So if you haven’t watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead and don’t want to be spoiled, consider this your warning. SPOILERS. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Can we talk about what happened last night?

No, the last five minutes weren’t a shared hallucination – it really did happen. Last night on The Walking Dead, Rick and Michonne finally got together, and I can barely believe it myself. Is this real life? Where did that choir of angels come from and why are they singing?

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I’m happy as hell, and have been living in shipper paradise ever since the Richonne spoilers first leaked ’bout a week ago. That being said, I thought I’d take a break from celebrating and “in your face-ing” to finally finish organizing my thoughts on all the nasty, complicated ways I’ve had to grapple with racism as a Richonne shipper.

I, like many others, started shipping Richonne back in season 3, when Michonne and Rick first started eye-f***ing each other and the chemistry between the two became, in my opinion, pretty apparent. Still, I didn’t hold out much hope that it would actually happen anywhere outside of fanfiction. A hugely popular show on a major network, making the dark-skinned black character the love interest of the (white) protagonist? Honestly, I didn’t think AMC had the balls to do anything as out-of-the-box as that – and how sad it is that making the dark-skinned black woman a love interest can be considered out-of-the-box thinking?

When Jessie came along, I felt like Richonne was even less likely to ever happen. Not because Jessie/Rick was ever going to last (I’ve read the comics so I was waiting for the Big Chop just like everyone else), but because it reminded me that you can throw a blonde girl on screen with any white guy and the general audience will not question the eventuality of a romantic relationship, but when the woman the (white) male lead is sharing intimate moments with is black, then suddenly it’s up for debate.

Outside of Richonne-loving corners of the internet, the suggestion of a Rick/Michonne power couple has been met with confusion and incredulity, not to mention outright animosity at times. And during all these years of shipping Richonne, I’ve learned an awful lot about racism as it manifests itself in fandom.

1. A lot of people really just don’t view black women as possible love interests, no matter who they’re being paired with.

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Here’s what it comes down to: if Michonne weren’t a dark-skinned black woman, many of the people who were so surprised by Richonne would have expected it a long time ago. Were it a white actress (the kind we’re used to seeing as love interests on TV and in movies) playing the role of Michonne, sharing intimate scenes with Rick, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. It wouldn’t have been a case of if Rick and Michonne get together, but when.

The introduction of Jessie being regarded by so many as “finally, a possible love interest” has rubbed me the wrong way since she first showed up. “Finally, a love interest” really just meant, “finally, a woman we think is/looks worthy of being the love interest,” and that’s all kinds of wrong. Because a black woman can hold the protagonist’s hand, be a mother figure to his children, and be his partner in every other way, and people would still be like ‘lol nah don’t see it.’ And yet, let the same white male protagonist share even just one scene with a white person in his general age group (they don’t even have to speak or like each other) and there’s already 5 thousand fics written about their undeniable true love.

2. People really like to believe that they’re color blind.

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Everyone likes to think that they make their decisions independently, but nothing – not even shipping – exists in a vacuum. What you’re used to seeing, how you’ve been conditioned to view certain groups of people, matters. People really hate having to consider that race factors into how they view they view the world – even in small ways, like affecting how they consume entertainment – but it does.

3. Benevolent racism is common and it’s just as annoying as any other kind.

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Ok, consider this: how often have you seen black female characters ignored by fandom with the excuse of ‘Oh, she’s too good for him’ and ‘She doesn’t need a relationship’? Why is it that when it comes to women of color, relationships – you know, being loved and being vulnerable with someone else – somehow ruin the character? Because you’re no longer a strong female character once you find love – or is that only for WOC?

Because I see it over and over again and it’s leaving a bad taste in my mouth. (Not to mention this viewpoint completely ignores the fact that embracing vulnerability and traditional femininity in a world that views you as anything but can be a very powerful act of self-love for WOC.)

This doesn’t apply to everyone who thinks Michonne is too good for Rick; shoot, you could probably make a decent case there. But if the first thing you say is “they just don’t look right to me” and the second thing is “Michonne doesn’t need a relationship anyway” and then the third thing you do is go back to ignoring POC characters in favor of literally everyone else, I’m gonna look at you sideways.

4. People really, really hate it when you “bring race” into fandom.

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I’m not going to erase race from the conversation of where so much anti-Richonne sentiment stems from so that other people can pretend that fandom is a place where the shitty parts of the “real world” can’t get in. Fandom may be a happy place for you where you don’t ever have to think about social issues, but it’s not like that for some of us. We have to think about it every time our POC faves are written off as ‘not looking right’ with the person we ship them with, or ignored by the fandom at large, or hated on for things that white characters get away with and are even applauded for.

I’m not saying being a POC fan sucks, but sometimes? Yeah, it does. Nerds can be racist jerks too, believe me. And as a black woman in nerdy spaces, I end up reminded of race whether I want to think about it or not, so I might as well talk openly about it.

5. Sometimes, it’s not “just” a TV show.

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What some people refuse to see is that everything is connected. There’s not a facet of this world that racism (and all the other ugly parts of society) hasn’t touched, simply by virtue of being a product of human hands. The media that we create and put out into the world, and alternately consume, not only affects the ideas that we form about the world, but reflects what we already believe.

So the way black female characters are perceived says a lot about how we’re perceived in real life, too. But when you talk about it and take it there, then suddenly you’re taking things too far, you need to get over it, you’re overthinking it, blah blah blah.

Interesting how fans can invest all kinds of time and energy to fandom-related activities but when you start talking about uncomfortable topics like race and gender then suddenly it’s not that serious. Funny how that works, huh?

6. There are people out here who really think that shipping Michonne with a white man makes you somehow less pro-black.

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This happens every time a black woman is paired up with a non-black man on screen. I don’t even watch Scandal like that, and even I got sick of all those salty ‘bed wench’ comments that were going around. For some reason, nothing pisses off the Ashy Larrys of the world more than seeing a black woman and a white male character have a romantic relationship on screen, and to see black women support it and be happy about it.

Shipping a black female character with a white male character (or any non-black character, for that matter) does not mean that you don’t support black love, either in real life or on screen. We are not happy about Richonne being canon because we view white male attention as the ultimate source of validation for black women. We’re happy because these are two characters who have had chemistry for 3 seasons, and race was the only possible reason for them not to eventually happen, but AMC had bigger balls than anyone expected and so they happened anyway.

If Rick was non-white people would still be rooting for Richonne. Sadly though, I l think a lot of others would have still fought against seeing a dark skinned black woman as a love interest. Even in shows with black people, dark-skinned women are underrepresented, especially when it comes to being shown as desirable and vulnerable. Colorism is real and it is ugly, ya’ll.

7. When you ship an interracial couple, especially a black women and a white man, it tends to bring out the worst in people.
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At the end of the day, there are people who just don’t want to see BW/WM pairings, and they don’t care who knows it. They are hateful and they are vocal about it. Michonne and the amazing Danai Gurira have both received ridiculous amounts of hate, and I dare you to read comments about how ‘Rick would never go for someone who looks like her’ and tell me race doesn’t matter in fandom.

With Richonne being official now, it’s probably only going to get worse before it gets better, but I honestly think that the people who love it outnumber the haters. Gleggie (Glen/Maggie) made people mad too, because it may be the zombie apocalypse but some people are just really invested in making sure fictional characters don’t date across racial lines.

Because that’s just it – it’s not just a show. There are people who didn’t want these ships to happen because they want the show to reflect their (racist) world view. How people react to fictional things can say an awful lot about how they think things should look in the world they actually do live in.

I’m not saying that if you don’t ship Richonne you’re racist, because that would be overgeneralizing things a bit too much. But here’s what I am saying: race has an awful lot to do with how the idea of Rick and Michonne as a couple has been met by fans since people first started suggesting it three seasons ago.

But the Richonne ship has officially set sail, so I guess they can just go ahead and stay mad, huh?

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  • Portia McGonagal

    Indeed. If anyone’s mad about this they can stay mad. It would have done a disservice to the characters and the chemistry of the actors not to have them FINALLY get together.

  • Excellent article! I share so many of the same thoughts on Richonne! May Richonne thrive!

  • Deidre

    OMG ,This article was everything…thank you!

  • Meona Goodday

    Once again, dead on target.

  • Queen_Boudicca

    It shocks me how few people realize that this “canonization” is just as significant as an lgbtqa ship becoming canon (but of course, in its own unique way with unique social implications; particularly regarding how portraying a white man with a black woman is so revolutionary). Thank you for this article.

  • I don’t watch the show, but it’s impossible to miss the ugly racism in regard to this ship. Being both a fan of Person of Interest and Sleepy Hollow I’ve seen the same thing. “Can’t we have one show where the male and female leads don’t get together?” Hmmm, the only time that question EVER gets asked is when the female lead is black. It’s so blatant and really pathetic. The show runner of POI ruined his own goddamned show through nothing but pure racism, and they came damned close to doing the same with Sleepy Hollow. It really is a sad commentary. Hollywood is convinced white people won’t watch a show unless it’s about them, and I swear, watching these fandoms sometimes I think they’re right.

    • Zero Trace

      Maybe I’m part of the problem, then. The Walking Dead is the only show I watch on television, and I was slightly peeved at the Rick and Michonne hook up. I was really attracted to the idea that a man and a woman could be long term friends without developing a romance. Jessie and James from Pokemon’s Team Rocket had a similar relationship, but that was maybe 20 years ago. It was so refreshing to see a platonic relationship between a man and a woman on television, but they just had to pair the two of them up.

      I understand why some people are happy about this, though. Different people watch TV to see different things. I really like Michonne as a character, I just would’ve preferred if Rick and Michonne stayed friends.

      • Mauve_Avenger

        You’re not “part of the problem” because you genuinely want to see a platonic M/F relationship on TV. The issue with that comes from the reasoning. I love TV M/F friendships, too. Bensen/Stabler is one of my favorite platonic ships and I would have been furious if they wound up together (plus, I actually like Elliot’s wife). I don’t watch TWD (mostly because I missed one season and haven’t had time to catch up), but in Sleepy Hollow, I see people arguing for just about EVERYONE ending up with Crane EXCEPT Abbie, despite the fact that the chemistry between them is insane and the main reason people kept tuning in after season 2’s dismal slip from grace. I could understand it with Katrina. She was his wife and season 1 made her seem a lot more interesting a character than she actually turned out to be. But the people shipping Crane with Caroline, or Crane with Zoe after a few hohum encounters- a lot of them also claiming to want a show where the M/F leads just stayed friends- is where the problem comes in.

        • Diaspora

          Yeah, it’s kinda insane. Like c’mon, how often do you fucking cradle a platonic friend in your arms and whisper into their hair about remembering the bond between you two? That shit goes beyond friendship; that’s love.

      • Precisely, and those people only say that when the female lead is black. They say that and “she don’t need no man,” about every black female lead. I’ve NEVER heard them say that about a non-black female lead, EVER.

        • TM Martin

          Carol doesn’t need a many either with her crazy self. Carol is white.

        • klepp0906

          For starters because all women need a man on multiple levels. Physiological. Reproductive. Safety.

          Any girl saying other wise wants to be trendy, sleep around, is ugly, or hates her gender.

          Edit: ah! Good to see yet another site thinks it’s okay to censor. Apparently the moderation team here is a better judge of what is okay to be consumed by the general public than the rest of us.

          China is taking defectors I hear!

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            Oh,shut up, troll. All that BS you stated is just that—dumb,sexist BS. And I’m saying otherwise–now step off.

          • Visitor


          • Diaspora

            Yes because all women NEED to have babies or they’ll die. *eyeroll*

            What’s it like having a sub-idiot IQ?

      • naynay

        What if the characters had been a Black man and a White woman, would you have wanted them to stay friends?

        • TM Martin

          Oh Hell Yes.

      • Lala Blossoms

        I think the strongest relationships are ones where friendship is at the core. I have a male best friend that always liked me and it was too late for me to realize how how perfect it could have been. Cheesy example, but look at Chandler and Monica on friends. It worked, with only minor hiccups because they had friendship as a basis. Much better than starting with googly eyes only to realize later your relationship was based on physical attraction alone.

      • jr leonetti

        I think I’m kinda with you. I have no issue with their differing races, but I never really viewed her as being all that sexual. Just a badass zombie murder machine. Even with her flashbacks I couldn’t really parse what I was seeing. I do feel like you that it would be nice if a guy and a girl could just be friends and not have it mean anything more than that, but, from my experience, this is ridiculous, and also, I think in terms of the “bigger picture”, Rick and Michonne (not using the shipping name, sorry) is important for television and society, and seeing as how it was a natural progression of multiple season’s worth of story-telling, I fully support it. Now AMC just needs to show us who the fuck is keeping Michonne’s hair looking so dope.

        • The Police

          Those are your personal issues then. but she proved to be very sexual and rick was turned on.

        • E Saint

          I think the fit body with the tight jeans/clothes and the fact that she walks like a woman and not like a guy would imply “sexual” intent on the producers part. I’ve found Michonne to be VERY sexually attractive.

      • TM Martin

        I don’t get all the cheers for Rick + Michonne, especially the way they rolled it out. A hook up can happen fast I suppose but people are saying it’s a real romance. YUCK. In the comics Michonne had her choice of fine Black men: Ty, Morgan and Ezekiel. I don’t like this pairing at all. It seems gratuitous.

        • klepp0906

          Agree. Like all interspecies relationships being projected on EVERY show now on tv.

          • Michelle Kirkwood

            STFU,troll. Leave the conversation to the real grownups here.

        • Micah

          Everyone is saying it’s a real romance, the characters, the actors, AND the showrunners. The comics and the show have never completely aligned, so to get upset over this seems gratuitous.

        • Mary Love Adgers

          And all three of those “fine black men’ died….It’s richonne all the way! It is awesome to see Rick and Michonne together. When Rick gets out of hand Michonne is right there putting him back together. What’s wrong with them being romantically involved? Carl adores her. I personally see it as a win win. js

        • E Saint

          I am a white redneck type man who is married to a dark skinned Haitian woman(an angel on this earth), we get more looks of disapproval from black men and white women then we EVER do from white men or black women!!! Society seems to be ok with interracial relationships as long as it doesn’t involve a white man or a black woman!!

      • ash429

        There are tons of other M/F friendships on TWD though..?? Eugene/Tara (we know that will never be romantic), Rick and Maggie, Daryl and carol, Glenn and Tara, etc. Yes, all are featured in various amounts, but they all get scenes. I’m also surprised some people didn’t see Richonne coming considering all the hints they’ve been dropping since Season 5. And in 6×09, Michonne was more scared than we’ve ever seen her at the thought of Rick being out there alone fighting those walkers. She was absolutely distraught. It was pretty clear where that was heading.

      • klepp0906

        So would I, but only based on the fact that mixing species is detrimental to our future on the planet and im general and Hollywood is forcing it all over now.

        As for men and women being long term friends? Only if no attraction exists is that possible. Otherwise biology takes over, nothing to be ashamed of.

        • Rash

          klepp0906, I think you mean well, but you’ve got a few facts wrong about genetics and heredity and that to me should be fixed. Your concerns, had they been based on reality, would be valid, But because they are based merely on your misunderstandings, you should be glad to know the future of the human race is not in detriment from people mixing it up.

          You do realize that there is only one species of human? In an earlier post you mentioned genetic differences being so great as to make Rick and Micchonne different species instead of different races. This is highly incorrect. Since I assume you are honestly unaware of this, I want to share a couple of relevant facts.
          1. There is only one species of human alive today, but at one point in time there were as many as three others. “Homo” is a Genus that includes several species of organisms including. Homo erectus, homo sapien…all different types of homos, but still homos none the less. Homo-sapien is a species and all modern humans known today belong to that species. You may be thinking that Negroid(Sub-Suraran African) Caucasoid (European and Asian including Asia Minor) are actually different species, But no, they are merely morphological tools used to identify things like head shape and bone structure. A true geneticist can tell by your head shape what part of the world your ancestors were from. Very surface level details compared to those differences found between different species. House cats are a different species than Lions. Lions are different than Tigers and cannot reproduce together without human assistance. And even if they could, their children would be sterile. We know Rick and Micchone cannot be different species because if they were their children would be infertile. And we’ve all seen people of mixed races produce children,…so……. Horses and donkeys combined can make mules… but mules cannot reproduce. The average Caucasian has around 3% Neanderthal DNA. This is not found in African peoples. It is thought that European humans and Neatherthals used to marry, and likely produced children. Most of them were probably infertile, but there may have been a few who had viable genomes and were able to reproduce. Over hundreds of thousands of years of trying, the two species managed to mix. But not without us killing off all the full blooded Neanderthals first.
          2. From a genetic standpoint, Individuals vary much much more than entire groups. Compare the DNA of any two people of the same race and you will find more differences than if you were to compare the genetics of the entire continent of Africa to that of Asia. As a whole, large groups are more similar than they are when compared individually.
          3. Genetics operates on an ideal called “fitness.” Fitness basically is why many of the large cat breeds are dying, too much lack of diversity. There are almost always errors when replicating DNA and for this reason we need two copies of each gene in hopes that one of the copies functions normally. When people are too similar (such as related family members) there can be a lack of healthy genes to outperform the faulty ones, so people end up with two copies of the faulty genes which leads to terrible diseases.
          4. This is one of the reasons why people from Latin American countries are often healthier than other more homogenized groups. They have a mixture of Native American, Sub-Suharan African, European, and even Asian gene pools. They are one of the fittest groups of humans known today, with longer lifespans to prove it.
          5. Natural selection drives evolution. The reason many African people have wider noses than Europeans is because those traits were the ones chosen. Or to better state it, that’s how the people of that area want each other to look. Due to random mutations, there are thin nosed people born in Africa from time to time, and if those features are preferred then they will be passed on to later generations. There are wide nosed Caucasians born randomly as well, but if those traits aren’t preferred in Europe for whatever reason, then those people who have those traits are less likely to reproduce and pass those genes on.

          In conclusion, Rick and Micchonne are not breaking any natural laws by being together. In fact, if anything their offspring will likely be more genetically fit than either of the contributing parents. Anyone who is truly educated in biology will tell you, diversity is the only tool we have to fight against micro-organisms that want to kill us, and environments that change too quickly. Without diversity, we all die.

          Ricchonne is hot. Fact is, despite the distracting outer shells of male and female and black and white, these two people have similar souls, and that is why they’ve gotten together and belong together. Fact is, there is no other woman on this Earth Rick trusts more than Micchonne, especially when it comes to caring for his family. And since love is based on trust, to my mind Micchonne was the only one Rick could have ended up with.

        • E Saint

          Dood, YOU’RE A DOPE!!! Science has proven that a diverse genetic pool is absolutely NECESSARY to eliminate genetic predispositions to certain inherited diseases. White people have had a predisposition towards heart diseases and black people have had dispositions toward blood diseases and immunities, Asians toward things like stroke and certain cancers. GOOGLE IT

      • Emoneny

        Their’s just wasn’t platonic though! You could cut that tension with a knife! I couldn’t stand all that sexual chemistry, I don’t know what I would have done if they DIDN’T hook up. They had the family, the kids (yes, Michonne is basically Carl’s mom at this point), they were a family a unit, all that was missing was for them to hook up.

        (Yes, I’m a 35yo white lady who ships the eff out of Richonne).

    • I’ve noticed the same thing. Here’s my thing: if you want to see platonic friendship between a man and a woman, you can look at just about any two characters on the show. Rick and Carol are friends. Daryl and Sasha had a great moment. Noah and Tara were buddies (before, you know, the super bad thing happened.)

      #TeamFamily is made up of friends who care for each other fiercely, so the idea that this one relationship somehow ruins the friendship theme is completely ludicrous.


      • klepp0906

        Had me until .. Well didn’t really have me past the word feminist in your name..

    • Yeah, fandoms can really bring out the nastiness in people’s world view. I’m so thrilled by Richonne, and I’m glad they finally got back to that. I think it was perfect.. I’m also a fan of Sleepy Hollow and Person of Interest, but I never really got into shipping Abby and Ichabod romantically; just as a solid got-your-back partnership. Now, Reese and Joss on POI? I was all over that.

    • klepp0906

      About them? What does that even mean? When u begin creating shows feel free to spotlight your species.

      Be glad that for some reason they’re not only feeling pressured, but pressured enough to cast the token negro or worse yet force inter species relationships like they’re trying to make it normal, healthy, or acceptable.

    • Zia Paul

      You spoke too soon with Sleepy Hollow.

  • lovelyivy

    Well stated! I’ve seen all of this.

  • deteesfinest

    knowing the history of your race and heritage. I still don’t see why a black man/woman would want to be in a interracial relationship. I think that interracial dating is just a fantasy for white people. Why would you want the blood in your body of peoples ancestors who did your people like that 400 yrs ago.

    • Zero Trace

      I hear where you’re coming from, but that ship has sailed a long time ago. Biological purity is a myth. All African Americans are mixed if you go back far enough (some more than others, of course), even including our dark-skinned brothers and sisters. Might as well be happy with with whomever, be they white/black/ or whatever.

    • Mauve_Avenger

      Africans and Europeans (and Asians and Middle Easterners, etc) have been mixing romantically since we figured out boats. Obviously, Europe lost it’s natural minds 400 years ago, but I don’t see why that should stop an interracial couple, who’s relationship is based on mutual respect and trust, from getting together.

  • Andrew Markham

    Only issue I have with it is that Rick’s love interests have a habit of dying and I don’t want that to happen to Michonne.

    • Richonne4Ever

      But you have to think about who his love interests have been in the past. Lori and Jessie were weak. They were unfit to survive in a world like this, and so they died. Michonne on the other hand, had shown the will to survive since the beginning, even when she lost her only son, she dud not crawl into a hole and die, but kept pushing.

      She got good with a sword and was one of the people out on the runs before her boyfriend and son died. She survived months on her own with only walkers for ckmpany, she survived again in a new group who didn’t trust her at first, and has been taking great initiative katrly, getting everyone to ASZ in the first place.

      We don’t need to worry about Michonne, because unlike the other two women, Michonne is a survivor. Rick nows this, he doesn’t have to protect her. In fact, she has protected and saved HIM on several occasions. Don’t you worry about her, she’s going to be fine. xD

      • Lala Blossoms

        Exactly. The only couples that can survive now are the ones where both are strong. Look at Maggie and Glenn. I think it making a statement that Rick is with Michonne. He needs an equal. Plus, him and Lori where having serious marital problems before the ZA that carried over after he re- joined her. Maybe Michonne has always been the type of woman he needs.

        • Emoneny

          Yessss, so much this, Michonne is his equal and they are absolutely the most zombie-slayingest couple to ever slay zombies. It really couldn’t be more perfect.

      • ash429

        This, plus I doubt they are going to kill the third love interest of Rick’s because it’s redundant and pointless. I think they’ve built Richonne to last.

  • Yolanda

    I was one of those people who weren’t on board in the beginning. Not because of race, but because I didn’t see them as anything as just friends. Now that it has happened I’m 100% on board with it. I still say nay on a Daryl and Carol romance.

    • Lala Blossoms

      I think they have been leading to this for awhile, which has been confirmed by the showrunner. Daryl and Carol have a great bond, but I do think it is platonic. Rick and Michonne feel natural to me and like a revelation for both of them.

    • Bukky AL

      These were my opinions as well! I thought they were kinda family on a brother sister level, cool Aunt Michonne looking over Carl and Judith. And I also was like screw Rick for not going for Michonne from jump. She’s NOBODY’s seconds she’s way too amazing. And I didn’t want her being paired up with (then) crazy Rick. But now that I’ve seen it happen, I’m all about it and now want to go back to watch their relationship while shipping it.

      • TM Martin

        I’m not about it but to each their own. The show jumped the shark with what they did to Glenn, so it’s on the down slope anyway.

  • sherrygray

    ok, so here’s where I’m at with this. I am a crazy fanatical fangurl of the show. I’ve read the comic, and sort of thought they’d kill off the whiney brat and forego the Jessie choppy part because she was blonde and cute (and this is television), but their relationship made NO SENSE to me, in print or in the show. She was weak and weepy and damaged. Seriously, who is attracted to that? A no-nonsense guy like Rick who knows that those people don’t survive? Let’s face it, his first wife was a dishrag, and now he’s lugging a baby everywhere he goes. Last thing he needs is another person who can’t take care of herself (and her weird kids). I thought the big chop was perfect.

    Skip to Richonne. I’ve seen the shippers on Twitter, but I really haven’t gotten a romance vibe. I’ve gotten a family vibe. So last night took me by surprise, and yet didn’t. Because it was perfect. She is ideal. They are already a family. She has his back no matter what, even if she disagrees. And if he gets out of line, she’ll bean him with a shovel. She’s already seen him go crazy (a dozen times). No way Jessie could deal with it if his ex-wife’s ghost starts chatting him up again, or he chops some random people into kindling.

    This white woman is all about Richonne.

  • Bonobochick

    Great post.

  • Reminds me of the Gunn/Fred/Wesley “triangle” on Angel, and how so many people thought Gunn and Fred didn’t fit, yet Wesley/Fred was a perfect, hearts-and-candy OTP. *insert Cam’ron gif*

    • gypsyStar

      I thought gunn was perfect for her

    • Classic

      Oh man don’t get me started.

      • I still side-eye Angel fans till this day.

        • Classic

          I don’t blame you. I do too when it comes to Fred and Wes.

    • Oooh no you did not bring that up. You out here trying to get me riled up about some stuff I thought I let go back in 2004 lmao


  • The guy in knickers

    I don’t consider myself racist… but I don’t like those two together… I don’t think they have good chemistry onscreen. But when the zombies roam and your choices are limited, I guess even rick want’s to get some nookie, so whatever. But seriously when I saw the episode, I just thought…. eww… noooo rick.. you can do better! Hell even dabbling with Daryl would have been better than hooking up with michonne.

    • The Police

      you are what this article is about. Michonne is beautiful and Rick is a lucky man to have her.

      • The guy in knickers

        Michonne is beautiful to you. For me, not so much. If you think he’s lucky its because you connect with her character. I don’t really connect with her on that level. Her overacting with the sword and facial expressions is just too over the top for me. –

        • The Police

          Who gives a hoot about YOUR one opinion. Many men with taste and balls find her to be very h0t. Just like I think Jessie is just another plain, basic white chick. Nothing special but I’m sure you think she’s hot because of her skin color.

  • Katrina

    “Benevolent racism” love that term! It is as disgusting as blatant racism and sometimes worse.

  • Thays InChains

    I totally agree, and I am in shock with some ppl reactions cause I was so happy! Took long time and that Jessie/Rick thing was awkard and stupid! Richonne <3

  • Thin Black Duke

    Loved this. But it will last only until TWD killers her off as they do with everyone of their revolving cast of black characters.

  • gypsyStar

    I knew he was in love with her when treated Carl and Judith like they where her own

  • From the time I saw Michonne with her hair in a towel I started coming up with Richonne baby names and have no idea what else happened in the episode until the final scene. 😀 The response seemed overwhelmingly positive. Haters from point #7 can suck it.

  • S.m. Ebrahim

    do u people just hunt for racism? lol go to sleep.

  • Jules

    OK… so I’ve been dying for these two to get together since around season 3 as well! I whooped with joy yesterday!! And by the way… I don’t care if they’re green, purple or blue.. they’re two people that I’ve always thought were destined for each other at some point (I have never read any comics). I won’t say I fully understand the problems Hollywood has with pairing people of different colours/races. I never really see colour. But that’s me. I adore people, real and fictional. Their connections, be they physical or emotional always speak to me. So YAY for Richonne!! FINALLY!!!

  • ElfeVerte

    Excellent post!<3

  • Holloway K.

    “When you ship an interracial couple, especially a black women and a white man, it tends to bring out the worst in people”

    You are either being willfully ignorant or you are unaware of history.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not claiming that the hookup between black women characters and white male characters is a universally accepted idea because its not. Obviously there are detractors out there for such a pairing. But NOTHING has been as historically frowned upon as the pairing of black male characters and white female characters. Period. That really brings the worse out in people. That particular mix has led to more negative feedback than any other…historically. Whether it came from hate letters sent to studios and stars back in the day or trolling on message boards in our current age. And Hollywood, for those reasons and because of certain prejudices, would be less willing to present that type of couple than it would other interracial couples. Outside of the blaxploitation era such a pairing was, with rare exceptions, pretty much unheard of on the big screen. And when it did occur the whole pairing was merely a plot device to help tackle the subject of race (think Jungle Fever, Save the Last Dance). Meanwhile mainstream motion pictures with white male-black female pairings were much more evident with the issue of race not coming up at all (think The Bodyguard, Mission Impossible 2, Strange Days,,,,,,hell think every other movie starring halle Berry, pretty much every film with a young Whoopi Goldberg as the lead and practically every Zoe Saldana flick). By the way none of those pairings in those films led to any backlash. You think people are giving “Richonne” shade? That’s nothing compared to the derision tossed at even the suggestion that Rey and Finn could hook up one day. Recently some major Hollywood films have decided to pair black dudes with white girls but let’s not pretend that was somehow more common in such movies than white males and black females. You can do any research on the topic and confim this is true. In fact an article last year about the movie “Focus” that starred Will Smith and Margot Robbie made it a point that the pairing of black male and a white female as the two romantic leads in a film was arguably Hollywood’s last taboo.

    The same imbalance has occurred on daytime soaps over the past 30 years. Far more IR relationships involving black women and white men have been “allowed” compared to those of black guys becoming involved with white ladies. There have been reports over the years of actors and actresses getting hate mail if they were a black man and a white woman playing a couple or would-be couple on a daytime soap. During that time no such backlash was occurring for the more frequent pairings of white male characters with black female characters.

    On primetime TV there had been more of an even split, with some years audiences seeing more BM-WF couples and some years more WM-BF couplings. But let’s be honest that Scandal blew down the door and took it to the next level. in arguably the first successful hour drama starring a black woman you had the black female lead engaging n a steamy, hot love affair with a married white man who happened to be President of the United States. And very little mainstream controversy resulted from that. All you got was some small pushback from a tiny minority of blacks who thought Olivia Pope was setting a bad example by engaging in a relationship with a married man who happened to be white to boot. But that minority was pretty much drowned out including by black males. The writer suggests that black men have been upset by what occurs on “Scandal” when in reality black males have been just as caught up in the show as black women, attending Scandal parties for God’s sakes. This is despite the fact that Olivia Pope has apparently no interest in black men and goes back-n-forth as the bed companion between two competing white men. Now ask yourself if black female viewers would put up with a black male lead who has little interest in black female characters and is paired almost exclusively with white women. Oh, wait. We don’t have to ask or wonder. Just check the reaction to the first two TV series of Taye Diggs. You see that is what I take issue with in this writeup. Not the idea or the legitimate issue being addressed, but instead the revisionism. By virtually any metric there has been less pushback in THIS society to a white male and pretty much ANY woman of color on the big and small screen then there has been for white females and men of color, particularly when those men of color happen to be black. Which explains why it is mostly the white male and the woman of color couple that is the first to break down barriers in Hollywood productions : people are less uncomfortable with it than the opposite scenario.

    I don’t excuse any bigoted blowback against Rick-Michonne however I can probably think of two reasons (not all, just two) why the reactions to them may be more heightened from some corners of our society. The first is definitely prejudicial in that western viewers are used to seeing a lighter skin (and thus more acceptable in some’s eyes) black female paired with white men on screen. The second reason is that Michonne and Rick becoming a couple is a drastic turn away from the comic book. Granted the show has deviated from source material from the beginning but this is particularly huge. The Michonne in the comic book is more sexually aggressive and yet has never looked Rick’s way. And Rick never gave her much of a second thought on that front either. It is fine that TPTB want to go in a different direction for the show, but it may have caught some of the comic purists off guard. Doesn’t justify bigotry of course.

    • Lala Blossoms

      I agree with you. White men have the privilege in society and on TV to choose who they want. There will be some backlash, but honestly it is like it gets an okay because white men can do what they want. I think the surprise here is that Michonne is a STRONG black woman, the most feared and most stereotyped of all Black women, which is most shocking to see paired with a white male lead. Michonne is vulnerable, but not delicate, dark, and natural. The thing is I see this type of Black woman with white men in real life, so it is not out of left field. If white men can be with strong white women, why not a strong Black one? Usually you see white men in entertainment paired with bi-racial or lighter ingenue types.

    • :)

      Black woman in most of those movies have been more fetishes as light skinned woman. She’s talking about on the equality level. A black man with a white woman is a little more acceptable because a white woman to a black man shows the black man made some type of status upgrade. A white man with a black women is seen as a status downgrade. But a man is held higher than a woman so a black man doesn’t necessarily downgrade a white woman because a woman is already considered lesser.

    • Micah

      ” ‘When you ship an interracial couple, especially a black women and a white man, it tends to bring out the worst in people’
      You are either being willfully ignorant or you are unaware of history.”

      I don’t see how one statement negates the other? This conversation was on the topic of BW/WM relationships in media; by commenting on the negativity surrounding BM/WW, you’re taking away from the content and making it about another situation. Nowhere did Sharon say that BM/WW relationships weren’t hated in media as well. By saying that BW/WM couples on tv can bring out the worst in people, she’s not saying that the same isn’t said about BM/WW. She’s just not talking about them. Yes, it is frowned upon, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now. That’s not the context of THIS conversation. Your comment makes it seem as if hers wasn’t true; it is, just as yours is. Both of those couplings bring out the worst in people. They always have. This wasn’t a matter of debate.

  • Anna Sutton

    Great article. I loved it! Then felt awkward, like I was watching two of my best friends make out, and then couldn’t stop smiling. Then felt anxious that one of them would die. Then curbed that by thinking: hey, at least they’ll die happy. I loved last week’s beautiful touch: Michonne kissing Carl before rushing out to warrior woman up with Rick and the rest. Yeah. Richonne is awesome!

  • ***standing ovation from my living room***
    So on point!
    And: “The media that we create and put out into the world, and alternately consume, not only affects the ideas that we form about the world, but reflects what we already believe.”

    I had that convo last week. Someone did not understand that media not only affects America, but when our media is shipped to other countries, it also perpetuates ideas and notions in other countries that consume our media.

  • Penny

    Excellent article. The same thing is going on in The Flash fandom with Iris West and Barry Allen. Its very disheartening to see so much hate for these beautiful interracial couples.

  • Beth Brown

    I read articles like this because I long to understand other people’s view. I feel like I live in a racist black hole because I honestly do not encounter racism in my daily life. I work in a hospital with white people, black people, Hispanic people, Aisian people – and never think twice about them being my friends and co-workers. I have never viewed anyone different rather they are white, black, purple, fat or skinny (skinny people who eat carbs and don’t gain weight do make me a little peeved lol). My neighbors are all different races, I don’t care one bit. On that note, I’d like to throw out there that I didn’t see this coming. It makes sense, much more than Jessie did, but my first thought while watching it unfold?

    That’s gonna be the cutest baby in the world! If he couldn’t find toothpaste, you know there’s a lack of condoms. And biracial babies are so pretty.

    I guess there is a racial delema out there somewhere, and I completely admit to being a little blind to it. But I happy about that, it means I’m not adding to the problem.

    • Nettrice

      Beth, just because you are around non-white people doesn’t mean you know what they encounter or experience on a daily basis. That is unless you live with non-white people and listen to them talk about their experiences. Also, please don’t say biracial babies are pretty.

      • Beth Brown

        I believe I was talking about my views, experiences, etc. I never claimed to understand what others go through in their lives.

        And I’m sorry if you feel offended, some how, by my view of biracial children. My daughters best friend is biracial and one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. on a daily basis I see biracial kids and I stand by my opinion. Cause it’s mine.

        • Nettrice

          Of course you were commenting about your views, etc. However, you were the one who brought up that you are around people of color, not me. It’s as if you think that somehow being around them absolves you from any racism they might be experiencing.

          You don’t have to be sorry. I’m not offended at all. Being sheltered or protected (from racism) is a privilege not afforded most people of color. And then there’s this:

    • Honeybrown1976

      Being blind adds to the problem, which is nothing to be happy about.

  • hey you there

    I honestly hate the why can’t men and women be friends thing. Look at Carol and Daryl. You HAVE that already. They are great friends. Why does it have to be the interracial couple that needs to be friends only? Why can’t people be happy with a Caryl brotp?

    • Yesssss. That’s what I’ve been saying. Literally everyone else on the show are BFFs, what are you even talking about?? Sigh.

    • Ren

      Rick is also great friends with Carol and Maggie. I’d say he and Carol are close friends considering that he often leaves Judith in her care.

  • Nettrice

    No. We just point it out when it’s there.

  • Beth Brown

    Yes, some people do.

    • The Police

      if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, …

  • I don’t know about this one….we (black in general) tend to bring race into situations when it doesn’t exist. TWD writers, when you read the comics, have a lot of balls and if you follow the comics, you know this wasn’t a stretch for them to do…they live off taking risks and I don’t for a second think they would consider this a “risk”. There are a lot of interracial hook-ups in the comics….Secondly, I’m in a The Walking Dead Facebook group with close to 20K members and most of the members there are non-black and the majority of them wanted this for a long time and most of them were ecstatic. So, in my opinion, race has nothing to do with this …..

  • I’m so happy it actually happened.

  • Lala Blossoms

    It does not shock me that AMC has gone this route and especially with this show. Into the Badlands has a bi-racial woman with an Asian guy, Halt and Catch Fire has a bi-sexual male character, and TWD has had many groundbreaking couplings. Some people like to claim TWD has a problem with Black characters, but really it is the most diverse cast on TV and actually gives minority characters good roles. It has killed just as many white characters as Black, so I never understood that controversy. I truly think AMC is trying to distinguish itself as a network for the new millennium. Going here with such a huge hit and pop culture phenomenon was bold. I do think they are missing in the boat by not having a racially charged conflict with another group. I think in this apocalyptic world it would not be surprising to encounter a hate group who think their race should inherit what is left of the earth. Rick’s camp being so diverse is a beautiful thing, so I am surprised this has not been challenged.

    • So agree with you on the idea of having some racially charged conflict. If you think racism would disappear because of a few zombies, you are sorely mistaken. We saw a bit of that with Merle, but I’d love it if they explored it a little more.

  • Jonathan Strong

    I guess I must not be like you people… I knew from the start that Rick was going to hook up with this chick. Plus she is hot, especially when you see her off the show. I’m a white guy and I honestly never thought “Rick is hooking up with a black girl” It did not even register in my brain until I read this article. I think it’s all about where you are from and how you are raised. Maybe people from the south think stuff like this is a big thing but in Massachusetts in my town you see everybody with everybody. I think black chicks are hot. Not all of them obviously but just like I think Asian girls are hot. But I can’t say EVERY SINGLE Asian is hot. Every person is different and that is reality.

    • This is such a man answer lol…but yeah I agree with you completely. I’m from New Haven, CT and my main group of friends is so diverse, I think we represent every country. I’m a white girl, went to an inner city schools and dated guys who I found attractive, no matter the color. I never realized it was a big deal still in today’s society until social media exploded and people were able to spew their racism from behind fake screen names.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        You’re think that here in the 21st century, a sister and a white guy getting together on a TV show would still even be an issue for some people—that’s sad and pathetic,. But seeing how we’re all been brainwashed by white supremacy into thinking that only blonde hair and blue eyes are the ultimate beauty. It’s pretty disgusting, but that’s how it is.

  • This is all so true. As a white girl constantly trying to police white people online about their often ignorant or blatantly racist behavior, I’ve learned it’s an uphill battle b/c old dogs etc etc. I’ve been an Ichabbie shipper since the pilot episode and Richonne for a couple seasons now. It’s ridiculous how people suddenly have an opinion when a black woman, especially a darker skinned black woman, is the love interest. Then people suddenly employ the bro/sis thing, thinking that makes them any less racist. Hello…if these people met as adults, they are NOT like siblings. It’s absolutely absurd to even to push that. On Sleepy Hollow, we have a Jenny and Joe ship (Joe is white if you don’t watch the show), but if ANY couple actually came off as siblings due to their backstory, it was them. Yet, that ship sailed almost immediately. Why? Jenny is biracial and eurocentric in the eyes of many white viewers. Ichabbie is still on hold. Either TPTB are nervous or just really, really bad at executing a proper slow burn.

    Interestingly enough, I asked my ex, who I also happen to work with, what he thought of Richonne. We are still close friends and he is now married. He does not watch TWD and has never seen an episode. He’s black, very light-skinned. His wife is Afro Dominican, also light-skinned. His response was ‘I wouldn’t poke that with a toothpick.’ I asked him to expound on his answer. I showed him pictures of the actress without the wig, dressed to kill. He shrugged and said ‘She’s straight. Not my cup of tea.’ I showed him the rest of the cast, sure enough he picks out Sasha and Maggie and declares the lead actor should’ve ended up w/either one of them. I don’t really have a point here other than the idea of what’s acceptable beauty has been drilled into Americans’ heads so long, it’s nice to finally see a popular show deviate from this heaping pile of garbage. It doesn’t mean Sasha and Maggie aren’t beautiful, but so is Michonne.

    I can’t wait until Hollywood catches on and people no longer have to engage in conversations like this. When it’s such a common thing, you can root for whatever couple you like best, simply because they are the best together. I immediately hated Jessie when she first appeared on TWD because of everything she stood for, pretty much the same as Katrina on Sleepy Hollow, which is largely unfair to both characters. But I couldn’t help but wonder WHY they were there. What would possess the Sleepy Hollow people to cast a WIFE for Ichabod? A freaking wife? When two attractive leads are starting a show together, you give one of them a wife? And they ignorantly thought the Ichabbie ship wouldn’t be a thing…I guess in hindsight my only complaint about the Richonne ship is that it happened weeks AFTER Jessie. I would’ve liked Rick to choose Michonne, not have the choice made for him by Jessie’s death. I think he ultimately would’ve made the right decision, but we weren’t allowed to see it happen like that, and I think that slightly detracts from how monumental their FINALLY hooking up should be.

    • That your ex would pick Sasha and Maggie out of a lineup to get together with Rick is sad but totally expected. It’s what the general audience is used to, and I have to give major props to AMC for not playing it safe in that regard. They could have forced a Jessie-as-comics-Andrea down our throats, but they didn’t. They gave us the choice that made the most sense when you take racist expectations out of the equation.

      If I’m not mistaken, there’s a 2 month time jump between episodes. I get what you’re saying though. I think it would have happened anyway, but I would have liked to see it happen differently too. I would have liked to see The Chop executed more as it was in the comics (it said a lot about Jessie and Rick’s relationship), but hey, you can’t have everything you want. 🙂


    • TayciBear

      It’s like with The Flash. Barry was 11 when he went to live with the Wests and before that he had a family with a very happy home life and he already had a crush on Iris. People continue to say they’re brother and sister even when they themselves say they aren’t.

  • NeverAgain

    I love this discussion so much. Call me innattentive or a bad fan, but Richonne just never occured to me. Even as a black female, I just didn’t think of it as a possibility and as the writer of this article pointed out in #1. I think from a young age many of us were primed to believe those things. The media have taught us that typically the black female character can’t be in love or interested in sex like other characters (this is mostly in regards to mainstream media). But luckily characters like Viola Davis’ in How to Get Away with Murder, work to combat that. I feel such shame for having thought this way myself and want to break out of this terrible mindset. But boy was I excited when I saw Rick and Michie kiss. That episode has a lot more meaning for me than any other.

    • The Police

      I’m glad that you mentioned that you are black but still could not see it because unfortunately many of us are brainwashed and conditioned from birth to see only white beauty as superior.

  • Heidi

    I was an early richonne shipper too–I could feel the chemistry and I just felt that she was perfect. Love her. –also well spoken and thought provoking article, thank you!

  • Robert Shepard

    Very happy that Rick and Michonne finally got together, only a blind idiot could miss all that slow building tension that developed between them. Interracial couples need to become more prevalent in our media, because at the end of the day it is only a reflection of the society we live in. We cant allow the bigots and racists to ruin things and divide us, no one wins in that scenario.

  • RealityJunkie

    I can only imagine the types of hate and racism (hopefully, not large scale but indeed noteworthy) that is being leveled on Richonne. However, that ship was a very big surprise to me. Maybe I need to go back and watch previous seasons but I’ve never picked up on any romantic chemistry between Rick and Michonne. I’ve never picked up on any maternal instinct with Carl and Michonne – she did seem like a close friend, like family, but not anything more to me. But hell, people have been desperate to ship Carol & Daryl and I don’t see that either so who am I to say? Even though Richonne came as a surprise (notable exception – I did get a HINT from the beginning of the episode when she appeared in the bathrobe but it was merely a hint) I’m not against it at all. Go Richonne!

    • The Police

      Some fans are inattentive viewers but there were hundreds of clues and easter eggs of this happening. Too many to name but you can easily search for it youtube.

  • Mamakin

    My problem is with the fan fiction reviewers who call someone a racist if they say anything bad about Michonne.

    Then there’s this little gem from the land of Tumblr;

    So today I found out that my coworker is a fucking racist
    ass bitch. After last night I was all up in my Richonnes feels, so
    naturally I woke up this morning wanting to share all of that goodness
    and tell the world that Richonne is cannon (literally, my neighbor while
    leaving the house this morning, the girl standing in front of me at
    Starbucks, Joe the security guy at work). While also sharing my love for
    my other ships Bamon, Westallen, Ichabbie I even talked about Olicity
    who is already official up in this bitch. I was all over the damn place.

    So I got to work all smiles and all happy, until this hoe came over
    and asked me why I was so happy, I told her because I just saw the best
    episode of TWD, then she was like “oh so you watch TWD” I said yes then
    she said “yeah it was a nice episode but the whole Michonne and Rick
    thing what was that all about?” look I am like one of these people who
    is ok with someone not liking my ships, but I sure will try to convince
    you to jump ship and come to this side of the boat. So I asked her why
    she didn’t like the pairing just to see what I have to work it. Ok
    before I go any further, keep in mind that my kids hang out with her
    kids, I go out clubbing with this bitch; her daughters 8 and 15 are in
    the same cheer team as my 15 and 8 years old girls respectively, she is
    married to a Hispanic dude name Jose. So I thought I knew this bitch ok.
    Until her answer to the question was “because she is BLACK”.

    Everything went black, because only the lord knows how I wanted to
    shoved that stapler down her fucking throat. I gave her that look that
    says bitch you better get out of my fucking face right. Then she said
    “well I believe that certain races should not get together”. I was like
    bitch you married a fucking Jose mother fucking Gonzales, she was like
    “well he is not black now is he”. So I am getting up right cause I am
    about to punch a bitch in the face, our other coworker Carol who was
    listening in to the conversation who is white also came over and pulled
    me away. So I told her ok so let me guess, this whole time we’ve been
    hanging out, you coming to my house almost every fucking weekend to
    chill and have a couple of beer. Our kids getting together to practice
    and our husbands hanging out, you mean to tell me you were racist this
    whole time? I was like girl you need to go into acting because WOW. She
    said “don’t get me wrong I don’t hate black people, I don’t have
    anything against you, I just don’t think that it is ok for two different
    races to mingle, it is just not natural”. So Carol was like “wow Hun
    there is something wrong with you, you need some help… no you need
    Jesus” I wanted to tell her well I guess when you look at your kids you
    must be really disappointed because them kids don’t look white to me,
    then I was like no because you know I have kids and it’s not ok to talk
    about people’s children like that. So I left it alone and just walked
    away. Plus nothing could take away my joy today, not even her racist
    ass. But guess who is going to talk about that shit on tuesday at cheer
    practice? Yep I am going to let everyone know who this bitch really is.

    • neodymium

      LOLOLOLOL “Bitch, you married a fucking Jose mother fucking Gonzales!”

      that made my DAY. I cant breathe! Lololol

    • Amayann

      I agree
      with everything said in this article. I cannot understand how anyone could
      not/did not see the chemistry between Rick and Michonne (even from Season 3) or
      could not see Michonne as a woman (in every dimension of the term) but only as
      a weapon. I think it points to point no. 3 (benevolent racism) and a bit of
      what someone said about their ex and co-worker who is a light-skinned black
      man. We have been conditioned to think of Danai’s beauty or dark-skinned beauty
      as non-existent. What a pity! On the cast, Danai is the most stunning female in
      terms of looks, but some people will not and cannot see it or will never admit
      that, even if deep down they think it is true. Dark and beautiful does not
      compute for many people. Also I have seen people ‘ship’ Rick with any and every
      white female on the cast, including Maggie (already in a relationship) as well
      as Rosita and Sasha (the light-skinned, probably multi-racial black woman).
      They even started shipping him with Alicia Witt’s character when they heard she
      was cast and they do not even know who she will be playing. RIDICULOUS!!!! On
      another note, let us not forget Rick was bonkers, off his rocker, crazy when he
      was going after Jessie. The guy was not stable at all. This WAS NOT a love
      affair. He did not love her deeply. He did not sleep with her and he kissed her
      at a moment when both him and her were despairing. According to Andrew Lincoln,
      she was an escape from reality. He was grasping at straws, trying to get back
      something familiar with her. Hence the references to Lori. In addition, Sherrygray
      put it best when she spoke of how unsuitable Jessie was as a partner for Rick.
      She could not hold her own and was only ‘pretending’ just as she told her son
      to do. She was NOT strong. Honestly, I felt bad for the character because they
      did not give the actress much to work with. Rick did not even think twice about
      her after Carl got shot and started feeling hopeful for the first time since
      the apocalypse began when everyone rallied and fought the walkers off with him.
      (Not when he met Jessie Not when he kissed Jessie.) So Jessie was done and
      dusted in his mind after the chop. I think he finally woke up out of his crazy when
      Carl got shot and when the Alexandrians, etc helped at the end of Episode 9. I truly
      believe, even if Jessie had survived he would not have continued with her.
      Waking up is what allowed him to finally see Michonne. And remember, Michonne
      was not at all ready to open herself up to any relationships. It is her
      conversation with David and ultimately her conversation with Deanna and then
      the event s of Ep 9 that got her there.

      • The Police

        When Rick was pursuing Jessie, he couldn’t even take his wedding band off and he was still staring and eye-f***king Michonne from the party scene.

  • Gee

    Michonne is gorgeous, and you are part of the problem. I hope you enjoy them being together for the rest of the series, racist twat.


    I hate it every time I see a black women in a comic she is always with either a white guy or a man who is not black. When ever there is a black he ends up dead I am offically done

  • Ren

    So glad this happened! Danai and Andrew have amazing chemistry. I started shipping Richonne in 4B but could see it starting to build up at the beginning of 4A. Before that I was shipping her hardcore with Daryl. On my first watch, seasons 1 and 2 were hard for me to get through because I didn’t like most of the characters. I liked Daryl, Glenn, and T-dogg, Amy, and Jacqui (and the two women die in the first season) but Glenn and T-dog got pushed to the background in season 2. So the minute Michonne showed up I started to ship her with Daryl because I knew she was a very competent character. And I figured they would be a badass couple. (I appreciate the first two seasons now that I’ve seen where the characters end up and actually like them) I remember people getting angry when I shipped Daryl and Michonne giving the same reasons for why you couldn’t ship Rick and Michonne.

    But who could not like Richonne? That was one of the best make out sessions I’ve ever seen! And did people not see the looks that Rick gives Michonne!

    essick was such an eye sore on the series. The only way it would have made any kind of sense is if they casted an actress that looked like Lori. It would seriously mess with Rick’s mind when he saw her holding Judith because Lori never got to. It would also make the relationship far more uncomfortable.

    Jessie only existed for the big chop. No other reason and we spent way to much time on her that could have been used for other members of team family (Rosita needs some character development and screen time!) or some of the people in Alexandria.

    • The Police

      “essick was such an eye sore on the series. The only way it would have made any kind of sense is if they casted an actress that looked like Lori. It would seriously mess with Rick’s mind when he saw her holding Judith because Lori never got to. It would also make the relationship far more uncomfortable.” Yes!!! That’s an excellent idea.

  • Sargeslide

    OK, I’ve watched and read all the stuff for the last week, and it is ridiculous. Now maybe I am biased, my fiance is a black woman, and frankly, her skin color is the last thing on my mind. She is a beautiful human being and treats me well. In life that is all that should matter, I know with a lot of people of varying degrees of melanin content that is not the case. There are many reasons for the WM/BW hate or dislike, we get it from all of them, mostly looks of envy, or disapproval (As if we need approval from anyone)

    Now I am older, retired military, retired educator, and grew up in the racially diverse environment of Detroit, Maybe it is just me, but I like black girls, women of color, or whatever popular term you wish to use to describe a non white female. I actually think WM and BW are a great fit for one another, there are many reasons for this and I will not go into them here, but I find we are more alike than different. Our cultures do clash at times and we don’t see everything eye to eye, but as people, we are very good for each other.

    On to the recent RICHONNE BS! First this is a TV show and a comic that tells the story of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. You mean to tell me that the ridiculous notion of race and colorism will follow us after that? We can’t forget all that BS and just survive as humans and love who we love, regardless of that? If not, we are doomed anyway. To survive, all that BS will have to go out the window, and TWD shows that reality, and I for one, like and enjoy it, I wish the real world would adopt that ideal, but our world as it currently is, is too divided on too many issues for that to happen.

    Michonne is an amazing woman, and a great fit for Rick, Carl and Judith, and they are good for her. Her character is one of the better female characters on TV, past or present. She is strong, level headed, dependable, intelligent, and does not play games. Add to that she can handle herself in a fight and is sexy as all get out and she would be hard for any man to not fall in love with. She is a very complex character, played by a great actress.

    They make a great couple and a great team, nothing more needs to be said, and if people can’t handle that, screw them

    • LDBrown

      Amen to that.

    • The Police

      ” I actually think WM and BW are a great fit for one another, there are many reasons for this and I will not go into them here, but I find we are more alike than different. ” – I’ve always said that too. But would like to hear your explanation about this too.
      To me, I feel like white men are the mules for their race and black women are the mules for their race. We are often the sacrificial lambs that get the most heat.

  • galmod

    Sharon, what you said and how you said it fills me with envy because I can only dream of putting my thoughts on the subject so intelligently and clearly. You’ve said EXACTLY how it is so well that it’s actually painful to read, (in a good way of course). God, I’ve been waiting to read something like this for so long. I actually started the argument when Force Awakens came out and the craziness to do with Finn and Rey. I really, really hate the stupid, lame excuse culture that people have when it comes to blatantly obvious issues about race. With Star Wars I had the issue with their marketing of Finn before the movie came out. He was seen in the hero pose with the lightsaber. Many of us thought wow, the black guy is the real jedi hero who goes up against Kylo Ren and the New Order. Wait a minute, he’s actually an ex stormtrooper who worked in sanitation! Oh, it’s Rey who’s the actual force goddess. But then the white people who had had a problem with a black stormtrooper and a black jedi lead before the film came out now all started the holier than thou chorus of, “We don’t know what you black people are complaining about because Finn was so funny in the movie and Boyega had great chemistry with his co-stars and his complex character was wonderfully refreshing.” Condescending Assholes! Now with this it’s the same old excuse chorus bullshit. “Oh we’re in shock because of Jesse who died like yesterday. Oh, the series doesn’t make sense anymore, it’s been going downhill from season 2…no-one watches it anymore anyway.” WTF!!!??? God, it’s really annoying that people can’t at least be true to themselves in how they actually feel about race. They have to hide behind the nonsense and condescension.
    Girl, keep preaching because the world needs voices and thoughts like yours that are tired of the bullshit and tell it like it is.
    You definitely have a new fan!!

  • galmod

    Sharon, what you said and how you said it fills me with envy because I can only dream of putting my thoughts on the subject so intelligently and clearly. You’ve said EXACTLY how it is so well that it’s actually painful to read, (in a good way of course).
    God, I’ve been waiting to read something like this for so long. I actually started the conversation when Force Awakens came out and the craziness to do with Finn and Rey. I really, really hate the stupid, lame excuse culture that people have when it comes to blatantly obvious issues about race. With Star Wars I had the issue with their marketing of Finn before the movie came out. He was seen in the hero pose with the lightsaber. Many of us thought wow, the black guy is the real jedi hero who goes up against Kylo Ren and the New Order. Wait a minute, he’s actually an ex stormtrooper who worked in sanitation! Oh, it’s Rey who’s the actual force goddess. But then the white people who had had a problem with a black stormtrooper and a black jedi lead before the film came out now all started the holier than thou chorus of, “We don’t know what you black people are complaining about because Finn was so funny in the movie and Boyega had great chemistry with his co-stars and his complex character was wonderfully refreshing.”
    Condescending Assholes!

    Now with this it’s the same old excuse chorus bullshit. “Oh we’re in shock because of Jesse who died like yesterday. Oh, the series doesn’t make sense anymore, it’s been going downhill from season 2…no-one watches it anymore anyway.” WTF!!!???

    God, it’s really annoying that people can’t at least be true to themselves in how they actually feel about race. They have to hide behind the nonsense and condescension.
    Girl, keep preaching because the world needs voices and thoughts like yours that are tired of the bullshit and tell it like it is.
    You definitely have a new fan!!

    • Galmod, thank you for this wonderful comment (that I’m just now seeing)! I appreciate the encouragement. It’s so nice to know that someone connects with something I’ve written. It’s funny that you mention TFA – I have a lot of mixed thoughts on that film/marketing as well, though I did generally enjoy it..

  • galmod

    Sharon, what you said and how you said it fills me with envy because I can only dream of putting my thoughts on the subject so intelligently and clearly. You’ve said EXACTLY how it is so well that it’s actually painful to read, (in a good way of course).
    God, I’ve been waiting to read something like this for so long. I actually started the argument when Force Awakens came out and the craziness to do with Finn and Rey. I really, really hate the stupid, lame excuse culture that people have when it comes to blatantly obvious issues about race. With Star Wars I had the issue with their marketing of Finn before the movie came out. He was seen in the hero pose with the lightsaber. Many of us thought wow, the black guy is the real jedi hero who goes up against Kylo Ren and the New Order. Wait a minute, he’s actually an ex stormtrooper who worked in sanitation! Oh, it’s Rey who’s the actual force goddess. But then the white people who had had a problem with a black stormtrooper and a black jedi lead before
    the film came out now all started the holier than thou chorus of, “We don’t know what you black people are complaining about because Finn was so funny in the movie and Boyega had great chemistry with his co-stars and his complex character was wonderfully refreshing.” Condescending Assholes!

    Now with this it’s the same old excuse chorus bullshit. “Oh we’re in shock because of Jesse who died like yesterday. Oh, the series doesn’t make sense anymore, it’s been going downhill from season 2…no-one watches it anymore anyway.” WTF!!!??? God, it’s really annoying that people can’t at least be true to themselves in how they actually feel about race. They have to hide behind the nonsense and condescension.
    Girl, keep preaching because the world needs voices and thoughts like yours that are tired of the bullshit and tell it like it is.
    You definitely have a new fan!!

  • Bailey88

    Some people just don’t find black women attractive. Michonne being with a handsome white man doesn’t make sense to some. People will say, but their like siblings or bros. You can’t tell me if Michonne were a white woman with nice tits people would see her as Rick’s sibling or bro.Their relationship make some viewers uncomfortable because they don’t see Michonne as desirable. I find this crazy because Michonne is pretty and she has a killer body( better than Jessie’s). Same thing with Sasha/Abe. Someone commented that Sasha was manly and didn’t understand why Abe would want her over Rosita. We all know when someone cheats looks don’t have anything to do with it most of the time. It’s about how that other person makes you feel. Maybe their is something lacking in Abe/Rosita relationship or maybe Abe is just a womanizer.

    • The Police

      Sasha is actually prettier than Rosita. Have you seen Sasha outside of the show?

  • meresger

    Well said, all of this. I happen to be a blonde white chick, and I am often dismayed by how regularly in fandoms, at times I feel like a minority within my “TV ethnic group” who is sick and tired of blond white chicks on TV being the lead/romantic interest.

    While I have watched TWD from the beginning, I never really interacted with the fandom online, so I shipped Richonne in a blissful bubble that really just boiled down to: bad-ass chick with a sword/guy who needs someone who can kick his mentally unstable ass because clearly no one else in this group has the balls to do it after he sent Carol packing. It had nothing to do with race.

    But racist fans? That doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’ve dabbled in Sleepy Hollow and there are some people who REALLY don’t want Abbie and Crane together because of race. And I was a Potterhead and dismayed just recently at how many so-called fans lost their shit when JKR mused that she never stated Hermione’s race, so she *could* be black. People seriously lost their shit at the mere possibility a fictional character could have been a black girl in print. Not unlike the Once Upon a Time fans who spewed weeks of hatred online when it was revealed Rapunzel wouldn’t be a double of that animated blonde girl but played by a black actress! It was sacrilege!

    But take the hot white guy villain who has murdered and raped, who shot an innocent woman in the back and multiple times punching her in the face just to stick it to her boyfriend, who handed his own stepson to a child abuser, who murdered his father to orphan his own half-brother, who abused a young black girl and forced her apart from her family for years, who killed *Black* Merlin in cold blood just because he could, and have the show call him a hero and the epitome of a true love interest in spite of it, have him instantly forgiven by blonde white Emma, once-strong-feminist-turned-doormat who now makes Andrea seem like Gloria Steinem after her empty “If you kill him we’re done” threat, and fans are like, “Oh, that’s so amazing, he’s such a cupcake and his love for Emma makes him such a great hero who wouldn’t hurt a fly and never has, actually. Ursula who? Merlin what now? Were those characters? I don’t remember them, they must have been eclipsed by the blinding healthy awesomeness of this white pretty people true love match!”

    And if I point out the racism, homophobia, or misogyny that a show like this is cultivating. If I say, “See, compare it to TWD that has diverse casting, strong leads (romantic or otherwise) of a different race/gender/age/bodytype than the Hollywood norm, it’s criminally problematic, how can you not see the obvious problem here with the message it’s sending and what you’re perpetuating in the fandom?” I too get the “It’s just a TV show, relax, it doesn’t matter or affect real life… now go away while I ship the hot white actors who play these characters and stick pins in the voodoo dolls I made of their real-life significant others so they will die horrible deaths and my OTP can be REAL!” Yeah, so, there’s a lot of racists and just plain delusional aholes online.

    But they won’t stop me from supporting a bad-ass sword-wielding black woman from finding post-apocalyptic happiness with a psychologically messed up white guy… because, otherwise, really, what hope do Carl and Judith have? Daryl would feed them roadkill and Carol would take them out to look at some flowers!

  • Mamakin

    What if you just don’t like them together? (and before everyone calls me a racist, I didn’t like him with Jessie.) I just don’t like the relationship.

    • Amayann

      Once the real reasons behind your dislike have nothing to do with Michonne’s ethnicity or dark skin, that is fine. We are not expected to like everyhting.
      Just on another note, I did not mean to answer your post directly though, I just meant to comment on the article.

      • Mamakin

        It has absolutely nothing to do with skin color. At all. I just don’t like the two together. I didn’t like Jessie, I was relieved when TV Andrea was killed off, but I just don’t like the couple.

        • The Police


  • klepp0906

    Absolutely disgusting. Not believable (course neither are zombies) but mixing species is detrimental in ways that only people with an IQ over 110 can begin to understand.

    Course every single solitary show I’ve watched in the last year have tried to force this down our throats.

    I just wonder what on earth the agenda could possibly be? Also how stupid are the rich folk running this stuff? So far left they have no mental capacity left to consider the future of either species?

    Was a good run but I’ll set down walking dead for awhile too. Cringe @ coal burners and mud sharks.

  • klepp0906

    They aren’t different races – they’re different species based on the scientific definition and the percentage of differing DNA.

    • …How Sway?

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Shut up, troll. No one’s taking to you.

    • The Police

      Science says race doesn’t exist and we’re all humans.

  • Micah

    The fact that Michonne has never been sexual to you, is an indication of something. You know she’s been in a relationship, that she’s had a child, and people have seen her as attractive- but you can’t see her as sexual. What do the other women in the show possess that she doesn’t? Because she’s definitely not the only one on the show who has been a badass zombie murder machine and hasn’t been in a relationship onscreen.

  • Teresa AF

    I just cant see Rick and Michonne together mainly because Rick is insane most of the time and Michonne is so level headed. I hadn’t heard the rumors, so it did catch me by surprise. If it goes forward, I’ll tolerate it, but I wish it never happened. Whatever.

    Now, as for Abraham and Sasha, you know, I really like that pairing. I felt their vibe a few weeks ago. Their characters read very similar to me.

  • Joshua Olsen

    (Unapologetic fanboy/shipper directed here from Spoiling the Dead) This article is absolutely fucking BRILLIANT. I was truly taken aback by people saying “I didn’t see this coming” and thought “Huh, did these people just start watching TWD”. Turns out, a tremendous amount of them have been viewers from season one. Then I had to do the obligatory self-analysis wherein I went “So, did I see these signals due to my own confirmation bias because I think these two are perfect for each other, ya da ya da…” In retrospect, the flirtatious looks, the non-verbal signals, and the shy touching seemed all but screamingly obvious to me, but hell, I wondered if maybe I was seeing what I wanted to see. But you saw this from a perspective I cannot; from the perspective of a black woman who has had to tolerate who knows what from her jabbering, intellectual inferiors from the get-go. I can’t apologize for the last comment; in 2016, I find few things more tedious than racists. The environment in which I was raised was not only bereft of racism, it was anti-racist and I was made to understand, from my earliest memories of serious talks, that the behavior of racists was both unacceptable and detrimental to all humanity, a lesson I’ve never forgot. Because of that, my empathy for those who view the world through a single-color prism is virtually nonexistent, subsequently fostering my confusion as to WHY people seemed caught off-guard by the Rick and Michonne pairing. What I COULDN’T understand, or rather, was unable to understand until reading this, is the fact that there are people out there who are unable to fathom the concept of a white male lead falling in love with a black female lead, that they are incapable of seeing her as a viable romantic interest simply due to the fact that she is black. For some, it is due to being saturated by the white-controlled media and their ceaseless depictions of white male leads paired with women who resemble my cousins. This is very subtle and some may not even realize it’s happening and I’m sure the moment of realization with be both revelatory and embarrassing. For others, their notions of social and sexual propriety haven’t evolved to the point that they’re able to contemplate such a union, fictional or otherwise; this is so wholly and entirely beyond the framework of my experience that I had a “oh, I feel like an idiot now” moment whilst reading this eloquent and precise writing. Upon reflection, the aforementioned people’s perception, its place in our reality, seems unbelievably juvenile and horribly antiquated, and by the same token, I cannot help but feel sorry for them; these people miss out of so much of what it means to be human. Not only that, but they’ve missed out on the brilliantly-written, slow-burn romance of two immensely iconic characters, a romance which, in my opinion, is a truly defining moment in contemporary entertainment and one that will be analyzed in retrospect. As for me, I’m going to enjoy the new King and Queen of The Walking Dead and give myself a subtle pat on the back for rooting for them for so long.

  • CoolChic

    Totally agree with the article. As soon as an random blonde chick appeared, folks assume rick and blondie would eventually get together but somehow it is unfathomable that Michonne gets to be the love interest of the leading male.
    The anti-blackness is APPALLING.

    white guy with latina- okay
    white chick with asian male- okay
    A gay couple- okay
    a lesbian couple- okay
    random married blondie with leading white male -okay

    LEADING black female with LEADING white male– somehow unfathomable.

    It is so unnerving that people are shocked that a black female character could actually be the LOVE INTEREST of someone.
    Folks were saying they are brother and sister????? whuttt???
    It goes to show how EVERYONE is invested in seeing Black female characters remain asexual and alone.

  • Crys

    I was hoping for Sasha and Rick! 🙁 From the role they were giving Sasha (Andrea’s from the comic – who becomes Rick’s long-term love interest) I really thought they were gonna go that route (which I was thrilled for). Because as awesome as Michonne is, I never saw that chemistry. They felt more like true friends to me. I loved the idea of Sasha taking over comic-Andrea’s role because she’d be no-nonsense bada** chick who went through hell and came out stronger (which Sasha is turning out to be). And that kind of woman went really well with Rick. Plus, I didn’t expect Rick/Michonne because it was one of the major Ships in this show (the others being Daryl/Carol and Daryl/Beth) and since they didn’t bow to the demands of the shipping public on those two, I highly doubted this one actually happening. Now what happens to Morgan? But I know, I know. The comic and the TV show are separate beasts, but I’m still having trouble separating the two and I’m continually comparing them.

    Oh well, the show will go on…

    • The Police

      You’re either trolling or didn’t read the article.

  • B

    You hit so many nails on the head with this article you could build a damn house!! I mean preach!!!! So insightful, real, and amazingly well written in its clarity and honesty…I’m not even a big Walking Dead fan but I peeped all of this and couldn’t articulate it in such a succinct and brilliant way.

  • strangesista

    Slow learners around here I guess. I’m surprised this article got published the way ya’ll always dismiss black women saying this shit about characters in other shows.

  • jtonica

    I haven’t read the comics but even though I was pleasantly surprised by the pairing I still interpret it as bittersweet. The way they set it up with Jessie and Rich being the obvious couple was everything you’ve already said and when they killed her off I thought the scene where Rich is in shock for a moment and they did a little montage of her was to show that his ideal fantasy (or maybe the perceived audience’s expectation) was being shattered. Only after her death could Richonne happen so imo she is an afterthought and I felt a little cheated by that notion because Michonne literally slays everything. I think the writers of TWD have improved a great deal away from tokenism of the first few seasons and I became a fan because of how the diversity on the show has evolved. Im hoping they can tell a compelling love story like they have for Gregg and Maggie but from what I’ve been reading I’m finna be depressed by the end of this season.

  • LDBrown

    Come on people! The show is about an apocalyptic world.where there are more dead people than living people. The living are becoming more rare with each passing episode. If an apocalypse were to ever manifest a person can’t tell me that if they realize they were attracted to someone of another ethnic background they wouldn’t go for it. You’d be one lonely ass person.

    Besides, in such a scenario who would you choose? The strong black woman/man who has your back? Or the weak white woman/man who just stands there like a deer caught in headlights?

  • Zia Paul

    This is exactly what the author was talking about.

  • Jason Luthor

    Late to this party, but just saying, go Richonne. From the perspective of an individual that’s typically in an interracial relationship and likes seeing that reflected in media.

  • Carolina Sander

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  • tiff Christie

    Damn, this is an old post but i can check every single box off this list for my ship The Musketeers Athos & Sylvie … Athos the main white protagonist character ends up having a happy ever after ending with this pretty black french revolutionary woman in the last season after finally getting over his murderous wife Milady de Winter(white).. Milady has done unspeakable things in the first season including contributing to almost having an innocent woman burned at the stake, as well as killing another innocent noblewoman and stealing her dress. She felt wronged by Athos so of course this justifies all of that .. They share a few passionate kisses, but it’s totally dysfunctional .. The writers finally match Athos with a woman who’s a positive influence on him and the fandoms have pretty much reacted in the exact same fashion.. Sylvie has done nothing but be supportive, pro active, and tough as hell the first positive and healthy romance for the deeply tramautized athos .. Yet majority of the predominatly white fandom cast her aside for Milady his wife who he shared a modicum of time in love with until she later turned evil.. They painted her as a victim of circumstances of course, however the idea that he could fall in love with Sylvie was just unthinkable … Of course none of this has anything to do with race you see just ” lack of chemistry” the fandoms favorite cop out word when they don’t want to address what’s really going on ..

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  • Amrcncpprhd One

    **standing ovation** Thank you and very well said!!!

  • Projekt Kobra as a white guy who likes black women…and actually all women..who am I kidding…?

    I think Michonne is friggin gorgeous…..

    And well..I had choice in this…Im a white dude…I didnt have a choice…just like nobody else did….and I cant say that anyone “made” me think black ladies were worth pursuing…

    But what I DO that until we all look like Keanu Reeves, or Beyonce, or Bob Marley or whomever…people are still gonna try to divide us as human beings….

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    This was way more of a rational answer than that stupid idiot troll deserved, bu thank you very much anyway. *clap clap*

    • PlanetCharnBaby

      My thoughts exactly. DIdn’t deserve her time and knowledge, but well said anyway.

  • C.R.

    Legendary post. I don’t even watch the show but the genetic part was fascinating lol

  • CJ

    Everyone knows White Guys gets all the pu$$y on movies and tv. The writers make sure to kill off any black guy/white gal relationships that get even close to intimate.

    • The Police

      Don’t worry there’s always countless of rap videos and black movies that will proudly show black men with anything but a black woman.

  • Jaime

    Great read. I agree with your analysis. I did see the romance potential between the two characters soon after Rick’s wife’s death because of their individual strength and attractiveness. My thoughts were not based on romance vibes but simply because these characters had a lot of chemistry. Obviously, Danai and Andrew get a long very well off camera because it comes through in how their characters relate to one another on screen. As the seasons went by and Michonne emerged as a mother figure to his kids and a great friend to him, I noted the way Rick began to look at her, differently. Then, I began to get the romance vibes. For a man like Rick who loves being a family man, a woman like Michonne who demonstrates loyalty to his kids first, is always going to be attractive. Like the author of this article, I did not believe that AMC had the kahunas to make them a couple. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that the two did the deed because they earned it and it seem to be a natural progression of their story. I find them to be very sexy together. But, then again, my image of sexy and romantic does extend beyond color and race in my personal life. Obviously, that is where some–not all–of the animus toward this ship lies, in how people are living out their own lives and/or what they can or cannot imagine for their personal lives. It’s time to change some of the imagery on film and TV and move romance beyond race and skin color. Two thumbs up to AMC!

  • Candice M

    I know this is a late reply, but you have summed up why I can never get behind a Captain Swan pairing. Ugh.

  • PlanetCharnBaby

    I didn’t really ship Richonne until Jesse came along and I found myself thinking: “Really, Rick? Her? You have a much better option right beside you, someone who is a natural survivor and therefore gives you a much better chance at having an actual longterm future with. Plus, Michonne already loves your kids, is drop dead gorgeous (those cheekbones!), doesn’t come with a murderous husband in tow AND she’s a badass fighter. Michonne is the complete post-apocalyptic package. Jesse is just…pretty.” So Richonne makes perfect logical sense to me. Plus…they’d make some cute-ass babies, with their genetic diversity and all.

    • Ginny

      I think Jesse is annoying, but I could totally understand why Rick went for her, remember how Rick married Lori, who was super annoying? Men have a type.

      What Rick wants is the world that is gone, that’s why he was so drawn to Jessie, a woman from the world before who was like his wife, as oppose to Michionne, who is a comrade. Rick wasn’t attracted to Andrea or Carol either.

  • PlanetCharnBaby

    I think your comment just validated the reason for this article. How could Rick do better than Michonne? If we’re going on physicality here, and putting aside personal sexual preferences, Michonne has everything that indicates to your average-audience member that she’s meant to be an attractive woman: fit, toned body, full lips, smooth skin, thick hair, big flashy eyes. So what exactly about her makes you feel she’s unworthy of the leading man, here? If you’re denying that you’re aversion to her has to do with her dark-skin (because, you’re not racist, right?), then you probably don’t know yourself very well.

    And who says “nookie” anymore? God, that’s a corny term.

    • The guy in knickers

      My aversion to her is simply a preference. I don’t find her attractive. As an individual, I find her acting sub-par. I don’t require your approval to have my opinion on that, it just is. And my original statement that I don’t like them together is likely because I would have rather seen rick either not get involved again after the chick with the dumb kid dies in Alexandria, or possibly have a bro moment with daryl. lol.. .that would have been way more interesting than him hoooking up with M.

  • Jaime

    Great job on explaining that. I guess that troll missed Anthropology and Biology classes at university where this basic information about human biology and evolution is taught.

  • Carolina Sander

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  • Carolina Sander

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  • Carolina Sander

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  • The Police

    To helll with the haters. Try not to get too caught up with getting approval from other fans who are obviously racist. This article was well done tho.

  • Carolina Sander

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  • Carolina Sander

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  • Ginny

    I can understand why some people ship Michionne and Rick the way I can understand why some people ship Captain Kirk and Mr.Spock, but a romantic relationship between the captain and the first officer is just a bad idea. When people pair off like Glenn and Maggie, their focal point is often each other, getting back to each other. Outside of a King and Queen scenario (fortress backed by an army) having the 1st and 2nd get romantic mess with their judgment. Romance between the 2nd (cool) and (hot) are just more complimentary, e.g.: Mr.Spock/Dr.McCoy, Zoe/Wash (Firefly), Michionne/Andrea, heck, even Michionne/Merle! AU Michionne/Negan would work well – definitely not after Negan killed Michionne’s family, but in an AU where they met each other first, before Negan formed his group, they would get along smashingly. I’m not saying I can’t see Michionne with Rick – it’s the end of the world after all – but their dynamic would be mutually depressing. Both of them need someone more fiery and optimistic, even fi ti’s a violent kind of optimism (Negan).

    No idea who Rick will end up with, he’s the The Leader. It is extremely common for The Leader to end up alone because he’s married to the ship or The Cause (Captain Kirk form Star Trek, Captain Reynolds from Firefly, Froddo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings, Captain Janeway from Voyager [who had lots of chemistry with her first officer but it also could Never Have Happened unless they were marooned forever])…or married to someone outside of their True Companions battle team (Luke Skywalker did marry someone but most people don’t remember who, Captain Sisko from DS9’s first wife died and the second couldn’t stick around, Harry didn’t end up with Hermione and Naruto didn’t end up with Sakura). Before female characters was more common in mainstream adventure shows, the one smurfette tends to have little personality and involvement beyond The Hero’s Girlfriend. When the Smurfette got more development, started kicking butts alongside the hero, she also ends up less and less with the hero, because as mentioned above, a romance between 1st & 2nd (or 1st & 3rd for that matter) mess up team dynamics.

  • Brick Grimes

    Who in the world can possibly dislike Richonne? They’re the best couple ever

  • Very late to the conversation here, but somehow missed this post at the time.

    At the time that they got together, Rick was the only male in the show that was worthy of Michonne.

    Later, he fell apart and was no longer worthy. It was painful to watch her stick with him through it, but it’s clear she loves him, and his kids, and she knows his value to the group. So she tried to cover for him and put him back together. With the help of the whole group, it worked, and now they’re back on track again. This isn’t always a workable course in the real world, but it’s a common motif in this show: Everyone falls apart at some point. The group takes care of each other until the person who is losing it can get back on their feet again.

    This group has been through hell, and is still in hell. Both Michonne and Rick need strong partners. Anything less is a waste. It was appalling to see Rick with the weak, pale blonde whose name I can’t even remember. I called her “Baby Woman.” He was rescuing a child, not gaining a partner. She was unequipped for life outside the walls, and of course she died when the world breached the sanctuary. Rick lost all kinds of respect in my eyes (and one would assume in Michonne’s eyes) for that ridiculous detour, of choosing a childlike waif instead of a fellow warrior who will have his back.

    Is one of the messages of The Walking Dead that, for some, it takes a Zombie Apocalypse to make people stop being so damn racist?

  • joncreasy

    Tasha and Abraham made sense. Tasha was tough but still charming and sweet. Richonne is just masculine AF and so is Rick so it looks like a weird pairing to me. But then what do I know