Tech Team

Our tech team consists of top notch coders, web designers, consultants, and artists.  The BGN Tech Team were instrumental in setting up this Wordpress site and illustrating the designs! We are grateful for their hard work and effort!


Robert Young – Digital Designer and Web Developer

I recently embarked on my second phase in life as an animator, web developer, and new media artist after 20 years of globetrotting in the Air Force. Recently I settled in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have a passion for design that pushes me to constantly learn new techniques to expand my skill set. I love what I do and in the end I hope my work displays that.

When I am not immersed in a block of code or thumbnailing ideas for a new project, you will often find me enjoying dancing, discovering new music, drinking cups of hot java, and geeking out on movies of all genres.

Twitter: @robertcyoung

Cynthia Lanel – Coder

I’m a late bloomer and avid wearer of formal sweatpants. I love tinkering with technology and learning about how things work. When I’m not working or writing code into the wee hours in the morning in my pajamas, I enjoy reading, playing video games, cooking and traveling. My humble digital abode can be found at and on Twitter @cynthialanel


Asia Kendrick-Horton –  Digital Illustrator

Asia is a super nerdy freelance illustrator based in Northern California. Self-taught digital artist! Specializes in character design, concept art, and graphic design. Tools of the trade include Photoshop CS6, Paint Tool SAI, and a very old,very battle-scarred Wacom Intuos3 6×8″ Tablet.

Asia created the triple BGN girls graphic next to the site logo.  You can find her on Twitter @asieybarbie

k.screenshotKayona Ebony Brown – Technical Consultant

Kayona is a writer, actress, entrepreneur from Washington, DC, and a creative and technical consultant for numerous independent artists and small businesses. Her debut novel, Tenth Letter, is available at in paperback and everywhere electronic books are sold.

Kayona created the new Black Girl Nerds logo for the website and business cards.

Twitter: @iamkayona

Alinda Angerville – Digital Designer and Web Developer
I actually started out coding back when the little man was running across the computer screen and “You got Mail” was the universal acknowledgment that you had connected to the internet. So ostensibly I was a Black Girl Nerd way before it was a thing or cool for that matter.
Relocating from the bustling streets of New York to the laid back burbs of Charlotte NC has allowed me to continue exploring the digital arts and to continue to upgrade and expand my skillset which includes Web design, digital art, and data analysis. When I am not ensconced in my “war room aka computer room”, I am likely to be found working with my furry best friend doing therapy work, or visiting the nearest museum or art exhibition.
Twitter: @Blkphoenix66
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