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Vivica A. Fox Jumps Into the World of True Crime With New Series ‘The Interrogation Room’

Vivica A. Fox Jumps Into the World of True Crime With New Series ‘The Interrogation Room’

There’s no doubt that in recent years, the world of true crime has become a mecca for crime sleuths, fans, and keen observers. With the rise of podcasts, true crime shows, and even networks dedicating their space to visual storytelling, true crime series have both educated and captivated audiences and given victims and their families closure.

Along with crime, tragedy, and the fight for justice comes the harrowing process behind acquiring justice. Coming this July, actor, producer/director, and author Vivica A. Fox will take true crime fans on an unprecedented journey into the place justice begins: the interrogation room. Fox will join the true crime community as host of the new series from FilmRise and Zig Zag Productions, The Interrogation Room. This series will finally uncover what occurs behind the scenes of the interrogation process as suspects are profiled individually. 

In an interview with Black Girl Nerds, Fox opened up about her new show, her passion for true crime, and giving grieving victims a voice as part of the healing process.

So you have a diverse range in your work, from Kill Bill to classics like Independence Day to hosting. What was the experience like, shifting to a project with a serious undertone that retells people’s tragedies? 

This was totally different. I played a detective before on a show called Missing for Lifetime, but that was me catching criminals. What’s wonderful about this show is that it takes viewers inside the interrogation — how the detectives work their magic to get confessions and materials needed to convict criminals. 

Telling the stories of some of these cases was very emotional for me. The eight-year-old little girl who was killed was probably one of the most emotional episodes for me when we were doing the narration and I got to see the actual footage. It’s one of those tearjerker cases that just sticks with you. But I was glad that we could get justice for her and for her family. For me, this was totally new. I had never been inside the interrogation room. So I learned a lot.

What factors influenced you to pursue true crime?

I’ve been a fan of the genre for a very long time, since back in the day, from watching 48 Hours and watching Dateline. I used to watch the true crime stories so much that before I went to sleep it would creep into my dreams. I love seeing how detective and police work can solve crimes.

What methods did you use to prepare for this role and better understand the investigative process? 

I did my homework. I watched a lot of shows that were hosted by some celebs that I know, like Donnie Wahlberg. I went back and watched some shows with John Walsh. Also, there is a version that’s in England where they have a gentleman that hosts the shows. I watched some of his episodes as well because it’s so serious. His delivery was just mesmerizing, to be honest with you. He really would take you inside the interrogation room. I watched a lot of his footage as well. Can I tell you that I was honored that they picked a woman, mainly an African American woman, to host?

What can viewers look out for regarding each episode and the interrogations that take place? 

The way they break down criminals, I found to be absolutely fascinating. From their body language to the way they would move in on them to draw them in and make them comfortable. Sometimes they would let them marinate, leave them in there by themselves just a little bit longer than they thought, then come back. Just the little things that get them to break a criminal down. I think people are going to be really surprised by that.

What kinds of tactics are investigators using when it comes to interrogations?

Well, the body language and how interrogators could start so far away from them and how slowly but surely they move in and then they really go in for the kill. Also, how close they get to them and make them feel like, “I’m your best friend, come on, you can tell me.” I found that too to be interesting because I can see after taping so many episodes, they’re going in for the kill. So body language is imperative. And then people forget they’re being recorded.

What do you hope this series can accomplish as a catalyst for change? 

Well, I hope that we do this for many seasons to come and that they enjoy my hosting abilities and that I give a touch of femininity to the interrogation room. So many times you think it’s a male-dominated field, but no, there are women that are involved in this and you have an excellent hostess with the mostest by the name of Vivica Fox.

There’s so much to learn and invest in. What do you hope viewers absorb from this series? 

To not commit crime. Stop doing stupid stuff thinking that you can get away with it. Try to do the right thing. Or if you see a crime happening, don’t be afraid to pull out your camera to assist the police in solving a crime or keeping a crime from happening. 

Lastly, what do you hope for the victims and families to get out of the experience of having their stories heard?

The memory of their family members isn’t forgotten. Their memories will live on. There’s justice being brought to the criminals who committed these crimes, and their stories get heard, because sometimes that’s just all you want. 

The Interrogation Room, hosted by Vivica A. Fox, will stream for free on major platforms in the U.S. in July 2023. 

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