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‘Loki’ Season 1 Episode 4: “The Nexus Event” — RECAP

‘Loki’ Season 1 Episode 4: “The Nexus Event” — RECAP

A young Sylvie is arrested by TVA watchmen led by Ravonna. She is brought to the judge but gets out of Ravonna’s clutches, grabs a Tempad, and leaves. 

Present time Ravonna steps out of the elevator and meets with the three Timekeepers. 

A worried Mobius meets Ravonna after her meeting with the Timekeepers. Ravonna is being blamed for both Loki’s and Sylvie’s shenanigans. Mobius pleads for access to the commander who was taken by Sylvie. Unfortunately, the commander is dead because of the enchantment Sylvie put on her. That doesn’t seem correct but okay, Ravonna. Ravonna states that they’re all in danger as long as Sylvie and Loki are out there. 

Loki apologizes to Sylvie as Lamentis is near the end. Sylvie tells Loki how she remembers Asgard and how the universe wants to break free and that’s why it manifests chaos. Her being born the goddess of mischief is proof of the chaos. The TVA showed up, erased her from the timeline, and held her prisoner, but she escaped with the Tempad and ran for her life. Everywhere she went sent up a smoke flare because she isn’t supposed to exist. Eventually, Sylvie figured out where to hide so the TVA can’t find her. Now, this is apocalypse where she’s to die. 

At TVA, Hunter B-15 and Mobius desperately search for the two variants. When Hunter B-15 asks about the kidnapped commander’s condition, Mobius doesn’t tell her the truth. 

The end is drawing nearer. Sylvie asks Loki if they are destined to lose and if that is what makes a Loki, but Loki tells her that they are destined to survive. A branch shows up on the TVA screen. Mobius and Hunter B-15 find the two just moments before the planet is crushed. 

Mobius and Loki have an argument about who is the worst person in their partnership. Just before Loki is sent through a portal, he tells Mobius that the TVA is lying to him but Mobius brushes it off. 

Loki is sent to Asgard where he is greeted by a very upset Sif. He endures reliving the moment Sif hits and hurts him, even when he tells her that she is being controlled. 

Mobius goes to Ravonna to request an interview with Sylvie while Loki is held in a time cell. However, Ravonna doesn’t want him to speak to Sylvie. He just needs to bully Loki into telling him what brought on the nexus spike. She reminds him that the Timekeepers are watching. He passes by the place that Sylvie is being held and briefly speaks to Hunter B-15, who reminds him that it was his idea to bring Loki in. She asks him if Loki has said anything to him about anything but looks concerned about the answer Mobius gives. At this point, why don’t they just make the two Lokis disappear?

Loki begs for mercy from Sif and explains why he cut her hair, then admits he’s scared of being alone. Sif responds by telling him that he is alone and will always be alone before walking away. Mobius comes into the cell to bring him out and chat. Once in the interrogation room, Mobius wants to hear what Loki meant by his statement on the TVA but also questions if it was a way for him to get out of being killed off. Loki responds with demands to be let go, so Mobius begins his interrogation. The first question is how long Loki was working with Sylvie. Loki admits that he won’t tell Mobius anything when he knows that Mobius is going to unalive him. When Mobius threatens to send him back to Sif, Loki tells Mobius that he was pulling the strings and that Sylvie is just a pawn that will be disposed of. 

Mobius tells Loki that there’s no need for that because Sylvie has been disposed of. Loki asks him to repeat that and then fails at acting like he didn’t care for Sylvie. Mobius calls out Loki for his feelings for Sylvie. Basically, the two fell for each other and that caused the nexus event that led to them being found. Loki demands to know if she is alive and is relieved to hear she is. When the Timekeepers are brought up, Loki states the Timekeepers need to be overthrown and tells Mobius that they are all variants that were kidnapped from their timelines and had their memories erased; memories that Sylvie can access with her enchantment. Mobius doesn’t seem to believe him and closes the case. Just as Loki is being forced into a time cell, he calls Mobius a liar because of all the lies he tells himself. 

In a hallway, Hunter B-15 takes a few moments to herself then pulls out her weapon before being let into Sylvie’s interrogation room. Sylvie is surprised when Hunter B-15 puts away her weapon and brings out a Tempad, demanding Sylvie come with her. 

Ravonna and Mobius sign papers then drink to the end of the case. She asks Mobius if he had a choice, where in the sacred timeline would he live. Mobius doesn’t have an answer, which Ravonna finds suspicious. Mobius questions Ravonna on why she wouldn’t let him interrogate Sylvie, but she just states it’s because Loki had escaped from him at his first interrogation. Ravonna informs Mobius that the Timekeepers want to oversee the Lokis being unalived and they want Mobius there too. Mobius nonchalantly says that’s great then asks Ravonna about the commander’s condition. Ravonna isn’t pleased with all of Mobius’s questions and wonders where Mobius is going with it. When Mobius says that something is off, Ravonna states that she was protecting him and didn’t want him to lose his mind. She reminds him that what they do matters and their friendship is worth fighting for, just like the Sacred Timeline. 

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When her back is turned, Mobius switches a Timepad with the one on her table then leaves. 

Hunter B-15 takes Sylvie back to Alabama, where they first met, to ask her what Sylvie did to her brain. Sylvie tells Hunter B-15 that she was showing Hunter B-15 her life before TVA. Sylvie insists that she can’t create memories, only what is in her mind and that they are all variants taken by the Timekeepers. Hunter B-15 reaches her hand out and asks Sylvie to show her. Hunter B-15 relays that she looked so happy then asks Sylvie “what now.” 

Mobius hides in between library shelves and pulls out the Tempad to search for information on the now-deceased commander. He watches the video of her debriefing where she calmly states that she remembers the friends and life she lived in the Sacred Timeline. He also sees Ravonna ending the debriefing. All suss considering she said that the commander wasn’t well at the time of her death. 

Loki is visited by an upset Mobius who questions Loki on his feelings for Sylvie and insists that Loki swear that Sylvie didn’t implant memories into the commander because of the nexus event that Loki and Sylvie created that will bring down the TVA. Mobius questions believing Loki, but Loki states that Mobius can trust a friend. Mobius tells Loki that he was right about the TVA from the beginning and he will need to listen to him if he wants to save Sylvie. Mobius tells Loki that he could be whoever he wants to be, even someone good.  

The two leave the cell and are greeted by Ravonna and a team of hunters. Ravonna states that Mobius has her Tempad and Mobius acts like he picked up hers by mistake then asks Ravonna what is going on. When she doesn’t answer, Mobius answers the question he was avoiding earlier — he would go wherever he lived before the TVA picked him up and he would like to ride on his jet ski. Ravonna has him killed on the spot, midsentence. The unit takes Loki into custody and is told by Ravonna to wait for her at the elevators. 

Ravonna goes into Sylvie’s interrogation room and notices that she is wet. She asks who was in the room with Sylvie then has everyone on the lookout for Hunter B-15 because she has been compromised. 

Sylvie and Loki are both taken to the golden elevators. Sylvie asks Loki if he’s okay, which he responds with a nod. Ravonna goes into the elevators with them. Sylvie asks Ravonna if she remembers her, which Ravonna does, then she asks what was her nexus event to bring her in. Ravonna doesn’t see the point of the question. Sylvie states it must be important in order for her life to become what it was. Ravonna states she doesn’t remember. 

The doors open and the three step out. Ravonna presents the two variants to the three Timekeepers. The Timekeepers ask what the two have to say before they meet their ends. Loki responds by asking if they were brought only to be killed then states that he has lost count of how many times he has been killed. The Timekeepers state that they’re not afraid of Loki but Sylvie steps (literally takes a step but is looped back into place) in saying that she thinks they’re scared. When the Timekeepers call for their deletion, Sylvie moves and says she’s not done with them yet. Ravonna continues looping her but notices that the machine is glitching. 

Hunter B-15 walks in through the elevators and unlocks the restraints on Sylvie and Loki. She tosses a weapon to Sylvie but then is taken out by guards. Ravonna calls for the guards to protect the Timekeepers. The two Lokis engage in a fight with the guards. Sylvie gets the upper hand and faces Ravonna, who states that she will finish the job. The two get a few good punches in until Sylvie knocks her out. 

As the last two standing, Loki and Sylvie face the Timekeepers. They tell her that she is also a child of the Timekeepers. Sylvie responds by throwing a weapon at one of them. A machine head pops off, and the Timekeepers shut down. Sylvie and Loki take a look at the head and come to the conclusion that it will never end. Loki asks who began the TVA. 

Loki takes a moment then turns to Sylvie. She states she doesn’t want another pep talk but Loki insists that’s not what is happening. Just when Loki is about to confess his feelings for Sylvie, he disintegrates. Ravonna is behind the attack. Sylvie snatches the weapon out of Ravonna’s hands then demands that Ravonna tell her everything. 

Mid credit scene: Loki wakes up and asks if he is in hell and if he is dead. A voice from a group of Lokis respond saying that Loki isn’t dead yet but will be if he doesn’t come with them. 

Look here. They really had us going for a minute. I just want to know who created the TVA and why. Nothing else matters to me but that. I’m glad that Hunter B-15 was able to come out of the situation and help out, and Mobius dying had me going for a good minute there but when they took out LOKI, I just knew that the god of mischief would be back on the screen. I NEED ANSWERS! 

Loki is currently streaming on Disney+.

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