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‘Get Even’ Episode 9: Get It Out

‘Get Even’ Episode 9: Get It Out

Get Even

Bree comes across the headmaster speaking to Donte alone. Weird. Headmaster gives a speech about how they all need to go back to normal, you know, despite the fact that kids were murdered and one of their own was arrested. Logan can’t handle the assembly and walks out. Margot, being attentive, goes out to comfort him. He lets out that Olivia was the one who stole Margot’s diary. Dude, there goes my friendship ship. 

Olivia and Bree talk about the convenience of Christopher getting arrested but go back and forth on Donte being a suspect. Margot doesn’t want to be a part of anything and lets Olivia know that she knows what she did. Margot leaves the two and is surprised by Ed but she quickly rebuffs him then offers Logan the chance to sneak out of school with her. (I’m not not impressed but definitely not sure about this new development in Margot.) Bree and Olivia hatch a distraction plan to get more evidence from the detectives that seems to work. Shane breaks up with Bree unexpectedly by informing her that he knows she likes John. He’s not book smart but he is other kinds of smart.

Get Even

Donte and Kitty briefly have a conversation but it would seem that Kitty isn’t interested in his lighthearted friendly disposition. Margot claims that she no longer wants to be seen as the shy nerdy girl and wants to be more than that. She also wants to run away? Logan loves it, and they make a move. Kitty tries her best with Donte again, but this time, he kisses her back. These two decide they should go somewhere alone. John and Bree are the only two who need to be an official couple already. 

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Drama club is without a lead actor (Logan), a stage manager (Margot), and director (Christopher), which leads to all of them leaving except for Amber and Olivia. Amber is still stating that she was protecting Olivia. Their conversation needs to lead to a kiss already. Olivia kind of professes her love for Amber and Amber does the same. They finally kiss but Olivia isn’t ready yet to be out. Bree grabs Olivia as she is mentally trying to figure things out to inform her that Donte doesn’t have a great alibi for the night of Ronny’s murder. Donte also happens to be taking a walk with Kitty to his favorite place at the moment. 

Get Even

Bree and Dad finally get time together because Daddy took time off to be a parent. Yay! About time they have a heart to heart, and Bree finally smiles. Donte’s spot is heavily secluded, no one for miles. While alone in Logan’s car, Margot finds a DGM card in his dashboard. She asks him about the card and Logan claims that he is DGM. 

I have no idea what to say about that. Small suspicion but now just worried for our girl Margot. Damn.

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