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‘WandaVision’, Season 1 Episode 1 — RECAP

‘WandaVision’, Season 1 Episode 1 — RECAP

Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), newlywed, drive up to their new house for the opening credits. This lowkey reminds me of Bewitched with the black-and-white color. Wanda uses her magic to put plates up and accidentally hits Vision when he walks into the kitchen. Vision brings up that the calendar has a heart on it for today but neither of the two seem to remember what it is. When Vision leaves for work, he changes his face to look more human. 

A knock at the door is Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), their neighbor, who comes in to welcome Wanda into the neighborhood and chat. Vision gets through work quickly but questions his coworker, Norm (Asif Ali), about what the company does. It is all data with no real explanation. His boss, Mr. Hart (Fred Melamed), reminds Vision that he and his wife will be coming over for dinner. That explains the heart on the calendar. Mr. Hart wants to be impressed by the meal; Vision’s job depends on it. Agnes and Wanda plan out the evening when Wanda receives a call from Vision about the night but never gets around to actually informing her what tonight is about. Lots of miscommunication. 

Stark Industries commercial breaks within the show?

Well, the 1950s were about pleasing the husband and not burning his toast. Vision, Mr. Hart, and Mrs. Hart (Debra Jo Rupp) arrive to a romantic setting. Wanda, somehow, mistakes Mr. Hart for Vision. Insert laugh track. Vision quickly comes up with an excuse and takes his wife to the kitchen to explain the situation. Wanda changes and calls Agnes for assistance but struggles to kick her out fast enough so that she can magically cook.

Mess With Samantha Morton’s ‘The Serpent Queen,’ and You Might Just Get Bit!

Mrs. Hart hears the commotion and nearly sees what Wanda is doing, but Vision starts singing to distract them. Wanda is struggling to keep things going well but whips up breakfast for dinner. During dinner, Mrs. Hart questions the couple about when they were married and moved from where. Wanda struggles with answering the question when Mr. Hart starts choking, and Mrs. Hart can’t do anything but smile and tell him to stop. Wanda tells Vision to help him, then the two promptly decide to leave. Mr. Hart promises Vision a promotion. 

Wanda and Vision discuss their unusualness then remedy it by choosing an anniversary, a song, and making wedding rings. The two share a kiss before the show ends on screen. Pull out to a person watching the show from within an office?

Laugh track aside, this is what I’ve been waiting for. I’m not sure as to how they got Vision back for this and it looks like our titular stars don’t know how they ended up there either but it will be fun to find out. If this is a government program, how are all of these people pulled into this? I’m not sure if Wanda is behind this. She could be the victim. 

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