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‘WandaVision’ Season 1 Episode 6: “All New Halloween Spooktacular!” — RECAP

‘WandaVision’ Season 1 Episode 6: “All New Halloween Spooktacular!” — RECAP

I swear Disney is trying to come at me with the recap. They had the nerve to show the Ultron clip of Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) dying then show us the new Pietro (Evan Peters)?! I know they just coming for all my emotions. 

Have we finally hit the age of the ’90s? Opening title is complete grunge, and Pietro is in it, too! The twins break the fourth wall by each explaining what Halloween is about. Billy amd Tommy wake up Pietro whispering about how Billy thinks he is cool, but Tommy thinks their uncle is a vampire. He chases them around the house until Wanda walks down in costume. The costume is a shout out to comic book version Wanda, but she says she’s a Sokovian fortune teller. Pietro thinks it is lame. He brings up how it is worse than the year they got typhus. Flashback shows their unusual halloween experience, but Wanda doesn’t remember it like that. Pietro states that she is probably suppressing the trauma. Yeah, sure Pietro.

Billy tells us that mom has been weird since Pietro arrived, but he thinks it is because they haven’t seen each other in a long time and Pietro is a “man child.” Observant. Vision arrives in his comic book version costume, and Pietro already has ridiculous guesses on what he is. Wanda thanks him for wearing the costume, and Vision points out there were no other clothes in the closet before he smiles. Awkward. Vision thinks she has a thing for Mexican wrestlers. Are they good? 

Vision and Wanda watch Pietro and the boys get along and comment on it before Vision steps out for Neighborhood Watch. Wanda has to catch herself when she says, “No, that’s not what you were,” and change it up to, “You didn’t tell me you had plans.” The two sort of disagree, while Billy points out that they have been different lately. Pietro steps in to assist with watching the boys. Vision leaves by giving Wanda a kiss and telling her to be good. Yeah missy, you can’t control him, and he is aware. Hold up, Vision’s face is still red. 

Pietro scares Wanda then asks where the water balloons are for the shaving cream then blames Tommy. Wanda points out that he doesn’t have a costume, so naturally he takes Tommy’s hand. They quickly leave and comeback dressed as comic book Quicksilver. These are too perfect for my inner nerd. Wanda gives Pietro a warning on how they should behave. 

Outside the town at the chaotic base, Monica tells Tyler that he almost got them all killed while he thinks he knows who they are dealing with. Darcy, never missing a beat, points out that he almost got killed by his own murder squad. Tyler doesn’t take that very well and asks who she works for. Monica informs him that Darcy works for her, and he takes that as a moment to ask who the “sassy best friend is.” OH. It’s like that?! 

Jimmy points out that this isn’t the time to come for coworkers when Tyler is starting a war with Wanda. Tyler states that Wanda was never going to negotiate, and they need to take her out. Monica points out that they have no idea what will happen on any occasion. If Wanda is the problem then she could be the solution. Well, Tyler isn’t fond of her advocating for those with powers and informs her he knows about her relationship with Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel if ya’ll remember), then brings up how during “the snap” he had to do things to keep the lights on. Monica tells him to not use the last five years as an excuse. 

Tyler decides to tell Monica it is a good thing she wasn’t around when her mother died because clearly, she doesn’t have what it takes to do this job, then orders all three of them off the base. I’m ready to throw hands on her behalf!!! As the three are escorted off, Jimmy and Monica both acknowledge that Tyler is doing too much, been waiting to get them off the base, and up to something. Then the two take out each guard that escorted them as Darcy watches. They hide the bodies, put on SWORD gear and make a move. 

Tommy and Billy start their competition on who can get the most candy. Wanda takes this as an opportunity to question Pietro on his memories, but he catches that quickly, referring to how he looks different. Wanda asks what we all want to know. “Why do you look different Pietro?” No real explanation other than that Wanda probably did it. The twins show up to hit up the next house, Pietro offers to help them get more candy, and the three speed off. 

Wanda bumps into Herb who is on patrol. Herb is informed through his radio that all the candy has disappeared, pumpkins smashed, and everyone is covered in silly string, while there is a whir of blue and short sightings of Pietro and the boys doing all this. Wanda states that maybe Vision can help, but according to Herb, Vision ain’t on duty. OH. Herb catches Wanda’s confusion and asks her if he can do something or if she needs anything changed, but she tells him it is fine. Vision is walking through the neighborhood and notices a woman standing as if she is setting up decorations as a tear rolls down her face. Wow. Also, where did the kids come from?

Commercial break for Yo-Magic is sort of gruesome. Kid starves to death on an island, unable to open the yogurt? Um, okay. 

Wanda is making the boys return the candy and tells Pietro that she can’t believe how he is a bad influence. He points out that he is there to play his part, that’s what she wanted, right? She questions him on his accent, he asks her about hers. Pietro doesn’t remember everything but can recall being shot then hearing her call him. He came because she needed him. The boys come back with news of full size candy bars a few blocks away. Tommy races there and back with the bars. Wanda and Pietro are happy that he has got the power. Wanda suggests he take it slow, but Tommy doesn’t take a moment until he speeds off. He is stopped by Wanda who wants him to take his brother and not go past Ellis Ave. 

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Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy walk into a computer lab where Darcy is able to hack into Tyler’s devices. She finds out that he found a way to look through the boundary. Tyler is tracking Vision and can get a track on residents who are near Vision. Jimmy points out that people near the edge of town are barely moving, unsure if they are alive. 

Vision comes across the same thing when he attempts to ask a woman a question but they are all statues that don’t move. Vision turns back to normal and flies to get an aerial view of the town. He spots a car, stopped, at the edge of town. When he checks it out, he finds Agnes behind the wheel. He questions what she is doing there, and her response is that she took a wrong turn and got lost. Vision touches her and brings her normal self help. She immediately recognizes him as an Avenger and thinks he is there to help, but poor Vision doesn’t know what an Avenger is. She asks if she is dead, and, of course, Vision doesn’t know why she thinks that.  Agnes informs him that she thinks she is dead because Vision is dead. She shouts this several times. Vision tells her his plan to reach anyone outside, but Agnes has a nervous breakdown as she points out that no one can get out, they can’t even think this. Vision touches her so that she goes back to TV version. Vision walks beyond Ellis Ave. 

Monica receives a text from her way back into the Hex and has to meet her point guy. I am curious. However, Darcy says that she can’t go back in because her cells are being rewritten on a molecular level and she is changing. Monica doesn’t care for the lab results due to her experience, and she wants to help Wanda. Darcy states that she is staying put to get more information on what Tyler has. Monica wants her to meet up with them once she is done, then she and Jimmy leave. 

The Maximoff twins enjoy Westview’s charming lifestyle, even talking about how their parents would’ve loved it. Pietro asks where Wanda was hiding the kids up until now with Wanda struggling to explain. He thinks she is handling it well and asks how she did all of this, stating that she can trust him and talk to him. Wanda recalls feeling alone and endless nothingness. When she turns back to look at Pietro, he has several bullet wounds and is dead but that quickly goes away. He questions if she is okay and doesn’t believe her when she states that she is fine. Darcy finds a folder called Cataract and sends it out. Tyler and Darcy see that Vision is at the edge of town and near the border. Tyler orders them to move out. 

Vision struggles to walk through the border and is greeted by Tyler and a group of armed men. Darcy sees Vision struggling to get through as pieces of him come off of him. She runs to help him but is held off. In town, Billy hears Vision struggling and Tyler stating that Vision wants out. BIlly catches and stops Tommy mid run, then runs to Wanda and tells her that he hears Dad in his head and he is in trouble. 

Vision is fighting to get through the barrier. Darcy demands that they help him instead of handcuffing him. Vision notices that he is disintegrating and sort of crumples. Wanda asks Billy where Vision is and that’s when Pietro says, “It’s not like your dead husband can die twice.” He comes to regret that quickly. Wanda tells Billy to focus, and Billy states he sees soldiers and they think he is dying. Wanda immediately stops everything and everyone within town and unleashes her power. Monica and Jimmy see the barrier expanding and speed off. Tyler and his basemen do the same, leaving Darcy handcuffed. As the barrier expands, everyone and everything is affected and turned into a circus of a sort! Vision goes back to normal but is still crumpled. Tyler and those in his car are able to get out but can’t reach anyone else. 

Let’s try to go through this rationally. I enjoyed the throwback ’90’s fourth wall breaks and Pietro being around. It is an era that I grew up in so I got it. Pietro’s costume definitely reminded me of Pietro in the X-Men cartoon series and is still sort of childish like he was in the movies. My initial thought is that he was the only version of Pietro that was alive but that got cleared out real fast. I hope he sticks around, he gets more out of Wanda than Vision does. Vision may love Wanda, but he cares about peoples’ well-being and nearly dies to save them. It is admirable but like Wanda, I don’t want to lose him again. Darcy being sucked into Wanda’s TV world will be interesting. Does this mean we will get a 2000s sitcom version of the show? Wanda should have taken Director Tyler Haywood out in the previous episode. He’s the villain. If he were gone, Monica could have stepped into the position and figured out a way to help Wanda with Darcy’s and Jimmy’s help. Easily. But no, this man got to be typical with his thoughts and ways. Well, he just lost a whole crew in the process. 

I feel numb inside. There is also possibility that Monica could be coming into her own powers soon. Molecular change could bring us the next Captain Marvel that many comic book fans have been wondering about. 

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