Necole Ryse, self-published author of Shorties: Hanging Writer’s Block Out to Dry is scheduled to release her first novel The Legacy in June 2014, after only 4months of joining Winslet Press.
The Legacy follows nineteen-year old Raevyn Jones as she battles to conceal her sketchy past and maintain her family’s legacy in the Black Ivy League at Benjamin Wallace Fitzgerald University. Described as “A Different World” meets “Pretty Little Liars” The Legacy introduces you to a world where people will do anything to protect their legacy, even kill.

Readers of Necole’s books have expressed great enthusiasm for past and upcoming projects, as seen throughout her social networks and Amazon reviews.

“Though Necole Ryse is considered a novice, this breakout writer is well on her way to a higher status. SHORTIES her introductory book, is a relaxed yet engaging read that will leave you wanting more.”

-Kari Dee, Philadelphia, PA

Necole Ryse quit her job in May 2013 to pursue her passion for writing. Her first self-published book Shorties: Hanging Writer’s Block Out to Dry ranked #71 on Amazon’s Top 100 List. Read more on The Legacy and other upcoming novels at

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