedly enacting horrible acts on her. He is sorry and would like to repay her any way possible, even though she has said she forgives him. Hook is a prime example of bad gone good, so why Regina doubts herself, even with the Evil Queen out of her, is beyond me. I think Hook has proved himself over and over again, and he didn’t really doubt himself. It is frustrating to think that love is the only way Regina can be the good person she is fighting to be. 

Vengeance comes to us from a character I did not expect, Edmond Dantes also known as the Count of Monte Cristo. His story was not in any fairy tale book in Storybrooke, but rather his story was intruded on by the Evil Queen. After flashbacks with him and the Evil Queen and flashbacks with him and the Charming’s, we learn that Edmund wants to kill the Charmings. After presenting invitations for David and Snow to meet their ultimate demise, Emma tries to drive her parents out of town because running away seems like the best option. But ultimately there was a showdown between Edmund, David, and Snow. Unfortunately, Edmond bested the both of them. When he’s about to kill them, Regina shows up and they have a full on saber duel. It was fun to watch actually. Saber duels are so Enchanted Forest and I missed that. The part where the fun disappeared was when Regina had no other choice but to kill Edmond before he killed Snow and David. Although she killed someone and the Evil Queen mentioned that the hero always finds a third option, I give props to Regina for saving the Charmings. This is something she would never have done when she was evil. The Evil Queen took Regina’s magic and blocked Henry from calling Emma, so there was literally nothing else she could do. Warning, without magic, death may occur. It’s the real world and without magic, tough decisions have to be made. 

Redemption is and has been brought to us by Regina. Regina as the Evil Queen has done many despicable things. Now that Regina is rid of her evil persona, she is looking for redemption amongst the people of Storybrooke. But honestly, Regina still can’t catch a break. Her past is coming back to haunt her as the man she hired to kill the Charmings resurfaces and can’t be stopped because the Evil Queen took his heart. Regina has never had to battle herself, so it’s very concerning to see where her attempts at a new story will lead her. Not only is Regina looking for redemption with Storybrooke, but her family as well. This includes Zelena. It takes time for someone to forgive and forget, and Regina is working on. But the Evil Queen is enticing Zelena with the sister she always wanted. Also, now that Regina has killed a man, the darkness of her heart may be a threat to the life she wants to lead. With the untold stories starting off with a shocking death, it looks like Storybrooke may actually turn out to be the place where no one has a happy ending. 

Well, episode 2 happened and it was darker and bloodier than the first episode. Season 6 is already starting off as a no happiness zone. The Evil Queen is back and better/worse than ever. Her taunting, her hatred for snow, and even her awkward love lust for Rumple is coming together as a malevolent character worse than when there was some good from Regina’s side of things. What do you all think about the return of the Evil Queen and the un-told story drama?

Be sure to catch next Sunday’s all-new episode of Once Upon A Time on ABC.

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