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BGN Comic Review: Gamora #1

BGN Comic Review: Gamora #1


Book #1 begins with a sleepless Gamora thinking about her birthday and the fact that only serves to bring about painful memories of how her entire race was destroyed by the Badoon. Now, she is in the ‘care’ of Thanos…however, her adoptive father only wanted to use his new daughter as a living weapon.

When Thanos arrives to give Gamora her birthday ‘gift’, he reveals it will be the means to end the bloodline of those responsible for ending hers.

As Gamora strikes down each and every member of the Badoon royal family, she finds no solace. In fact, she has the feeling that it is not quite finished.  In fact, Thanos’ gift is actually using Gamora as a diversion while he and Nebula search for a mysterious item known as the elemental.

The lone Badoon who had been hiding amongst the treasures is kidnapped by Thanos and Nebula, where is tortured by Nebula into revealing the location of the elemental. However, he does not know what the elemental is and fearing for his life, he decides to reveal a secret to Nebula- one which she gleefully realizes she can use against her sister.

After hearing the secret, Gamora takes matters into her own hands and ventures out on a mission of her own- without the permission of Thanos. This sends Thanos into a fit of rage aimed at Nebula since she is the reason for Gamora’s departure.

The book ends with the cliffhanger of Gamora on her way to a dangerous planet for a dangerous purpose and it made me anxious to know where Nicole Perlman is taking this story.

The moments where we were allowed into Gamora’s thoughts were enjoyable, as it’s not often we get to see the emotional side of her character and Perlman easily demonstrated that Gamora is much more than a highly-trained killer.

In issue #1 we better understand the relationships between Gamora and Thanos, Nebula and Gamora, and even Thanos and Nebula. Each relationship seems more toxic than the next and it’s hard to pinpoint which one might be the worst. Honestly, it’s a wonder how the trio hasn’t killed one another yet.

The scenes of dysfunctional chaos (specifically a major fight scene between Gamora and Nebula) certainly give the artist, Marco Checcetto lots to work with. Each panel is greatly detailed and the beautiful artwork is amazing on every page. The colors by Andres Mossa are equally as impressive and the trio of Perlman, Checchetto and Mossa from quite the team.

Gamora #1 is available now, be sure to check it out!

Britany Murphy is a Toronto-based photographer, artist, and writer with a love of all things nerdy. In her spare time, she can be found working on her art pieces, reading everything from comic books to non-fiction, listening to music or watching too many TV shows and movies to keep track of.

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