Amethyst, the Crystal Gem. She’s sassy, sarcastic, silly, and not afraid to be herself, regardless of how others feel about it. But beneath that tough exterior, Amethyst is much more vulnerable than she leads on. For that reason, among a few others, I identify with Amethyst, the Crystal Gem.

She’s different from her sister Crystal Gems

Unlike Garnet and Pearl, Amethyst is not from Home World. She was created in Kindergarten – an evil factory of sorts located in a mountain, where Gems were manufactured with the purpose of taking over Earth. Amethyst cannot relate to Garnet and Pearl because she was created with the purpose of performing great evil in the world. This sometimes leaves her feeling different and left out.

I was adopted as a baby, but I did not find out about this until I was 19-years-old. Once I found out, my life changed. I felt like everyone around me knew this huge secret about MY life – everyone except me. I eventually met my biological maternal family and although they’re great people whom I love, I often cannot relate to them. I don’t share the same memories of family moments from long ago. I don’t even know many of the family members who they all know. On the other hand, I now don’t feel like I ever really knew my adopted family. Although I love them all dearly, I resent them for keeping such a huge secret from me for so many years. Like Amethyst, I often feel different and left out on both sides.

Tough on the outside, Soft on the inside

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Perhaps it is Amethyst’s insecurities about her creation that make her sometimes lash out and keep everyone at arm’s length. Her smart mouth and antics, while hilarious, may be a defense mechanism used to keep anyone from getting too close to her. Still, we’ve seen little glimpses of how sweet she can be with her sister Gems and Steven when she lets her guard down. We’ve even seen her have a bonding moment with Peridot after she apologized to Amethyst for inadvertently hurting her feelings by making fun of her creation in Kindergarten.




I am hard to love – I know this, because I’ve been told this over and over again. My emotional wall is always up. I do not easily trust anyone, and besides my son, it is hard for me to love anyone let alone show that love. I definitely use this as a way to avoid being hurt (if I don’t let anyone get close, I can’t get hurt). But I know that I am missing out on some great life experiences by pushing people away. Although it may not seem like it, I really do have a heart. The people closest to me know that I would do anything for them, no questions asked, because that is just the type of person I am. They also know that if they tell anyone that I am actually a sweetheart, I’ll bodyslam them.

She’s a cool, down to earth chick

Amethyst loves wrestling, watching T.V., and sleeping. She’s also a foodie who loves to laugh and joke around. She says exactly what’s on her mind. Not to mention, she can play the hell out of some drums. While she takes saving the world seriously, Amethyst doesn’t take life too seriously. She is not afraid to stop and smell the roses.

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My name and the term ‘high maintenance’ have never been mentioned in the same sentence. I love all things comfortable. I love all of the things that Amethyst loves. Spending a Saturday on my couch in pajamas watching a Lucha Underground marathon suits me just fine. If someone wonders if I have a problem with them, they won’t have to wonder for too long. I say what I feel. Life is too short for anything less. Yes, Amethyst and I share similar personality traits. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a beer with her if having a beer with a cartoon character was possible. But I digress….

Additionally, Steven Universe has done an excellent job of covering a wide array of topical issues (blended families, racism, sexuality). Seeing oneself in a cartoon character may sound strange, but when they are complex and have depth, I don’t think it’s so far-fetched that they are relatable. For me, that character I most see myself in is Amethyst and I’m ok with that. There are way worse things than being able to relate to a Crystal Gem, right?


Anique Toussaint is a Brooklyn native living in Atlanta. When she’s not working or volunteering, she’s watching cartoons while enjoying cookies and wine. She’s a mom 24/7 and enjoys plotting world domination with her awesome kid.