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Have Yourself A Violent Little Christmas With SYFY’s ‘Happy!’

Have Yourself A Violent Little Christmas With SYFY’s ‘Happy!’

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Happy! Was a comic series released in 2013 by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson and now it’s a new television series on the SYFY network. The story centers around a disgraced cop, Nick Sax (Law and Order’s Christopher Meloni), who now makes a living as a hitman.

The story opens with Sax completing another assignation job. Before he can escape, however, he has a massive heart attack. When he awakes in the hospital he is confronted by a former police colleague, Detective Meredith McCarthy. She demands he give her a password that she believes was given to Nick by one of the victims before he died.

Nick is not interested in sharing anything, all his energy is focused on the little blue unicorn that has been flitting around his head since the ambulance carried him away. The critter’s name is Happy and he needs Nick to save his friend Hailey who has been kidnapped. (If the voice sounds familiar at all, that’s because Happy is voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt.) Nick is pretty sure he is delusional until at the end of an intense fight scene he wonders how Happy knew exactly how many bad guys were headed their way. This first episode shows that Happy! is going to be a crazy, violent ride.

A lot of the show rests on the viewer’s ability to connect with Christopher Meloni’s Sax. He isn’t an easy character to like, but by the end of the first episode a revelation of his connection to Hailey opens up some interesting character development.

Happy! airs on Wednesday nights at 10/9c on SYFY.

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