Only two more weeks until You may have already seen the Season 6 mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, but here’s a recap of the mid-season finale, “Start to Finish,” and a few predictions on our first episode back with the #DemDeadz. Let see how this holds up as the season progresses. 

With the unstable walls of Alexandria crashing down, Episode 8 “Start to Finish” began with floods of walkers invading the Alexandria streets sending Rick Grimes and crew scattering for safety. Morgan and Carol took shelter together, tensions bubbling over Morgan’s secret hot Wolf hostage and Carol’s insistence that murder is the key to keeping everyone safe. Their confrontation culminated in an unrealistically-even fight, Morgan and Carol knocked unconscious (way to go, guys), and Dr. Denise, Alexandria’s only sort-of doctor, taken hostage by the hot Wolf as Eugene, Tara and Rosita watched helplessly… with guns. Alive Glenn (yay) and Enid watched as Alexandria crumbled from outside the wall, and pregnant Maggie was forced to seek shelter on top of a look-out post.

Our leaders, Rick and an ill-fated Deanna, joined Michonne, Father Gabriel, Ron and Carl in Jessie’s house with Judith and her sun-starved youngest son, Sam. Deanna was infected, passed the torch to Michonne, and Ron made a comically unsuccessful attempt to avenge his father’s death and girlfriend’s departure by killing Carl. They don’t know who they are messing with (to be said in a Rick Grimes voice). The episode ended with Rick, Michonne, Father Gabe, Ron, Sam, Jessie, and Carl (with baby Judith) holding hands and covered in walker blood as they attempted to escape an overrun Alexandria through the growing herd. The hearts of viewers stopped as Sam muttered, “Mom” again and again as Season 6’s mid-season finale came to an end.

Sam’s horrible timing, though unfortunate, was not at all surprising. The episode opened with Sam alone in his room listening to 1920s pop while drawing felonious pictures and sustaining an ant colony with a half-eaten chocolate chip cookie. Not the best sign of a blossoming mental health. The imagery was a foreshadowing for Sam’s inability to survive in the new world and Jesse’s inability to parent in it. Her insistence on telling him to “pretend to be brave” instead of teaching him to be brave will inevitably come back to bite her in the arm… and probably her kid’s arm. Literally.

For this reason, while everyone is technically death-eligible in the zombie apocalypse, I’d put Sam and Jessie at the top of the You in Danger list for the mid-season premiere. Sam was looking pretty tasty (from a walker’s perspective), and I don’t know any mom that would be able to just sacrifice her kid for the good of the group. It’s not looking good for Rick’s new girlfriend and her youngest offspring.

Also on the chopping block: Glenn. While I’d like to think show-runner Scott Gimple and creator Robert Kirkman are done toying with us when it comes to our precious, precious Glenn, the Episode 9 trailer shows Maggie letting out a pretty blood-curdling scream. Watching it catapulted me back to her and Beth screaming together behind the wire fence as Hershel lost his head. She is watching something, and it ain’t pretty.

Not so clear are the fates of Darryl, Sasha, and Abraham. In a bonus prologue, we left the trio as they were stopped by 6 or 7 men with guns ordering them to turn over their belongings to Negan. I can’t see any of those three hot heads going down without a fight and since they are both out-gunned and out-manned, it may not end well. Also, keep in mind, when trapped in the garage with Eugene and Tara, Rosita speculated that she thought Abraham was dead. Since it’s not clear whether the timelines between the current events of Alexandria and the trios journey home are in sync, maybe Rosita was feeling some sort of premonition. Abraham was dressed in his best. It would be a mighty fine time to die.

Noticeably missing from the episode were Aaron and Heath. There is no reason to believe Aaron’s character is going anywhere anytime soon. However, Cory Hawkins, who plays Heath, was recently cast as the male lead in 24: Legacy. Unless he is planning on playing in both shows, this might not spell good news for the graphic novel favorite.

With the clock running down, do you have predictions on who may kick the bucket in the mid-season premiere? Is anyone ever safe?

The Walking Dead’s mid-season premiere airs Sunday, February 14 at 9pm.

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