What we all have whispered within the corners of the interwebs and among our online circles of who we may suspect Zendaya should be and who we want Zendaya to become has finally been revealed!

According to The Wrap, Zendaya will be playing long-time Spider-Man love interest Mary Jane Watson in next summer’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” two individuals with knowledge of the project told TheWrap.

Get ready fans this movie just got a little more interesting and I’m so psyched to see Mary Jane Watson being played by a Black woman!  As Black girl nerds this is the kind of representation we have been longing for and seeking for a long time!

Zendaya is best known for her role in the Disney sitcom Shake It Up and made an appearance in the star studded music video short film Lemonade created by Beyonce. We’re so excited to see what will come of this project and for the role of Mary Jane within the Spider-Man franchise.  Woop woop!