This is the time of year to get your beauty shelf filled with inventory to help your delicate skin brace the harsh cold weather this season.  In addition to making sure you hydrate yourself with lots of H20, eat dark green leafy vegetables, and exercise 2-3 times a week you also need to have the right kind of moisturizer to help hydrate your skin.

CV Skinlabs is a natural, organic and luxuriously soothing skin care product that nurtures and repairs sensitive skin while restoring a youthful radiance.  CV Skinlabs is designed to combat a myriad of skin conditions for all skin types which includes: eczema, dermatitis, dullness, redness, inflammation, itching, burning, irritation, chronic dryness, and more.  Their moisturizer soothe the damaging effects of cosmetic laser treatments, sun exposure, chemotherapy, waxing, shaving, and everyday wear and tear.

I tried the Calming Moisture and Restorative Skin Balm myself and was very impressed by its effects.  The Calming Moisture has a cool soothing effect on your skin.  It’s like any other lotion, but your skin does stay hydrated longer than most lotions I’ve used in the past.  The Skin Balm is a pomade-based formula that is perfect for chapped lips and very dry areas of your skin.

I preferred using this product in the creases of my nose and on my lips.  One day I decided to use the Skin Balm on my entire face, and yes, I used only a very small amount to avoid my skin looking too greasy, but after covering powder foundation on my face it decreased the shine while still keeping my skin moisturized.

CV Skinlabs are little more pricier than what I am used to purchasing at my local drug store, but making sure your skin is in excellent condition may be worth the investment.

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