Last week’s episode of Designated Survivor was good, but for some reason not as good as the other episodes. I think a lot of it was just filler to build up for the last two episodes before TV Land abandons us during the holidays and calls it the “Fall Break.” Let’s go over the highlights of this episode.

MacLeish… words cannot describe how much this man annoys me. I was suspicious of him the moment he was discovered alive in the rubble. Then I got more annoyed when he acted as if he is a wholesome family man that is humble and only wants “to serve.” Well, this week MacLeish sort of drops his act and his mole side is showing. Emily and Aaron speak to MacLeish again at the request of President Kirkwood, they ask if he would like to be Vice President. MacLeish doesn’t even put on the same humble act as before and he quickly says yes to the opportunity.

Kirkman again catches another loss, when again his speech/public appearance is interrupted by some 0 to 100 action. This time, shots are fired at the White House sending everyone into a frenzy. I sighed heavily when I realized what was going on — it’s crazy that no one is paying attention to the fact that Nazar is in custody, if he was the man antagonizing the White House, then who is outside shooting? Why were no shots fired at a particular individual? Why has no one taken?

Emily is happy to be finally putting the missing pieces together on the lack of major white house staffers and tells Jason to vet MacLeish. Uh oh! Jason barely covers his shock and you can see him struggle to not freak out. A part of me wanted Jason to pull her to the side and try to talk her out of it, but we all know all she would do is run to Aaron who isn’t that far up on the trust scale from MacLeish.

After arguing over how to handle Nazar, it is decided that Jason and Hannah will interrogate him. At the beginning Nazar is bad ass, he tells an interesting story about how he shifted through the rubble for days to look for his family after a U.S. missile strike. Nazar said for that very reason the U.S. cannot break him. What Nazar failed to realize is that Hannah is very thorough at her job, and despite her pretty face and slim figure, she can pack a punch. She gets Nazar to admit that he took credit for a bombing he didn’t commit and that Ketterland is the name of the person who put him up to it. Ketterland… Kettlebell… Kirkman… haha. Interesting names of the cast members, but I enjoy it. Anywho, after Nazar drops Kettlebell- umm Ketterland’s name he mysteriously ends up dead in the interrogation room. It will be covered up, but we must wonder: did someone kill Nazar or did Nazar kill Nazar?

Back at the White House, Kirkman gives a rousingly honest speech to get governors on his side. Kirkman appears to be winning, the governors are smiling and then — as expected — things don’t go his way. They tell him that they will work with him and come to the table to rebuild Congress, but only if he gives up his immigration reform. What? These politicians are being very opportunistic and put Kirkman in a tough position. Immigration or Congress? Kirkman speaks with his wife (who elected herself as his legal counsel, by the way — bad idea) to vent and get guidance. Ultimately Kirkman decides what he really wants right now is a functioning Congress, and that’s what he picks. 

This episode was a direct reflection of current U.S. politics and I do hope they can at least get it right in the end. In the next two episodes before the break, I really hope they show more details of the plot that is working against Kirkman. There are still plenty of unanswered questions:

  • Will Seth snitch about Leo to his crush?
  • Will Kirkman get mad his wife elected herself to be his legal counsel?
  • Will MacLeish make contact with whoever is plotting against the president?

Kory FischerKory is a freelance writer and one of the co-founders of Type 4 Naturals, a trio of women who blog about natural hair and other lifestyle topics. Kory has an MBA and currently works full-time in the HR field. Outside of her 9 to 5 and writing she’s a beauty/fashion model, geek, and a foodie.

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