Funko Takes On Andromeda


Just in case you were worried you wouldn’t have some adorable transglactic travelers to stand guard on your desk or vanity, or fireplace, Funko has revealed two of their Mass Effect Andromeda pops.

From the looks of it, the Ryder pop is sporting a rather fetching short haircut and smokey eye with a cocked, hand on hip stance. Meanwhile squaddie, Peebee is a vivid shade of asari blue with white detailing along her tentacle line, sporting the character’s signature war paint and atypically rugged outerwear.

While there’s no word on exactly when we can get our hands on these little ladies, the safe bet is that it will be soon!

Thankfully, we do know when the game will be hitting the public and that’s March 21st for North Americans and March 23rd for Europeans. Just this week however, Polygon reported that subscribers to EA Access or Origin Access will be able to dive into the Ryder saga 5 days early!

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