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Injustice 2 Review

Injustice 2 Review


By James Deshommes

NetherRealm Studios a game company known for delving out some serious decent fighting games over the past few years such as Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat X and Injustice God’s Among Us has outdone itself with the new Injustice 2 DC fighting game. The game is well polished and enjoyable plus one that will rank up top among the best fighting games of this generation. The game for those who are new to the franchise is a game based on the elite DC Comic characters we have known to love and sometimes hate. The first Injustice game was well received from a good core of gamers and got somewhat legitimate scores upon review.

The noticeable changes that you see right away in this game are there is an insane amount of content you have at your disposal for a fighting game which is not usually the case, let alone a hefty story mode that takes anywhere from five to ten hours depending on your skill level. We are talking about all day one content to joyfully play through from the jump. This game which features the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, and a welcomed evil Superman just to name a few, draws a lot from its previous game which is to give you a reason to keep playing the game past a certain point. Street Fighter V which released early last year got a lot of backlash from the gaming industry for not having enough content on day one of release and many months after that. Plus when you decide to not include Arcade mode in a fighting game, that causes to raise some flags for anyone not looking to play multiplayer mode. Add to that the lackluster online mode of the game that had more than its share of hiccups to cause gamers to voice their opinions on Twitter directly at Capcom.

Injustice 2 seemed to be taking notes from the looks of it. Adding a mode called Multiverse allows you to immerse in hourly, weekly, and monthly game challenges to keep you well invested in the game before you decide to move onto to the next latest and greatest. Oh and the usually standard Arcade Single Player mode is in here as well. The game also adds some speed to its characters movements as well (Yes the Flash is in this game too) The main sticking point from the first game was how slow the fighters would move when pitted far across each other, but now their motions and movements are extremely fluid adding to a satisfying gaming experience that will envy all the Street Fighter fans in your life.

Blame Arrowverse all you want, but Black Canary is my standout favorite of the game not only because she is a character that you will rarely see in any of the comic based video games but because she can flat out fight! She not only has her signature siren scream that will take a good chunk of your life bar but her moves are reminiscent of a Martial arts fighter (Van Damme like). As you enter the world of Injustice 2, you will find it hard pressed not to find a character or two to go to war with on a daily basis. Seeing that NetherRealm Studios have done a great job of incorporating underrated fighters lesser known to most, I am already anticipating which new characters will shape up in their third installment. Who knows? Maybe Black Lightning will get a spot on the roster. Keep those gaming thumbs crossed. 

You don’t have to be a DC fan to get into this game nor do you have to be into comic books, but as a core gamer if you are seeking a decent fighting game this might end up being one of the best ones you have played in years.

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