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‘WandaVision’, Season 1 Episode 3: “Now In Color” — RECAP

‘WandaVision’, Season 1 Episode 3: “Now In Color” — RECAP

Opening sequence is in color and all the characters are dressed in 1970’s attire. The Brady Bunch comes to mind while I watch. Dr. Neilson (Randy Oglesby) confirms that Wanda is indeed pregnant, but Vision is very concerned at how quickly she is showing. Wanda does all she can to keep him from revealing that she has only been pregnant for 12 hours. Vision asks that Dr. Neilson doesn’t tell anyone that they are expecting. Herb is acting strange by trimming a brick fence… When Vision returns inside, Wanda is bigger. 

Wanda is nesting while Vision reads over what happens during a pregnancy. The pregnancy is quickly developing, and Vision estimates that the baby will arrive in three days. Goodness. The two parents prepare for their child when suddenly, Wanda has a Braxton Hicks contraction. While they work on the breathing, their kitchen appliances begin to act out. Then the electricity goes out. Vision suggests he checks on the neighborhood; the whole block is out. Wanda is concerned that the neighbors might know it is her fault and points out that it seems that the Westview community is always close to finding out their secret. Vision thinks that it seems to be more than that, that there is something wrong here, but a glitch goes back to Vision stating that he is anxious, too. Wanda must prefer this instead, or is it the people watching it that prefer it?

Unexpectedly, Wanda goes into labor. Vision ends up near the ceiling, but Wanda helps with the breathing exercise before her water breaks and showers the house. Pure chaos, but they are a cute couple. 

Commercial break is for a luxury bath powder named Hydra Soak, complete with Hydra’s brand logo and everything. These clues make me want to fight someone. Can’t Hydra just die already? Don’t answer that. I know the answer already. 

The water eventually stops, and Wanda is able to dry out their room. She instructs Vision to call the doctor, but the phones are down so he goes out and runs to get the doctor. Wanda hears a strange noise from the crib but the doorbell rings. Geraldine comes over to borrow a bucket because the pipes burst in her house. Of course she notices the coat Wanda put on but not the baby bump. While Wanda searches for a bucket, she deals with contractions that make her change her coat type and scream out. Geraldine offers to help and finds the bucket quickly but is oblivious to how a bowl of fruit is barely hiding a baby bump. Just before she is about to leave, she brings up her temp job, but Wanda notices a stork behind her. Wanda keeps Geraldine talking while she magically tries to get rid of it. 

When the stork gets too close to being seen by Geraldine, Wanda tosses an orange at it and it ends up running behind the couch. Geraldine, however, breaks character and questions what she heard, but Wanda states it is her ice machine. Geraldine goes on with her story and doesn’t feel the stork picking at her pants leg before it runs off to the crib. Of course, Geraldine’s story ends with her getting a promotion and needing office supplies that are stored in Wanda’s spare room aka the crib. When she walks in, the stork is back on the wall. Wanda rushes in with a vase to hide the pregnancy, but that doesn’t work out. Another contraction arrives, causing her to drop the vase. Geraldine is surprised by the pregnancy, too. 

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Vision catches the doctor outside his car trying to fix it then carries him back to the house. Geraldine helps Wanda through her labor while the house is freaking out. A big push stops everything and brings a little boy. Vision arrives to find Wanda with child in hand. Geraldine asks the doctor to help her in the kitchen, so the two parents can be alone. Wanda asks if Vision wants to meet his son as himself, finally agreeing to Tommy. After a moment, Wanda screams out again. Vision checks and sees another baby coming. Another push brings another baby boy. Dr. Neilson confirms that the babies are healthy, then is walked out by Vision who hopes that the doctor can make his trip. But Dr. Neilson states that he probably won’t go on a trip because “small towns are had to escape.” Vision finds this strange for a moment, then greets Agnes and Herb, who are whispering to each other about Wanda. Agnes asks Vision if Geraldine is inside with Wanda. I wonder what they know. 

Geraldine and Wanda are inside marveling over the twins when Wanda mentions that she is also a twin, had a brother named Pietro, then begins to sing a song in Sokovian. The singing seems to affect Geraldine. She asks Wanda if her brother was killed by Ultron. Wanda is shocked by the question. Agnes and Herb mention that Geraldine is new to town and has no family or home. Inside Wanda questions Geraldine on what she said about Pietro, but Geraldine deflects, stating something different. When Geraldine offers to watch the twins, Wanda suggests that the woman leave, then notices the necklace that Geraldine is wearing. She questions what the symbol is and who Geraldine is. The babies cry in the background. Herb struggles to tell Vision what is happening and Agnes stops him. Agnes decides to dip and Herb goes back to being friendly. 

When Vision rushes back inside the house, he asks Wanda where Geraldine is, but Wanda’s explanation is that Geraldine had to rush home. Geraldine is thrown out of the town of Westview and is greeted by a helicopter and several cars. She seems to have landed near a base of some type and nearby is the force field(?) around Westview. 

I’m not sure why I didn’t consider Geraldine to be a spy, but it seems that she is working for the very organization that has Wanda. I can’t say for certain, but if Wanda is able to toss Geraldine out of the town, then she must have an idea of what is going on to her. I must also mention the community is also very aware, too. Now what could the symbol that Geraldine was wearing possibly mean? Of course, we will find out in time. I am so glad that they didn’t drag out the pregnancy but goodness, two kids are gonna be a handful. Especially if they age as quickly as the pregnancy went. Let me be honest, this episode took me for a loop. I have no concrete theories on the chaos that is ensuing. Geraldine just better be on the right side of things in the end. 

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