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It’s Time for Power Morphicon!

It’s Time for Power Morphicon!

It’s affirmative, guys! The Power Morphicon convention is on this weekend in Anaheim! Now I’ve been to a lot of conventions, and I do mean A LOT  of conventions, but few have me as excited as this year’s Power Morphicon. This bi-annual convention boasts so many of my childhood faves that I think my 6th-grade bangs just spontaneously grew back (don’t act like me and Kimberly Hart were the only ones rocking bans back then)! This convention is not just for us old folks either! There will be stars from nearly EVERY iteration of our beloved ranger squads. Personally, I’ll be on the lookout for the SPD squad, and a certain buttery green ranger who made the year of my special needs nephew a while back in a special birthday video. I’ve got to shake that man’s hand.

The Power Morphicon Convention is celebrating its SIXTH show, the expo’s first at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The show is run by veteran convention artist and vendor Scott Zillner who annually puts on nearly a dozen shows in the Los Angeles and Sacramento areas including Japan World Heroes, a convention celebrating Japanese and Sentai related popular culture. Power Morphicon Convention has been held every other year since 2007, and Scott Zillner has been in control of the show since its second run in 2010. Since then, Power Morphicon Convention has been held consistently on even-numbered years.

Power Morphicon Convention hosts the largest number of actors and crew from the Power Rangers franchise, including artists and actors from the original Japanese Super Sentai series, upon which the Power Rangers television show is based. In addition to meeting their favorite actors from Power Rangers, fans and convention attendees will be able to purchase some convention exclusive merchandise. These special convention-only items are available for pre-order with your paid convention membership (attending or non-attending), or at the expo during the show. Items include the exclusive Lord Drakkon figurine (throne sold separately) and the black and gold Megazord Funko Pop! figurine. A convention-exclusive Power Morphicon Convention T-shirt is available for purchase, as well as metal Morphin’ Coins and specialized merchandise for Membership Tier.

I don’t know what you guys will be doing this weekend, but I will be at the Power Morphicon Convention in Anaheim, getting my Black Girl Nerd on, and I’m sure it will be MORPHINOMINAL!


A Deeper Look Into the Jackson Mississippi Water Crisis

Friday, August 17th – Sunday, August 19th, 2018

With special Day 0 Thursday Even Added!

Located at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California


*Vendors and Artists*Celebrity Guests*Cosplay Contest*

*Meet and Greets*Photo Ops*Convention-Exclusive Merchandise*


*POWER MORPHICON 2018 has over 101 celebrities from multiple series of the

Power Rangers franchise booked and ready to meet their fans*

Celebrity Lineup includes original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers appearances such as:

Jason David Frank – Tommy the Green Ranger – Saturday Only

Austin St. John – Jason the Red Ranger – Special Thursday Appearance

Walter Jones – Zack the Black Ranger

                                       Steve Cardenas – Rocky the Red Ranger

Karan Ashley – Aisha the Yellow Ranger

David Fielding – Zordon

Jason Narvy – Skull

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