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‘WandaVision’, Season 1 “Episode 2” — RECAP

‘WandaVision’, Season 1 “Episode 2” — RECAP


Wanda wakes up to thuds. Vision wakes up to check what is the thud but sees nothing. A few more thuds have Vision jump back into his bed. Wanda magically pushes their beds together then pulls out the moxy to check the sound, which is nothing but a tree branch. How cute. 

The opening credits are similar to the style of Bewitched this time. Interesting. Vision is practicing magic for a talent show fundraiser with Wanda as his assistant. Wanda wants to fit in with their new town. Their clothing seems different, like a different decade, as well as their house. 

While Vision is at a neighborhood watch meeting, Wanda hears something outside. When she takes a look, she finds a red helicopter toy in her bushes but its appearance seems to befuddle her. Agnes pops up with a rabbit for VIsion’s performance. The two women are on their way to meet Dottie when Agnes gives her a heads up on how to act during the meeting. 

During the meeting, Wanda meets Geraldine (Teyonah Parris) for the first time but doesn’t make a great impression with Dottie (Emma Caulfield Ford). Geraldine struggles with her name a first; you may remember her as Monica Rambeau. Suspicious. Vision doesn’t knock things out of the park with the neighborhood watch either. Norm informs him that it is members only but sits in. The guys are more focused on gossip. Vision accidentally swallows gum that messes with his insides. 

Dottie informs Wanda that she has heard things about her and her husband. Wanda states she means no harm, but Dottie doesn’t agree. The two are interrupted by a man over the radio saying her name repeatedly and asking who is doing this to her. I knew it. Dottie questions who Wanda is when all of a sudden the radio breaks and Dottie breaks the glass in her hand, causing her hand to bleed. She seems to be out of the trance she was in. 

Commercial break is for a Strucker watches. Who is Strucker and why are they important?

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Vision arrives late and out of sorts for the talent show. Wanda tries to explain that something strange happened but unfortunately, they have to go on. The performance is a struggle to watch when Vision does the unthinkable by making himself float. Wanda fixes this by magically bringing out a rope. That gum makes him seem drunk. That is strange. For each magic trick that Vision uses his power, Wanda fixes it magically. The audience watches in awe but they are tricked by Wanda’s fixes. The box trick has Wanda magically bringing out Geraldine when the audience chants “what is in the box.” Finally, once they get backstage, Wanda fixes the gum issue and Vision is back to normal. The two try to leave, but Dottie stops them and awards them with a trophy for their hilarious show. Geraldine asks how she ended up in the box but Wanda waves that away. 

Wanda and Vision arrive home happy. When Wanda gets up she is pregnant; Vision points out her baby bump. Unfortunately, they are disturbed by another noise. The two go out to check the commotion. Outside, in the street, a man crawls out of a manhole, bees buzzing around him. When he looks at her, Wanda says “no,” then the show rewinds to when they talk about the pregnancy. After Wanda and Vision share a kiss, Vision gets color in his face, then the house and Wanda get color, too. The two share a kiss before it ends but not before we hear the man through the radio calling out Wanda’s name again. 

Who is controlling everything?! I’m not sure if it is Wanda or someone else. Especially with the radio interruption and the guy in the manhole. While it could be Wanda, it doesn’t make sense since clearly, someone was watching their show from a TV in the previous episode. I want answers and more! I got to wait weekly for this? Man.

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