Segment 1: In a roundtable discussion featuring hosts Jamie, Caron, Jacqueline, Tora and Mel we discuss feminism and its lack of intersectionality towards women of color, queer women and women with disabilities.

Segment 2: The Few is a new sci-fi webseries that made its debt on Feb 2nd. Actor Sam Benjamin stops by to tell us about the UK based show that features superheroes. Hosted by Caron.

Segment 3: Actress/Comedian Kym Whitley has us in stitches as she chats with Tora about her latest film Fist Fight which releases in theaters nationwide on Feb 17th.

Edited by: Jamie Broadnax
Music by: Sammus and SkyBlew

Listen to “BGN #102 | Kym Whitley, The Few & Intersectional Feminism” on Spreaker.

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  • Ashley W

    Yes Jacqueline! I agree. The cloak that is put on in these specific circumstances is a true feeling. I went to the march in LA for the reason to be black and show my face because I felt I needed to represent us. And I was in the right place at the right time. At one point there was a group of women shouting something about America was never great. To which this white woman (45-55?) turned to say, “No, no no. America was once great”. To which I sarcastically said, “Says the white lady” and she turned around, beat red with apology mouth. She wasn’t really sorry but at least I was there to make her feel some guilt. And don’t get me started on those hats.