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‘Kings of Jo’Burg,’ Season 1 Episode 4: “Equilibrium” — RECAP

‘Kings of Jo’Burg,’ Season 1 Episode 4: “Equilibrium” — RECAP

Lester meets with Simon about a job within the city that involves a Chinese engineering company within South Africa that is moving five million that he is willing to share. Jazmine is stirring the pot with Phumzi when it comes to Mo and what he tells Phumzi. 

At Simon’s house, Angela and the family are concerned over Tlotlo’s recovery. Tlotlo hasn’t been taken to the hospital for his wound and Mo is by his side. Keneilwe places an item around Tlotlo’s neck, begging him to come back. When Simon arrives, so do the police officers who are there to check on Tlotlo but under the premise that Mo didn’t meet his parole officer. They want to see Tlotlo or take Mo in for violating his parole. The family insists that Tlotlo has a spiritual sickness. Angela refuses to allow the cops in and demands they arrest her, but the cops leave, and the family is surprised by Angela’s performance. Sting is checking out a home for Simon. 

The captain and Jazmine visit Zaza (Lunathi Mampofu) to identify Menzi’s body. Tlotlo is awake and is surprised that the cops believed he is being called to be a Sangoma. Zaza goes down to the morgue and identifies her father. While alone, she states, “They are going to pay for this.” Mo tries to talk to Tlotlo about the club, but the kid would rather not speak on it, so Mo answers Tlotlo’s question about why he turned himself in. Tlotlo states he didn’t get a very normal upbringing, so Mo mentions that they can start a fresh life and business. The cops question Zaza on who she thinks killed her father with no success. 

Keneilwe confronts Simon on the mermaid that apparently has taken the lives of her children. This mermaid is how Simon has been able to come out unscathed. Ayanda confronts Mo about starting a new life because it is unrealistic for them. Zaza has a plan for Mimi. Mo comes home to Phumzi, who has questions about Tlotlo’s injuries, but they share a moment when Mo mentions that Tlotlo has called him dad. Mimi is wheeled in to meet with Zaza. Zaza wants to meet with Tlotlo or else Mimi dies. 

Angela talks to Simon about Mo and Phumzi affecting Tlotlo. Meanwhile, Keneilwe can hear the mermaid but later talks to Simon about the heist. Mo tries to pay rent for the next six months but Phumzi is not interested in the money or dealing with Mo as a gangster. 

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Lester deals with his brother Cyrus throwing a fit over not being at the table with Simon right before they pull their hit. Cyrus takes things too far, ends up on a moving car as their hit drives off. Simon is informed by Sting that the people he was looking for have crossed the border to Botswana. The next day, Simon and Keneilwe watch the news report on the hit turned bad. Keneilwe points out that he should’ve been handling the hit, not allowing the boys to do it. Mo walks in and asks Simon for a job, but the siblings all end up squabbling to the point that shares are being dissolved. Stan and Jazmine hash over the newest crime, but she brings it back to the way Menzi was killed and how Tlotlo is involved. Tlotlo and Mo find the club turned over, then Phumzi calls about random guys watching their apartment. 

Keneilwe talks to Simon about fixing the issue of Mo trying to leave the family business. When he arrives home, Mo doesn’t find anyone watching the house but has security up. The family has a braai, inviting Mo, but he sticks to staying with Phumzi. Simon sends Angela out on a favor to speak to Phumzi on visiting the family, but first a lunch. She can act because Phumzi agrees to lunch then ends up getting threatened by a man with a gun about people going straight. She takes her home to recover. Mo gets upset enough to demand info on who threatened her. Simon and Mo move the diamonds the next day for the deal. Simon is doing the move but is kidnapped and betrayed by his own men, but luckily the siblings are tracking his whereabouts. A kid is laid out on the road while Keneilwe speeds to the area. Men pop out the bushes with guns blazing. Mo pulls Simon into her car while the kidnapper is in trouble. Sting gets out of being killed. 

Later the Masires plus Phumzi begin dinner when Keneilwe is informed that the Khuzwayo brothers, Cyrus and Lester, are at the house to talk with Simon and Mo about a new hit. Once the brothers agree, Mo walks out.

That is one way of getting your brother back into the family business. I wonder how long Tlotlo is going to be kept alive. Will Simon ever confess that he has children? What is going to happen? 

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