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WED-LOCKED: A Positive Potrayal of Married People Of Color

WED-LOCKED: A Positive Potrayal of Married People Of Color

Written by: DY

The web series, Wed-Locked, is ready for a second season and kicked off its crowd funding campaign.

Wed-Locked, which first aired in 2009, is a fun comedy that takes an honest look at marriage life following the lives of recently married, Denise and Robert. If you hadn’t had the pleasure yet, please do check out the first season of Wed-Locked.

The show was conceived by the leads, Lawrence Saint-Victor, who plays Robert, and Karla Mosley, who plays Denise. If those names sound familiar, it may be because you recognize them as the soap opera stars from Guiding Light and, most recently, the Bold and the Beautiful.

When the Guiding Light ended, Lawrence and Karla wanted to continue working together; thankfully, Karla’s mother suggested they create their own show. Karla was about to wed and Lawrence was approaching the second year of his marriage, so they thought it would be interesting to explore and expose what it is like to stumble through the early years of marriage—especially as people of color. As Lawrence puts it, “We don’t have a black Mad About You, now we do.”

At the time, they felt while there have been shows about single people or dating, and shows about raising a family, there weren’t many shows about a young couple trying to figure things out. Their intent was to pull the veil back and get real about marriage. It was also important to them that stories centering on people of color continue to be told.

Lawrence affirms,

“As black people, we are powerful, funny, vulnerable, and very unique artists. There is good content out there, but we are way too vast as people for all of our experiences to be told by the limited shows and films being made. We want to add our unique perspective to the equation.”

Now, after eight years, they still feel a need to tell this type of story, but are now better equipped. Back in 2009, not too many people were familiar with web series. That made it difficult for Lawrence and Karla to navigate the landscape at the time. Fast forward to the present, people are welcoming web series with open arms. Furthermore, Lawrence and Karla now have many years of marriage under their belt and much more to tell.

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This second season picks up right where they left off, except now they plan to get even more real and uncomfortable as possible. (See the full teaser video). The stakes are raised higher for the characters because Lawrence and Karla allowed their own personal experiences to guide them more than the first time.

Lawrence explains, “We were so young in our relationships back then, I think we kind of held back a bit. Now we are letting it all hang out, and getting pretty personal.”

In addition to making sure people of color are in front of the camera, they made a point to assemble a crew primarily of people of color behind the camera. The crew will also be at least 50% female.

If you’re excited for the new season, show your support by giving to the Wed-Locked Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign; the campaign ends on June 14th

Lawrence is very excited to share their perspectives on marriage and love. “We hope that through our experiences couples going through their own bumps, could see us and know that you could always make it through.”

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