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#28DaysOfBlackCosplay: Mythril-Arts

#28DaysOfBlackCosplay: Mythril-Arts


Washington, DC

How long have you been cosplaying?

I have been cosplaying since 2011.

What was your first convention?

My very first anime con was Anime USA 2004. First con I cosplayed at was T-MODE 2011.

What was your first cosplay?

My first costume was Alice Elliot from the PS2 game Shadow Hearts. I still remember how nervous and excited I was when I walked out for the first time wearing it!

Do you feel you have a cosplay expertise? If so what would it be? (i.e. props, sewing etc.)

If I had to choose, I guess prop work is my strongest area. I love creating props the most and finding new techniques for construction and painting. I especially like using resin to make jewelry pieces and small props.

What have been your least and most expensive cosplays?

My cheapest cosplay is LoZ: Wind Waker Link, pajamas version only because all I needed to make it was fabric, fabric paint, a wig and really cheap Walmart shoes. Most expensive is Princess Agitha from LoZ: Twilight Princess due to the variety of fabric I had to get, resin cast pieces, Worbla, various paints, and buying materials over and over again due to messing up!

What is your favorite convention to attend?

MAGFest is the con in recent memory where I’ve had the most fun. It consistently has such a chill and friendly atmosphere, and it’s in a beautiful location (Gaylord National Harbor in Maryland).

What is your dream convention to attend?

I already attended the big Star Trek con in Las Vegas and will be going to the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this year. I would die happy if I could attend E3. My real dream is that these cons would be closer to where I live!

What is your dream cosplay?

When I have sufficient skill and time, I would LOVE to create Padme Amidala’s fluffy pretty gown from the parade scene at the end of Star Wars Episode I.

What do you hate about cosplay?

What I don’t like is how much time and effort goes into making your own cosplay. I can be incredibly impatient and often underestimate the commitment necessary to finish a project.

What do you love about cosplay?

My favorite part of cosplay is when the costume is complete and you step out onto the con floor wearing it for the first time. I always get butterflies!

Tell us something cool!

Cosplay is all about dressing up as your favorite character and bringing them to life. Surround yourself with people who agree and will support you!
Ganondorf taken by S1Price Lightworks
Anise Tatlin taken by Camera 58/imstee
Agitha taken by Stephen Lin
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