The Walking Dead 6 X 15 EastWarning: This article contains spoilers.

From Carol leaving, to Darryl going after Dwight, to Alexandria’s strongest fighters: Rick, Morgan, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita going after both of them, it was as if everyone lost their goddamn minds on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead!  Dr. Denise was just murdered at the hands of Saviors and Darryl, Rosita, Abraham and Eugene barely made it back alive.  Now more than ever, they should be hunkering down and preparing to save Alexandria.  Instead Alexandria’s top dogs left at the beginning of this week’s episode ill-prepared and completely uneducated on who and what they were gearing up to fight.  It’s clear they didn’t hear Johnny Cash’s “It’s All Over” while they were all getting ready for their day like we did (real subtle, Gimple).  However, we have been promised a brutal finale since the beginning of Season 6 so it makes sense that so many key players would be at risk.  In preparation for next week’s season finale, here are my top five picks of characters most likely to meet their demise:

  1. Carol

For those of you who have been following my recaps, you know I have been predicting Carol’s death for some time.  To the point where I am starting to feel slightly creepy about it.  I don’t want her to die but all signs point to her: from the abundance of Season 6 screen time to her existential crisis. This episode, we watched Carol sneak out of Alexandria in a move that has been foreshadowed all season.  In the post-apocalytic world, to love someone is to kill for them and Carol didn’t want to make that choice anymore. I didn’t think she should go.  My Carol fandom aside, there are Saviors, walkers and threats lurking everywhere.  It’s unlikely that the outside world would be any kinder or gentler than where she was.  This theory proved correct when she was forced to commit mass homicide within her first 24 hours outside the walls.  I must say, for a budding pacifist, Carol sure was prepared for murder, wasn’t she?  Not only did she turn Tobin’s coat into a concealed machine gun holder, she stole the most conspicuous car ever to make her escape.  Nothing says subtle like a drive on an open road in a big black car with spikes protruding from it.  She did what she had to do, I suppose.  However, this week’s episode left her bleeding and wandering in a field full of walkers with Morgan and a Savior hot at her heels.  In a plot twist, I wouldn’t be surprised if its not Carol who takes herself out.

  1. Abraham

I wouldn’t have added Abraham to the list last week but this week, something about him screamed, “I’m about to die”.  From his constant introspection, to his self-professed fear, he seemed just ripe for an end.  Albeit subtle, Abraham has gotten a great deal of screen time this season.   We have witnessed his not-so-internal struggle over his feelings for Sasha, his mishandling of his relationship with Rosita, and even his full circle moment with Eugene.  In the comics, Abraham gets the arrow to the head and not Dr. Denise.  Could it be the showrunners were sparing him for an unfortunate but timely death at the hands of Negan?  Aside from Rick, Abraham is the sole strong male character remaining at Alexandria (I ain’t ready to go there with Father Gabe just yet).  The Saviors who were killed by Carol recognized her car from Alexandria.  It’s possible Negan knows exactly where the threat is, and with the strongest characters still outside the walls, maybe the threat will come in them.

  1. Glenn

I’m pretty sure the look of dread plastered on Maggie’s face throughout this episode is going to be embedded in my brain for the rest of my life… or at least until summer.  From her staring longingly at Glenn in the shower, to watching with a cringe as he drove away, to having Enid cut her hair so she could “keep moving,” Maggie seems to be the only one aware of the acute and imminent danger heading their way.  But, it’s more than that.  Maggie’s distress seems personal, like she knows what’s coming will impact her, more than anyone else.  This was exemplified by the distress she experienced after Enid cut her hair and she went into some sort of stress-induced emergency with her pregnancy. The only person left who could impact her in that way is Glenn.  While I would personally be emotionally wrecked if Glenn gets it, we left him gagged and on his knees in the forest with The Saviors.  It’s not looking good.

  1. Darryl

It has been widely speculated that Norman Reedus is on his way out.  He has a new show in the works, yada yada.  Thing is, I’m not entirely convinced.  For a fan favorite like Darryl, we should have seen a whole lot more of him during the second half of this season.  Also, as I’ve mentioned, I refuse to see him get it before he has a love interest, haircut and/or a shower.  Nonetheless, I’m adding him to the list because he was shot at the end of this week’s episode and as much as I want to, I can’t just ignore that.  I’d like to think Dwight has a soft spot for him (because he saved his life and all) but he was quick to tell us last week that he wasn’t aiming for Dr. Denise when he shot her.  Since I can’t see Negan killing Michonne or Rosita, if he doesn’t kill Glen, it may just be Darryl.

  1. Morgan

This one is a stretch.  Morgan just came back, and with his new prison and his “All life is precious” philosophy proving itself more and more true, it would be a shame to see him go.  However, Morgan has really left his mark.  This week, he was joined by Rick in his pursuit of Carol.  The difference in the men’s philosophy was evident as Rick continued to kill without asking questions and Morgan avoided murder by all means.  Watching the two this week, it was hard to believe I ever questioned Morgan’s tactics.  Rick seemed impulsive and arrogant.  Upon discovering one of the Saviors that Carol shot dying on the side of the road, he asked him one question and then stabbed him! Likewise, upon encountering a fleeing man in mid-drift armor who was searching for his horse (can you get any more innocent?), Rick’s first instinct was to shoot at him as he ran away.  If you recall, Jesus told Rick there were other settlers.  So, there is no reason to believe every stranger is a Savior. The episode ended with Morgan, justifiably, sending Rick back home.  He told him he would find Carol one way or another but if he didn’t come back, don’t look for him.  Wait, what? When he said that, I thought, oh, crap, him not coming back is a possibility? Let’s hope it’s not, but with Morgan wandering around in an open field with armed Saviors on the hunt, it may not be a stretch.

What are your thoughts? Who is on your top five list of characters most likely to die?


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  • Pam

    I’ve really been enjoying your takes on the episodes this season. I hope Morgan doesn’t die. There needs to be a counter to Rick going around shooting everything. Maybe Carol could be that counter instead? But of the two I think she’s more likely to die.

    I’ve been thinking that Abraham is going to die for a while. I could see Negan picking the biggest and strongest looking of the group to make an example of. I think Rosita could be in danger too.

    Earlier in the season I thought that Father Gabriel was on his way out, since he seemed to have completed a character arc by stepping up after the mid-season break. He’s been in the background a lot lately though.

    As for Darryl… I kinda hope he’s actually dead. He hasn’t been that interesting lately, I can’t stand looking at his scraggly hair in his face, and I really am not looking forward to finding out that the end of the last episode was another Glen under the dumpster trick.

    • Shazza

      Pam, I think you and I are the only ones that don’t see the sex appeal of Daryl. And yes, his character’s been pretty boring this season. I’ve heard that Negan doesn’t kill women so I’m ruling out Rosita & Michonne. I heard someone talking about truly hurting Rick by taking out Michonne but I’m sure he doesn’t know about their relationship. I think you have a great point about Abraham-he is the biggest and most imposing. I’m still wondering how, with all of Daryl’s tracking skills, he missed this group of Saviours TWICE!!! And having your main soldiers out of Alexandria at the same time is not smart.

  • Joan

    Your articles are great! They’re funny and cleverly-written. I agree with your choices, but I don’t want to see anyone else die. I haven’t recovered from the whole business at the prison and losing Herschel. I look forward to reading your take every week and would love to see you on TTD with Hardwick!

  • Five excellent choices, but I would replace Morgan’s name with Maggie. The first time I went to her was when Glenn made his first Savior kill and came up to see those photographs of Lucille’s previous victims. The visual impact of Glenn absorbing those pictures would pay off not if it’s him, but if it’s Maggie. Then he can blame himself for her death because he crossed the line. It played like an omen for him. Then what happened on the kill floor with her and Carol started deepening the choice for me. Maggie is most to be defended – she is the core of the new group at Alexandria. She has made the choice to have a child in this world. But the show killing a pregnant woman? That was the only thing holding me back. So I waited – if there was a jump in time and Maggie had the baby, then I was positive it would be her. Well, that didn’t happen, but she began to have a miscarriage at the end of the last episode. For me, it was like the show signing her death warrant.

    But then I read another choice online. It was not a spoiler because the person didn’t have any actual inside knowledge. They just pieced together a few quotes of actors talking about the finale. But as soon as they put their theory forward, I knew it was right. I know they are going to do this. I’m only going to put it on this page because you’re discussing what might happen in the finale. And as maddening as this choice might be, it’s probably the only way we can lose a major character to Negan and still keep watching the show. The theory: Negan has a few people in front of him. Maybe all five of the people up above. He smiles, raises Lucille over his shoulder, swings around… and BLACKOUT. Maybe screams and sounds of the impacts continue to make it clear someone is dying, but then the TV cuts to a speechless Chris Hardwick. See you in the fall, folks! It would be the most gobsmacking cliffhanger since Who Shot JR. And every time I think it through, I’m more and more convinced that’s what they are going to do Sunday night. Jon Snow who?