BGN TIFF 2017 Review: ‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami’

Grace Jones is like you’ve never seen her before in the new documentary film Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. She takes us down a journey of her most intimate and real experiences as an artist and gives us an inside look at her upbringing in Jamaica with her family and friends. The documentary Grace Jones:...

BGN TIFF 2017 Review: ‘Sighted Eyes | Feeling Heart’

Documentary filmmaker Tracy Heather Strain explores the life of the famed and world renown playwright and Black activist Lorraine Hansberry in the new documentary Sighted Eyes | Feeling Heart.  Hansberry is best known for her work in her landmark play A Raisin in the Sun. Lorraine Hansberry is the first Black woman to put on a...

“We Love Moses” Explores A 12-Year-Old’s Secret Crush That Changes Everything

We Love Moses, We Love, Moses, TIFF, Dionne Edwards
In the short film, We Love Moses, a selection at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, we explore a 12-year-old's secret crush on her brother's best friend. However, in one moment her life and his are changed dramatically in one shocking plot twist.  The film We Love Moses explores girlhood, relationships, and sexuality. This...

What’s Missing From The John Boyega Carnival “Debate”? Black Women’s Voices

John Boyega, Carnival, Caribana, Cropover, Caribbean, Black Women
Let Boyega be great. Last weekend was Notting Hill Carnival, London’s premiere festival celebrating Caribbean music, culture and costumes.  This type of festival is a global event, albeit named in different ways. For Toronto, it’s known as Caribana. For Barbados it’s known as Cropover (otherwise known as “the festival that Rihanna graces her presence...

BGN Tech Talk: Kimmoy Matthews Chats Travel and Breaking Into Technical Writing

If you've wondered what "technical writing" is, Kimmoy Matthews tells BGN exactly what it is and how to break in.

How Hurricane Harvey Hit My Home

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey came in like a force, with a sweeping flood over my favorite city, my hometown, Houston. As a Native Houstonian, the love I have for my city knows no bounds. As someone who visits regularly to see all of my family, extended family, and many of my friends, it has been devastating...

Why Black Women Need Iris West

Iris West, Iris West, Iris West, Iris West, Iris West,
In this essay, I will explain why black women need Iris West. For 60 years, iconic comic book lovers Barry Allen and Iris West have always managed to find each other no matter what part of the multiverse they reside in at any moment in time. Whether it is lightning, love, the power of...

Thor:Ragnarok Superpower of STEM Challenge

Calling on Girls to Channel Their Superpowers of STEM for Good and Get a Chance to Win a Trip to the Premiere of Marvel Studios’ THOR: RAGNAROK and a Mentorship presented by Disney, Marvel Studios, Dolby Laboratories and Synchrony Bank. Disney,Marvel Studios, Dolby Laboratories, Synchrony Bank, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Broadcom MASTERS and Society for Science & the...

Teacher, A Girl, and the Right Supremacy

Teacher A Girl, Teacher A Girl, Teacher A Girl, Teacher A Girl
A girl has no name in the classroom other than being called wrong. A girl must act right but can never be right fully. A girl has two tools; she uses them both but only one can be her dominant tool. Sinister and wrong, teacher labels her. The smacking thud of the ruler stings...

BlackStar Film Festival QOTD

When you gather a bunch of artists together, you're bound to come across some pretty cool ensembles. The BSFF was no different. Check out what folks wore and what they had to say about BlackStar. Importance of the Festival "I'm so excited and happy to be around artists. It's everything that life is supposed to be,...