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Vulture Festival 2017: “The Aftermath”

Vulture Festival 2017: “The Aftermath”

(Guest Poster: Bibi G. B.K.A. Kay-B ☺)

If you missed Vulture Festival, I have good news and bad news! The bad news is, you missed some really insightful, thoughtful, and entertaining panels and new content. The good news is, Vulture Festival is heading out west to L.A. this November!

So, for those of you who missed the NYC flavor of Vulture Festival, here’s a post-festival rundown of what you missed and what you must check out when it premieres:

  • Claws: Debuting this Summer on TNT, Claws is said to be a darker comedy set in a nail salon. For me, it’s the stars Niecy Nash (Reno 911, Getting On, Selma) and Carrie Preston (The Good Wife & True Blood), that have sold me on this show! I have seen exclusive footage of the show and let me tell you, it looks great! Defying my initial expectations, Claws proved that it goes well above and beyond its trailer! Check out Claws when it premieres on June 11th!


  • The Carmichael Show: This gem is hands down one my favorites and NBC’s arguably most controversial show. At the Vulture Festival panel, The Carmichael Show treated fans to clips and highlights from the upcoming third season, which in my opinion, is shaping up to be its best season yet! I love the Carmichael show, for sticking to the cultural realness of an American black family, while also tackling hard to discuss issues and current events. We found out during the Q&A that star and creator, Jerrod Carmichael, doesn’t seek to create content solely based on current events, but mostly goes with the organic feel of the show and that generally leads to tackling real world issues like how black families view therapy, infidelity, Trump, and more. The panel showcased that the cast is just as tight off-screen as they are on-screen, with them all agreeing that the reason the show’s chemistry is so cohesive and realistic, is because just like a real family, they enjoy and get frustrated with each other, are open, honest, and everything in between.  While I didn’t get exclusives with the cast, I can say that this crew continues to nail the balance between comedy, culture, and social issues. If this show isn’t already on your watch list, binge seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix right now, and then check out Season 3 when it premieres on NBC on May 31st!
  • Jane the Virgin: This panel was a personal treat for me, as it was so enlightening and so inspiring. Watching Creator Jennie Urman, titular star, Gina Rodriguez, Jaime Camil, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, and Brett Dier on-stage together solidifies why we love them on camera. In a hilarious and in-depth panel, all about the over the top antics of the show, the cast and creator also dived heavy into why diversity and representation matter in every facet of the show and its creative process. While Season 3 finale spoilers were limited (and has since already aired), we did find out that Jennie knows how Jane’s story will end and it took her three seasons to kill Brett Dier’s beloved character Michael, because he was equally as loved behind the scenes. In addition to the panel, I was able to get one on ones with Jaime, Andrea, and Jennie. Jaime revealed that Rogelio has become the best version of himself since rediscovering his family, Andrea revealed she’d like to see Xo singing again, and Jennie revealed that she has always loved writing about fearless women and complex women! Check out our exclusive podcast interviews to hear more secrets from the cast and creator!
  • Bryan Fuller, creator of BGN new fave American Gods, and old fave Hannibal, did an exclusive interview with us before his intimate fan conversation about the bloodiest scenes that have influenced his career. Bryan shared his thoughts on the upcoming episode of American Gods that he is most proud of and the creative process for what I say is the most visually stunning work of art on T.V. right now. Inside the panel, Bryan shared a lot about his catholic upbringing, love of murder mystery, and how psychology helped influenced his love of film.
  • Riverdale!!!!! Can you tell how excited I was to join this panel? Besides my love for all things Luke Perry, I must admit that initially I was not sure about whether or not Riverdale would live up to my Archie comics expectations, let alone be my newest obsession. After the first episode, I was beyond hooked and I even made room in my heart for it next to my beloved, The Flash. The panel, featuring KJ Apa, Luke Perry, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Marisol Nichols, and Madelaine Petsch, was fresh, honest, fun, and just as enthralled in the lives of their characters as we are! The panel featured a lot Riverdale Season 2 tidbits, like how Archie will go dark after what happened in that season finale (I won’t spoil it here, but if you’re behind, watch now), Fred and Hiram won’t be getting along anytime soon (if…well again, watch now and you’ll know why I am leaving this open ended), we will get more of Kevin’s backstory as the sheriff’s son, and our favorite couples may not even be couples when the season returns! Guess we will have to see when Season 2 premieres this Fall on the CW on a new day and time!
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Elsewhere over the course of this two day event, I was able to hear a conversation with Edgar Wright as he discussed the impact music has on his films, and the upcoming racing/bank robbery hit (I’ve seen the first few minutes and I needed more), Baby Drive, and I had dinner with fans and the cast of TNT’s upcoming Will, loosely based on Shakespeare! Check out the BGN Podcast, for those panel highlights and interviews! Check some personal photos below from the event! Don’t forget, if you missed New York, check out L.A. this Fall!

Bibi G. (aka Kay-B) is Contributor and Podcaster on Black Girl Nerds and Writer on Just About Write reviewing TV and film.

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