Segment 1: Actress/model Laura Harrier joins us to chat about her role as Liz Allen in the new film Spider-Man Homecoming.  

Hosted by: Kay-B

Segment 2: Actor Nelsan Ellis passed away July 8th, 2017 and he will be missed.  We feature one of the most popular scenes he played as Lafayette Reynolds in True Blood and a snippet of an interview he did with Sway and Heather B on Sway In The Morning.

Segment 3:  At Tidewater Comic Con Jason Mewes makes an appearance and entertains the crowd as well as share his latest projects with his colleague Kevin Smith.


Recorded by: Jamie Broadnax

Music by: Sammus

Edited by: Jamie Broadnax


Listen to “BGN #121 I Spider-Man Homecoming, Nelsan Ellis Tribute, and Jason Mewes” on Spreaker.

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