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The White Fang is Shook and Raven Springs into Action on ‘RWBY’

The White Fang is Shook and Raven Springs into Action on ‘RWBY’

RWBY starts the episode off right in the middle of the action. Everyone is busy fighting, while Jaune mends Weiss with his semblance. Apparently, Jaune’s semblance is not the power to heal. Rather, he has the ability to use his aura to amplify others. In this world, people are healed by their auras. So naturally, as Jaune fixes Weiss’ aura she begins to heal; eventually leading to her full recovery by the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Hazel is still after Ozpin and Nora agrees to take him on. Ozpin explains to Nora that Hazel’s semblance is the capability of blocking out pain. He’s been using that advantage to inject himself with massive amounts of dust to give him extra strength in combat.

While the battle is going on inside Haven Academy, the White Fang work on their part of Salem’s plan outside. But unfortunately for Adam, he’s interrupted by Blake and the hundreds of other Faunus by her side. He requests that his soldiers attack, but they hesitate after realizing they would be harming their own flesh and blood. And before he has a chance to set them straight, Mama Belladonna makes her grand entrance on a police helicopter. Clearly, she has filled the Mistral police in because they specifically ask for Adam’s arrest. But Adam being the insecure, hot-headed, baby that he is, threatens to blow everyone up including himself and the White Fang to get his point across.

According to him, he will blow up most of “the Faunus” to make “humanity” pay for what they’ve done… (not sure how that works) However, Blake had Ilia go to the school ahead of her to disarm all of the explosives the White Fang planted. So, when Adam actually does proceed to detonate the bombs, nothing happens. Unable to admit defeat, the White Fang break out into an all-out battle with the other Faunus. Blake during the chaos checks out things inside and for the first time in a long time see her fellow teammates and friends. But this is short lived because they’re in battle. The moment Yang and Blake’s eyes meet, it’s time for Yang to make a run for the basement, where the relic, Raven, and Cinder are.

Raven and Cinder doesn’t waste any time. In what is probably the best fight scene this season, the two maidens duke it out. Neither of them holds back and they wield all of the power they possess. They clash with one another in blue and orange flashes, they fly in the sky in the midst of debris and build weapons with their aura. At the end, Cinder loses for failing to pay attention to her surroundings. Vernal uses her last breath to strike Cinder while her back is turned, giving Raven the opportunity to use her finishing move. Raven pushes Cinder off of the cliff and freezes her as she falls into the darkness.

Finally after the intense battle, Raven unlocks the door to the relic. Inside, is a beautiful room that looks like a garden. But Yang arrives right before she can step in, and Yang looks mad.


Simon Manyonda Gives Us a ‘Pennyworth’ for His Thoughts

Jaune clarifies that his semblance is not healing and instead he “amplifies” auras. Right now, he’s using his gift to essentially heal Weiss, but the term amplify is so broad I’m sure he can do much more. Like, can he possibly amplify his own aura to make himself stronger or other teammates stronger during battle?

Also, I don’t think Hazel is a bad guy, I think he’s just misguided 🙁

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