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Which Disney Prince Is True Boyfriend Material?

Which Disney Prince Is True Boyfriend Material?

We all love a good romantic film, but what would a fairy tale be without a handsome prince? We’ve all dreamed of our perfect Prince Charming, and Disney is known for bringing these swoon-worthy archetypes to our screens. But which Disney prince is true boyfriend material? Let’s see how our favorite princes stack up.


While Tarzan is technically not a prince, he was the son of a wealthy noble family and Lord of the Jungle. That’s close enough for us! Tarzan is deeply curious about the world around him, a trait that pairs him perfectly with the studious Jane Porter. He’s family oriented and willing to lay down his life for the people he loves. His sheer bravery and protective nature make him the ideal partner whether you’re a damsel in distress or not. The downside to our Son of Man is the fact that he was raised by gorillas — expecting well-mannered gentility is out of the question. If you don’t mind someone that’s a little rough around the edges, Tarzan is the man for you. And it doesn’t help that he looks great in a loincloth.


Kristoff from Frozen started off as a reclusive ice harvester who loved nothing more than solitude and singing duets with his reindeer, Svend. He’s a cynic by nature, in stark contrast to the perpetually optimistic Anna. While he is slow to warm up, Kristoff has a big heart. Despite his initial reluctance, Kristoff helped Anna find her sister in the treacherous mountains of Arendelle, knowing she would likely perish without her. When romantic feelings begin to stir within him for Anna, he shows himself to be a tender, loving partner allowing his lady love to take the lead. It’s safe to say that while Kristoff is a bit of a fixer upper, he’s also a keeper.


At the start of The Princess and the Frog, Prince Naveen is the epitome of a man-child. He knows nothing about hard work and would rather spend his time playing his mandolin and chasing after women. While very handsome and charismatic, Naveen was a man you couldn’t rely upon, but we soon find things change. As he is swept away on a wild adventure in the bayous of New Orleans, Naveen learns the importance of responsibility and learning to help others thanks to the influence of Tiana. By the end of his journey, he’s willing to do anything to make Tiana’s dreams come true, including helping her build her restaurant from the ground up. Naveen may have started off as a spoiled prince but by the end he was a hardworking, supportive partner. And let’s be honest, what girl wouldn’t fall for that dazzling smile and killer dance moves?


When we first meet Aladdin, he’s a thieving street rat, not exactly worthy of a princess. He doesn’t seem to have much direction and tends to find himself in trouble on a regular basis. When he happens upon Genie and the magic of the lamp, he assumes that posing as a rich prince will win over Princess Jasmine. He lies to her to keep up the ruse. Aladdin soon redeems himself when he risks his own life to rescue Princess Jasmine and the Sultan from the grips of the evil Jafar. His first rescue mission doesn’t go as planned, and he’s banished to the ends of the earth. Despite this setback, Aladdin doesn’t give up and makes his way back to Agrabah. This time he uses his wits to trick Jafar into becoming a genie, therefore trapping himself in his own magic lamp. You gotta love a man that’s willing to do anything to rescue you from harm. And while he was a bit of a ruffian, Aladdin keeps his promises and sets Genie free. That’s something worth admiring considering he could have easily held on to Genie for one last wish. Turns out Aladdin is a diamond in the rough and Jasmine is a lucky girl.

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Li Shang

Let’s get down to business, Li Shang is a bit too buttoned up and kind of uptight. Years in the military have made him strict and brutal. We also can’t forget he was conditioned under sexist ideals, where exaggerated masculinity is the pinnacle of success and women were seen as second citizens. Despite this, we know Li Shang cares deeply about the troops under his charge and he wants to make his father proud above all else. He soon learns that a woman can be just as important as a man after Mulan saves his life. He’s even willing to put his own pride to the side and agrees to carry out Mulan’s plan to save the Emperor. In the end, he’s not intimidated by her at all and admires her for bravery. With this new look on life, there’s no doubt that Li Shang is a man worth fighting for.

Flynn Rider

Much like Aladdin, Flynn Rider was a man who made a living from thievery. And let’s face it, he’s not exactly honest either. And don’t get me started on his “smolder.” Does he really think that ridiculous face would help him charm his way out of trouble? Flynn Rider was nothing if not a work in progress. However, after meeting Rapunzel and attempting to con the princess out of giving up the stolen tiara, Flynn slowly lets down his confident façade. He admits he built up this charismatic front due to his deep insecurities, and he shows his vulnerable side to Rapunzel. Not only is he vulnerable, but we learn he’s romantic too. What girl wouldn’t want to be on a boat, in the middle of the water, surrounded by thousands of glowing floating lanterns? We can tell Flynn put a lot of thought into making Rapunzel’s big day so special. By the end, Flynn was willing to give up his life to ensure Rapunzel had a real chance at happiness. He’s certainly a guy you’d want tangled up in your heart.

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