Jasmine Doster was born in Fairfield, CA on Travis Air force base on February 20, 1988. She was raised in Charleston, SC by a single mother. She was an inquisitive child with much interest and a leader among peers. At the tender age of six years old she was off starting her first organization called “The Girls Club” on the playground of Buist Academy she went on to start a step team at her high school as well as lead the dance line captain in marching band. It is obvious to see that she had the skills of an entrepreneur, innovator and mantle carrier since birth. Growing up in a small southern town like Charleston, SC got Jasmine to view life from a small scale.

She always dreamed of moving away from there and living in a major metropolitan city like the ones she saw on TV. She always knew that there was something more out there in life than what she had seen growing up, and she wanted to discover that. Average is far from what she wanted to attain. When she got her very first job at sixteen years old she worked as a cashier at Taco Bell, and she absolutely hated. She pondered what it would be like to own the Taco Bell instead of standing up all day taking taco orders. Not knowing the mechanics or specifics on how businesses were necessarily crafted together, she knew from that point on that she wanted to become a business owner some day and be on the other side of the equation. With big dreams after graduating from high school Jasmine went to Howard University in Washington, DC. At Howard University she majored in Radio/TV/Film with a Telecommunications Management concentration and a Sports Management minor.

Those four years of undergraduate school were a time of growth and self-discovery. Like most kids when they go off to college and are on their own for the first time they cut loose and often time get into cycles of habits like partying, staying out late, drinking, smoking, and unhealthy relationships. During this period, Jasmine was trying to be this “Video Vixen” model girl. She did a few music videos and auditioned for men’s magazines in competition with the other ladies for the most attention. Taking those bikini photos and having them posted on her website, party flyers and magazines made Young, Fly & Sanctified Movement College Tour her feel important. Everyone wants to feel a sense of importance or significance, right? A lot of these destructive behaviors and goals were deeply rooted in low-self-esteem, selfish-ambition and not truly knowing her value as a young woman. During Jasmine’s senior year at Howard University, she also decided to go back to attending church on a weekly basis. One month before graduation from Howard University a girlfriend of hers invited her to visit her church, and she finally decided to attend and there at that church she experienced the love of God like never before.

She met Jesus there at Jubilee Christian Church International; the manifest presence of God touched her heart. The word spoken through the pastor during this service was so powerful, unadulterated and direct that she was convicted of her sinful lifestyle. In result, she decided to wholeheartedly give her life to Christ. With Jasmine’s new found salvation, she decided to take a vow of celibacy until marriage. After giving her life to Christ and attending the new members classes at church, she began on a full on seek for a personal relationship with Jesus. Through immersing herself in the bible and eating the word of God she now has the desire to live her life for God and his purposes. She knows that the Word of God can truly open one’s eyes and make them a brand new creature. A lot of insecurities began to leave and discovered how much God loves and how valuable she is to him. In Christ, she knew her value was not in how many magazine spreads she could book, television shows she could book, what brand of clothing she wore, whom she knew or any of those meaningless things that society places value in. A women’s beauty is in her heart and character.

She experienced God’s transforming power through the renewing of the mind, and her life has never been the same. She is completely new person in every sense. After graduating from Howard University, Doster was hired as the National Accounts Manager at an advertising company in Georgetown. She thought it was her “real job” with the big, but after only five weeks the company said they could not pay for her position anymore and stopped paying her wage. She quit the job and had to file a case against the employer at the DC Department of Labor to make them pay the money she was owed. As a new college graduate, this put a particularly bad taste in her mouth for traditional employment. In America people are taught to go to school, then get a good job with benefits and retire at 65, but it does not always work out that way. Since she did earn a degree in Radio/TV/Film, she applied for jobs in the entertainment business and did not find paying work in the field. Most of the entertainment companies in places like Los Angeles, CA want people to intern for free. So, she went from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, CA to South Carolina looking for work that would be fulfilling. Young, Fly & Sanctified Movement College Tour After experiencing theses career roadblocks, she became more determination to truly press into God and see what his specific calling and purpose is for her life.

She wanted to use her God given gifts to serve others through a business venture that would be her own. Back in 2010 she attended a Real Estate Investors Association meeting in Washington, DC where she learned more about the real estate investing industry which certainly sparked her interest. Since then, she has self-studied real estate, business systems, financial literacy, and personal development. In result of taking action and applying what she learned Jasmine discovered a true passion? She is currently studying to get her Masters of Business Administration in Finance to further her knowledge in business since she has the passion. The same vigor that was present when she started “The Girls Club” when she was six years old has been restored upon her. Not only is Jasmine passionate about business, but she is also passionate about life coaching. She is dedicated to helping other women discover their purpose in life. She offers life coaching that identifies and overcome internal obstacles, creates lasting changes in the lives of her coachees, helps them maximize their potential, and convert their dreams into a strategic game plan. Whether conducting trainings, workshops, teaching leadership seminars, giving dynamic motivational messages, or serving as a professional life coach.

Jasmine Doster is inspiring people from all walks of life through the power of public speaking.

Jasmine will appear on Sunday night’s episode of the Black Girl Nerds podcast on 7/28 at 7pm EST.  After the podcast Jasmine will be available for additional questions or feedback on the new Blerdology Blerd Form!

Jasmine’s Blogsite is: www.RBTreasures.org