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8 Must-See Anime For Halloween Fans

8 Must-See Anime For Halloween Fans

Halloween is almost here and this is the perfect time to binge on horror, supernatural, and monster-themed anime. If you’re looking for something new to watch this October, take a look at the below list of spooky or maybe not-so-spooky treats.


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In this world, human-like creatures called ghouls feed off of human flesh. Ken Kaneki had the misfortune of being attacked and in the process was turned into a half-ghoul. Now to survive he must reside amongst the ghouls and learn to live like one.





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Set in Victorian-era England, murderers like Jack the Ripper roam the streets. The Queen can only rely on one person, Ciel Phantomhive, to do the country’s dirty work and keep England safe. Ciel having made a pact with a demon, now his butler, has a supernatural advantage. Together they work day and night to maintain the safety and dignity of the country.


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Death Weapon Meister Academy, run by the Grim Reaper, trains teens to become weapon meisters and weapons. Student meister, Maka Albarn, and her weapon, Soul, go on adventures protecting the world from evil humans, demons, and witches. Maka often fights alongside allies such as Professor Franken Stein, Death the Kid, a magic cat that throws pumpkin bombs, a zombie teacher, and more.


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Dracula takes revenge on the town responsible for burning his wife at the stake, sending legions of demons to slaughter them. However, standing in his way is Trevor Belmont, demon hunter, whose family vowed to protect humanity from Dracula.


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Staz is an otaku vampire who is infatuated by humans and human things despite having never met a human. One day he encounters a human girl, Fuyumi Yanagi, who accidentally travels to the Demon World through a portal. Unfortunately, she’s devoured moments after Staz meets her and is turned into a ghost. Now Staz must go on a quest to find a way to bring her back to life.

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In this world, when people die they are sent to bars run by bartenders who decide their fate through common bar games with a supernatural twist. People quickly learn the true hearts of their friends and companions once they have to compete with one another to determine who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell.


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The quaint lifestyle of a small village is disrupted when new mysterious neighbors move into a nearby mansion. Suddenly the town is plagued by a number of perplexing deaths which cause resembles acute cases of amnesia; the peoples’ bodies having been drained of nearly all its blood. As Doctor Toshio Ozaki investigates the odd deaths he comes to the conclusion that it may be the work of “shiki”, vampire-like creatures.



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Atsuko Kagari enrolls into Luna Nova Magical Academy to become a witch like her idol, Shiny Chariot. Unfortunately, without having a magical background school is harder for her than it is for the other girls. That is until she stumbles upon, Shiny Arc, a magical tool once owned by Chariot.



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  • Can I add xxxHOLiC and Blood C (if you can handle gore) to the list! xxxHOLiC is great if you love creepy Japanese folklaw, although the manga is infinitely better than the unfortunately quite low budget anime.

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