“My sadness came from being uncomfortable not knowing
who I was… his came from knowing exactly what he was.”
A woman wakes up on top of dumpster half naked with no memory of who she is. You soon find out that this beautiful woman tattooed with angel wings is a highly trained professional killer. Angel is followed by Connor Jacobs, an autistic teenager with physical photo memory who knows exactly where they both come from, and refuses to go back. Should Angel rely on the unpredictable Connor, or ditch him during their hot pursuit? As the two are hunted down by assassins, they have no choice but confront their past and decide their future.
The Angel Falling Team: 
Jeff Kaufman – writer  (Terminal Alice, Whore)
Kevin West – artist  (Justice League America, Guardians of the Galaxy)
Tom Chu – colorist  (X-Men, Vampires the Marvel Undead)
Mark Mckenna – inker  (Star Wars, Batman, X-Men)  
Meet the Creators at:
8/09-11  – Wizard World Con in Chicago, IL
8/23-25  – Tampa Bay Comic Con in Tampa, FL 
8/31-9/3  –  Austin Dragon con in Austin, TX10/11-14  – New York comic con in NYC, NY
More to be announced….