Some of your favorite BGN swag is currently on sale over at Teepublic during the Black Friday sale and guess what?  The sale is happening ALL week!  No need to wait one day for the sale and miss it when it passes.  We’re also having a Cyber Monday sale so stay tuned for that!

Catch me on Facebook Live on Black Friday for an unboxing of the latest swag we have available at Teepublic!  You guys are in for a treat!

Our Teepublic store can be found out blackgirlnerds.com/tshirts

Tis the season to be nerdy!

Phone Case - Space Letterman Tote - Empower Crewneck Sweatshirt - Funky Medusa Sticker - Wonder Woman Tapestry - Greenpuffs Notebook - Nubia Art Deco Mug - Storm Hoodie - Move Kids Hoodie - Black Girl Brought to You by Black Girl Nerd Onesie - Bouquet Pillow - Its Time To Bloom Black Girl Nerds Store

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