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Nerd Alert! New Mobile Gaming App Dedicated to Black Movie Trivia

Nerd Alert! New Mobile Gaming App Dedicated to Black Movie Trivia

Black Movie Guess Quiz

An Ohio tech entrepreneur announced the global launch of a new mobile gaming app becoming one of the first dedicated to Black movie trivia nostalgia.

Lamar Harris, the game’s creator, says Black Movie Guess Quiz, is an interactive, mobile
gaming app that tests your knowledge on how well you know Black movies.

“This game is special because it’s entertaining, but it also celebrates black movies, directors, and actors,” said Harris, a tech entrepreneur and black movie buff who was frustrated that there was no game like this available.  “I’m setting out to help promote Black filmmakers and actors who don’t always have access equal budgets or salaries in Hollywood. Also, our game creates new mobile game players! It is a fact that Black viewers gravitate more towards content that reflects their images and storylines so shouldn’t gaming be the same.” 

Black Movie Guess Quiz allows players to guess famous Black movies. The app stands out with
its creative, colorful artistic drawings of movie scenes. Players can guess the movie based on a
simplified drawing of a scene. To earn points, you see a famous face and have to guess the film
by first chance. If you are a Black movie maniac and like movie trivia, this is a game for you. The game is also challenging because there are multiple levels that players can test their skills on.

Here are some screenshots from the game:

Black Movie Guess Quiz is proven to bring nostalgia and joy to new users everywhere. 

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Interested players can now download an Android version of the game on Google Play. Development is underway for the IOS version in 2020. You can follow Black Movie Quiz on social media; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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