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Get ‘Acrimony’ on DIGITAL Today!

Get ‘Acrimony’ on DIGITAL Today!

Young Melinda is like a panther, she focuses on her prey and then attacks. Interesting enough, her prey is her husband in this film. Ajiona Alexus, the actress who plays young Melinda, discusses how her cat-like prowess works as protection as well. Even more interesting is how the young version of her husband, played by Antonio Madison, explains the couple’s relationship. To him, she is the hurricane and he is the eye of the storm.

Wonder why he would say that?  Take a look at the features clip below and you’ll understand exactly what he means.

Also in the clip, Tyler Perry discusses the importance of finding compatible actors to play Young Melinda and Young Robert. Madison also speaks of walking into his audition not knowing if he fit the part completely.

Watch the short clip below to hear more.

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