Grace Gipson

A Black Girl Nerd…I am proud to say yep that would be me. My name is Grace Gipson and I’m a current graduate student in the African American Studies program at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. This BGN loves anything that deals with African American Film/ Media & Popular Culture, and Race/Gender Issues in African American Film and Comic Books. Upon graduation, Grace plans to continue her journey to pursue a PhD in African American Studies.

 Outside of professional and academic interests, Grace loves to travel, an avid reader especially comic books, writer of poetry, music lover, movie junkie, and community service worker. An important aspect of her life is spending quality time with family, friends, and enjoying school. Each of these aspects have contributed to Grace being the wonderful daughter, sister, friend, and aspiring scholar she is today. You can also keep up with me on my film blog, Black Savant Cinema.

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