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BGN Comic Review: Secret Weapons Issue 2

BGN Comic Review: Secret Weapons Issue 2

By Kai Charles


Eric Heisserer (Author), Raul Allen (Contributor)


The tension builds in this story as Amanda, Nikki and Owen continue to search for clues about the creature who is hunting them, Rex-O.


There is a cute energy between Nikki and Owen in this issue. They may be catching feelings for each other at the worst possible time. While the trio is searching for clues, Rex-O has found another target. Malakar is a student with the power labeled Stoneskin, he can literally turn to stone. While in this form Makakar is safe from harm, but cannot move.


He also has the dead weight of a stone statue!


Amanda and the crew arrive on the scene in time to help with the battle, yet Amanda can’t truly convince Malakar of the danger he is in and, he leaves. The clues Amanda has put together all lead to the code name Scavenger, and in the last pages of this issue, we glimpse the man behind the monster.


This series makes me giddy! I cant gush enough about the art! The team’s use of color and shading adds a texture of realism to every panel. The covers are full of vibrancy, and the variant covers are beautiful artistic close ups of Amanda.


I also loved the behind the scenes look Eric gives in the end pages about how this story came from the pages of his Harbinger film script. I’m excited for Issue 3!

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