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‘WandaVision’ Season 1 Episode 7: “Breaking The Fourth Wall” — RECAP

‘WandaVision’ Season 1 Episode 7: “Breaking The Fourth Wall” — RECAP

We have officially reached modern TV viewing.

Wanda wakes up in bed, alone. She tells us (in the interview style of The Office), that she let her fear get the best of her. Billy and Tommy run into the room to alert Mom that their game and TV are severely glitching and Billy is hearing a lot of noises. Wanda decides to give a day to herself. When she finally walks downstairs, she ignores the twins fighting and makes herself breakfast — but she finds the milk container glitching. She’s unsure why it is glitching but goes on to eat the food. 

Cue the opening title credits with only Wanda’s name until the last second when Vision’s name pops up. Oh my. Not to mention it says “created by Wanda”. Oh! We are acknowledging this. Okay. 

Director Tyler Haywood has people setting up a base eight miles out of Westview. He is informed that the broadcast isn’t showing but it doesn’t matter, they are launching today. Whatever that means, is not good for anyone. 

Vision finally wakes up to find himself right next to a circus. One man mistakes him for a clown and introduces Vision to Darcy, the escape artist. Vision is surprised that Darcy doesn’t recognize him from the night before then runs after her when she walks away. Wanda asks the boys where their dad is but they have no clue and ask if they will go looking for her. She’s not interested in looking for someone who doesn’t want to be there. The boys bring up what Pietro said regarding killing Vision again. Wanda states Pietro is not their uncle and admits that she has no answers then also informs them everything is meaningless. Yeah, not the best thing to tell your kids. Depression is showing. Agnes arrives to find Wanda not at her best and suggests that she takes the boys out, allowing Wanda some free time. While alone, house items begin to glitch, returning to old versions of themselves. Wanda repeatedly states she is fine. Yeah, okay girl. 

Jimmy and Monica are still on the move. Jimmy informs her that Darcy found R and D reports stating that Tyler wasn’t decommissioning Vision, he was working on bringing him back to life but it wasn’t working until Wanda took Vision. Not surprised. Essentially, about making Vision a weapon. The two pull up to their meeting point with Major Goodner (Rachael Thompson). Major Goodner states that she is loyal to Monica too, not just Monica’s mother. The good Major has a big shiny toy for Monica to use. Vision is struggling to get through to Darcy so he decides to bring her out of the Wanda trance (not sure what we are calling it). After Darcy is brought out of the trance, they knock out the muscle man and take a funnel cake truck to rush to Vision’s home. He is worried about his children and wants to know who Pietro really is. 

Wanda’s house is falling apart and doesn’t know why she can’t fix it. She is thoroughly surprised when she is questioned by someone behind the camera, asking if she thinks this is what she deserves. Apparently, he’s not supposed to talk. Yep, everything is falling apart. 

What appears next is the commercial for Nexus, an antidepressant that can anchor you back to your reality or the reality of your choice. The side effects are feeling feelings, more depression, confronting your truth, and seizing your destiny. This is too spot on even for me. Slogan is “Nexus, because the world doesn’t revolve around you or does it?”

Who is making these commercials?!

The twins are enjoying time with Agnes. Billy states he likes it here because Agnes is quiet on the inside. Poor kid. Agnes reassures the boys that their mom is just fine but in the interview, she states that Wanda is not okay. Monica is clicked into her new suit and ready to go. JImmy is unsure but our dear Captain Rambeau thinks that this is their last shot. She climbs into a heavily armed space rover as Jimmy questions Major Goodner if this is reliable. They go through all the checks then Monica drives into the shield, struggling to get through. The rover is being rewritten, with Jimmy telling Monica to get out. Luckily she does before the shield spits the rover out, now half a truck. Despite all of this, Monica decides to run into the shield, without the helmet, even with Jimmy yelling his warnings. Monica walks through but her body goes through multiple extensions (versions?) and also hears conversations that she had with her mother, Jimmy, and Carol (Captain Marvel), on how remarkable and strong of a woman she is. At the sound of Carol’s words, Monica, with newfound strength, pushes through, bringing her multiples back and gaining blue eyes that see electricity for a moment. The girl takes off running. 

Darcy breaks down what happened to Vision and Wanda (Avengers: Infinity War anecdote). She watched him die twice, basically. The two are stopped by many redlights and electrical company emergencies. Cue Vision looking into the camera. In his interview he informs us that he thinks Wanda is trying to stop him from coming home and he is not amused. Vision questions who and what he is; to which Darcy states she is unsure of but is certain that Wanda and Vision belong together. I agree.

Monica reaches Wanda’s house. Wanda is inside drinking Nexus pills and is surprised when Monica comes rushing in talking about Vision and Tyler Haywood. Wanda quickly uses magic to lift her up and out of the house, bringing up all the lies then attempts to slam her into the ground. All in front of the neighbors. However, CAPTAIN MONICA RAMBEAU LANDS SUPERHERO STYLE WITH GLOWING BLUE EYES. She surprised Wanda with that one. Monica pointed out that the lies she said were what Wanda wanted her to say, which Wanda doesn’t take nicely, so Monica tells her to do it then but Wanda stops herself. Monica tells Wanda that Tyler is gonna burn the place down for what he wants and is making Wanda out as the villain. Agnes spots the two arguing. Monica informs Wanda that she lost someone too and understands what she is going through. Agnes interrupts and takes Wanda away, but not before Monica pleads for Wanda to take the shield down and Wanda threatens to hurt her. 

Vision and Darcy are still struggling to get through. Vision tells us that he didn’t know all of what Wanda went through and it feels like it happened to someone else. He realizes that he shouldn’t be here interviewing and needs to see his wife. He flies out of the truck, leaving Darcy. Agnes brings Wanda into her home. Once alone, Wanda notices that the twins are gone and something is eerily strange. Agnes says the boys are probably in the basement, but when Wanda goes down to check, she ends up walking into a brick and vine, dark, sinister room with weird artifacts. Inside, Agnes appears and states that her name is Agatha Harkness and she is magical but evil. I mean she is petting a rabbit and her eyes turned purple.

We get a song and view of Agatha arriving into town messing up everything in each episode. It seems that she is the one that brought Pietro into town, she faked the conversation with Vision and was the one behind the camera during the interview question. She even admits to killing Sparky the dog. 

Mid credit clip shows Monica arriving to Agnes’ home, looks around then pulls up doors that lead to the basement just before she is interrupted by Pietro. 

I’m not sure how I didn’t see that coming in the previous episodes but will admit that this episode, Agnes came off a little weird. A hint would have been that Agnes kept mentioning a husband that we never saw. I honestly feel bad for the kids, it isn’t easy seeing a parent in deep depression but I hope Agnes didn’t hurt them. I like the twins. Vision is finally informed of everything Wanda went through and just wants to get to her and the boys safely. Tyler Haywood is a minor threat compared to Agnes…Sorry, I mean Agatha Harkness. Why is she torturing Wanda? Well, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Now let’s talk Monica Rambeau. We knew the girl’s molecules were already altering but she really pushed herself so far that she officially has powers! If you didn’t scream out of excitement, we can’t be friends! How long have we been waiting to see this?! Well for me, since they announced Captain Marvel. I can’t wait to see what Monica learns to do. She better not hold back!

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