Watch The “Stranger Things” S2 Trailer Again

Product placement, 80s nostalgia, little kids in peril, and Stephen Kingisms abound–must be the teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 2. There isn’t much meat on this bone but we do know now that it drops on Halloween 2017. Nice. Plan your themed dress-up parties accordingly.

This time around, us nerds won’t be blindsided so we can plan our livetweets accordingly. It looks like the bit of the Upside Down that little Will Byers brought out with him in the form of slugs that he coughs up and brief glimpses into the alternate dimension might be seeping out into the town. No worries, I’m sure our demon squad are up to the challenge this second time around. I was most intrigued by the image of Will at the end. It was very Jake Chambers, “Go then there are other worlds than this…”

What character, plot point, or bit of 80s nostalgia are you most looking forward to? Any cosplay plans in your future? Leave it in the comments!

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