Debuting this April, artist Paul Louise-Julie will take space opera to a whole other level with Yohancè Yohancé the Ekangeni Crystal, an African space epic that might possibly put Star Wars to shame.

In a nutshell, Yohancé details the journey of a thief that ends up being becoming part of a war that is sweeping the galaxy. There’s not much known about the project, but just with the concept art alone, the Yohancé Facebook page already passed the 3,000 like mark. Just by looking at the above image, it is easy to sense you can already sense the expansive universe Paul is creating. Although the cinematic imagery may seem Star Wars-esque, the influence is solely from African mythology.


The influence of Star Wars is strong with this one Poster art by Paul Louise-Julie



An AfroFuturist Cityscape by Paul Louise-Julie
Yohancée art by Paul Louise-Julie


Paul Louise-Julie’s dream is not to just capture the Star Wars aesthetic. His aim is to create a new African mythology similar to what Lord of the Rings did for European mythology. His dream began with his previous graphic novel series, The Pack, whose first issue hit #1 in Amazon’s Best Seller list. According to his interview in the Tao of Otaku podcast, Paul’s master plan consists of 2 phases, MCU style: Phase 1 consists of The Pack and the prequel Yohancé: The Ekangeni Crystal which are to be released this year. Phase 2 continues in 2017 and onwards with the release of the Yohancé trilogy.

Yohancé: The Ekangeni Crystal will be released in about 2 months. Check out Yohancè’s Facebook PageYohancé’s Facebook Page to see the gorgeous (gorgeous I tell you!) artwork and wait impatiently for April to come.

To hear more about Paul Louise-Julie’s works, including specific release dates and an amazing discussion on the power of mythology, listen to Tao of Otaku’s interview.


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