Kristin St. John

My name is Kristin St. John, but some of you may know me as St. John, Kris, KJSTJ or Don Dada (don’t ask). I live in Alexandria, VA with my ten-year-old pug Mia, but some of you may know her as Mooch, Mia Hamm, Momma Mia or @MIATHEPUG (Yes, she has a twitter following). My life is an open book which some folks may try to close but no one actually ever puts down. My life experiences, just like everyone else in the world, have made me who I am today. Unlike everyone else in the world, my friends seem to take great pride and joy in embellishing my life experiences which makes for interesting conversations – to say the least.

From sharing new artists with family and friends, to enriching my godsons’ lives with a love of Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, to introducing co-workers to local and independent artists to offering suggestions of musical genres to complete strangers standing in line at a shop, I am known for my love of music (among other things we don’t really need to get into here). To say I love music would be to say I love breathing or living. It’s more than love. It’s an essential part of me, a part of my mind, my soul and my well-being. Music is my life. I love to share it with everyone I meet, and hopefully with those of you I’ve yet to meet but will reach through my writings.


Twitter: @miathepug

Google+: KristinStJohn

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