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‘Emily In Paris’ Season 1, Episode 10: “Cancel Couture” — RECAP

‘Emily In Paris’ Season 1, Episode 10: “Cancel Couture” — RECAP

Emily In Paris Ep 10

Paris is in full fashion week, which means it is crowded with visitors. No food for Mindy and Emily. However, Mindy has a bit of good news: a gig at the drag show where she sang. She will be emceeing two nights a week; she just needs her employers to let her off. Mathieu texts Emily to meet her at La Pause right away. The moment she leaves someone sits at her spot, while Mindy is still there. Rude. 

Mathieu isn’t at La Pause exactly, he’s outside on a boat with a drink. He and Emily enjoy a boat ride on the Seine until the sun goes down. I would snatch him with a quickness! Forget American rules. According to Mathieu, Pierre won’t show anyone his new collection, which means we are all in for a surprise. Mathieu tells Emily to relax, then takes her to his place that has a fantastic view. 

Pierre disrupts the kissing couple by claiming that he wants to drop out of Fashion week. Huge problem that Emily tries to tell Sylvie, who for once is happy to see Emily and discuss her ideas on influencers for the fashion, but they are interrupted by Antoine and Luc. Poor Luc is desperately trying to present his pitch, but Antoine is trying to get Sylvie’s attention and Emily is worried about fashion week. News of Pierre’s withdrawal has hit the world and so does Emily’s relationship with Mathieu. Sylvie blames Emily for the whole debacle and fires her on the spot. 

Julien and Luc inform Emily that France’s bureaucracy takes months maybe years to handle. It’s impossible to get fired. They suggest that she comes in a couple days of the week and not make eye contact. It will all go away. Apparently, I need to move to France. Luc claims they will never desert her, but they rush to their desks with quickness when Sylvie comes out her office. Nice guys. 

Gabriel and Camille are going at it loudly, in public, about how selfish he is; he storms off and Camille spills the tea. It would seem that Gabriel has found a restaurant he can afford. In Normandy. He’s leaving next week. Emily can’t contain how shocked she is. Leave it to the girlfriend Emily. Camille is going to her parents’ to think things over.

Emily doesn’t leave it alone and talks to Gabriel about his decision. She is supportive of him despite losing a friend. He shows her pictures of the spot and tells her all about it. Poor Camille. Emily’s attempt at going back to the office is crashed by Sylvie. She was serious about firing Emily and will handle all her clients. Luc comes in to assist by suggesting that Emily help with Antoine’s account until her termination is complete. 

Grey Space took Pierre’s space at Fashion Week and invited Emily as well as Pierre. Pierre is pissed and wants to see Emily right away. Sylvie tags along. Pierre is excited to see Emily and shows her his latest design inspired by her. Emily loves it but Sylvie is shook. Of course, we won’t see it until Fashion Week. Mathieu points out to his uncle that he withdrew, but Emily has an idea. Good girl. Get the bag. Emily lied; she doesn’t have an idea but is inspired by Grey Space’s shock stunts. Sylvie is concerned for Savoir’s reputation. 

Mindy got fired from her job. Her conservative employers were not impressed by her new opportunity. She can be fired because she overstayed her visa. Yikes. Now she’s at Emily’s with all her things. Maybe she can move in downstairs after Gabriel leaves? Très opportune. Speaking of the handsome devil, Gabriel surprises Emily with a cast iron invitation to the restaurant for his last day. He wants to leave right away, and Camille doesn’t want to leave. Mindy urges her to go for the hottie, but Emily is a good girl. 

The next day at Fashion Week’s opening, there is a huge crowd for Grey Space’s show. Team Savoir and Mathieu are also there, ready to hatch their plan. Pierre dramatically emerges from his car and announces his fashion show. A truck full of models with his new dresses appear. The new line is colorful and ringarde proud! The fans chant his name as the ladies catwalk down the red carpet. Grey Space has been defeated at their own game! 

Celebratory dinner at Gabriel’s restaurant. Pierre is all over the news, and the man is beyond exhilarated. Gabriel’s last night is packed because Emily tagged the restaurant on Pierre’s insta account. Guess who saw the tag? Catherine Lambert. She and hubby Antoine make an appearance to enjoy the meal. Sylvie still can’t stand Antoine. 

Catherine tells Emily she is happy the girl is taking over the marketing account. It would seem Emily is better for her husband professionally and unprofessionally according to Catherine. I can’t deal with that. Nope. Once they are alone, Mathieu offers Emily a trip to Saint-Tropez, to celebrate her amazing work. She agrees to go this weekend. Yes girl! Have fun with Daddy. 

Antoine chats with Gabriel on why he is leaving. With a longing look at Emily, he states there is nothing left for him in Paris. Okay? Emily’s and Gabriel’s last goodbye is tricky with Mathieu standing there watching. Gabriel looks like he’s been crying. Aw shame man. I mean she can talk to him when she gets back to work. She decides not to wait after watching him from her place. The girl runs back to the restaurant, bangs on the doors, yelling his name, then tries to explain herself, but he pulls her in for a kiss, which ends with her in his bed. What happened to Mathieu, Emily? Hours later, Emily states that they shouldn’t see each other again so they don’t hurt Camille. Oh, now we are thinking of Camille? 

Sylvie informs Emily that she isn’t going through with the termination but from now on won’t be taking it easy on Emily. How were the past few months easy? Luc and Julien are happy for her. Mathieu has booked their train but despite the smiley face she texts, Emily doesn’t seem happy. Antoine happens to be at the little restaurant for business with Gabriel. Emily came in right in time to find out that Antoine is backing Gabriel in the restaurant. He’s not leaving, Antoine knows where Emily lives, and Camille wants to talk to Emily, right after finding out Gabriel is staying. How appropriate is the song “Non je ne regrette rien” playing in the background? Emily has a lot of regrets. Whew chile that is one way to leave us at a cliffhanger. 

Emily needs to get on a train and not look back. This show is lighthearted with a dash of drama and a lot of fashion, which one should expect from the infamous Darren Star. You might remember his other shows, like the equally fun show Sex and the City. The series brings to light old and new marketing practices that clearly imitate life. Not in such a dramatic way, but influencers are now a part of the marketing budget now. 

Lily Collins is darling as doe-eyed titular Emily, but I wish that Mindy had more screen time instead of just moments. I am hoping that with her character’s living situation, we can see more of her. Devil’s advocate or not, she is fun. She and Julien could be quite the pair if brought together. The soundtrack was pretty on point, nothing ringarde. Profiter de mes amis! Enjoy my friends!

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